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Wallpaper Carousel:
This is one of the most powerful wallpapers cycling programs. You can choose from hundreds of wallpapers, load and cycle on timer or with USB, WPAR and FDD support.
You can save pictures to USB and share them with others. Also it’s possible to load wallpapers from the application itself.
Just a few of the features that Wallpaper Carousel has:
> App configurable shortcuts
> Wallpaper directory
> Multi-language support
> Wallpaper file preloading
> Print support
> Windows file association support
> WPAR and FDD support
> Wallpaper Auto Loader
> Numeric keyboard support (IntelliKey + extended mode)
> System tray notification
> File transfer support
Keymacro.net have different packs and themes which you can download.
It is also possible to add more wallpapers from our free collection of pictures or from this site:
Select picture:
Cycle picture:
Page 1 of 2:
Page 2 of 2:
If you are interested in other applications of keymacro:
* If you’re looking for more tutorials to your mac, keymacro has a section in the forum that is dedicated to tutorials.
* If you’re looking for keymacro’s sister application: TToMod which is an awesome screen modification, keymacro.net has a whole section dedicated to this program here:
P.S. Please rate this wallpaper carousel.
This is a freeware.

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Rinzo XML Editor is the perfect tool for editing XML documents. It’s simple and intuitive interface lets you interact with an XML document quickly, without having to deal with complex syntaxes and IDE-like environments.
The XML editor is very similar to the XMLNotepad provided with the MSXML 3.0 SDK. It has many functions, such as:
XML DOM API: You can edit and modify the document by getting the elements you need, and by manipulating their attributes and children with ease.
XML Writing: Rinzo XML Editor supports the writing of XML documents. The input data is saved in the memory, and is copied to the output file when the document is saved.
Rinzo XML Editor for MAC:
XML Notepad Description:
XML Notepad is the best free XML editor on the Mac OS X. It is not difficult to use, and is fast and easy. It is compatible with the latest versions of Mac OS X.
Excel Password Recovery Utility Description:
Excel Password Recovery Utility is a handy and efficient utility that decrypts protected Excel and Word files in order to recover lost or forgotten passwords.
It manages to do so by trying out combinations of letters (both upper case and lower case), letters and special characters.
Note: The software is able to recover passwords of maximum 8 characters. A 3 times faster version is available for purchase by contacting the developer.


Easy Transfer Wizard Description:
Easy Transfer Wizard is a free & easy to use software to transfer your files from any computer, to any other computer or to any FTP server.
It supports Windows 2000/2003/XP and Mac OS X!
Easy Transfer Wizard is easy to install and to use.
It requires no setup. Just unzip the archive and run the program.
The wizard does all the hard work for you!
The wizard does the following in 2 simple steps:
1. Select the source and destination folders.
2. Select the files to transfer.
Easy Transfer Wizard helps you transfer files as if you are a pro.
The windows you’ll use to do your file transfer will be preconfigured.
All you have to do is to select the folder on your hard drive or a folder you’ve already set up.
You can even click a button to export or import subfolders if you want.
With Easy Transfer Wizard you’ll have everything you need in a few simple steps.