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Razor Game Booster is an intensive system optimization utility that enables you to clean, speed up and optimize your Windows PC for all the latest games. Whether you are a casual or hardcore player, with Razor Game Booster you can not only clean up your system to speed up your PC and run all the latest games perfectly but it can also free up space on your PC for more important things than just games. Highlights: * Clear system space to make more room for other things * Optimize your Windows for great gaming experience * Faster and smoother gaming experience * Diagnose and auto-repair potential faults * Restore all the changes to the initial state * Generate a clean and optimized Windows registry based on your requirements * Game Booster handles all the game-specific tweaks * Save time and make the computer better * One-click optimizations and fixes * Advanced self-help tips Limitations: * Temporary data limit * Keeps data for 3 months if downloaded. * Minimal and bare-bones interface How To Use: * Select whether you would like to activate a Custom or Expert setup * Choose how much you would like to save in the Windows registry. * Choose the frequency in which you would like to apply the modifications * Choose if you would like to optimize the registry or not * Choose any available game from the available list * Perform the modifications * Restart Windows Optimization Features: * Check the safety of each of the other files in your Windows folder * Optimize settings on the Windows registry and Windows Firewall * Shift items from the Application Data folder in your user profile to the Application Data folder * Remove programs and games from your system * Optimize your disk space * Remove icons and shortcuts in your desktop * Remove old files from recycle bin and temporary folder * Hide apps, tasks, processes and background pictures from the taskbar * Clean up your cache, cookies and browsing history * Migrate and remove useless Windows updates, Windows Error Reports, and obsolete drivers * Uninstall old Windows applications * Optimize your hard drive for the best gaming experience * Check your Windows environment for potential faults. * Enable or disable Windows Firewall How To Remove: * Download and unzip the zip file * Double-click on the Startup folder inside the unzipped folder * Select Razor Game Booster from the installed files * Start Windows and accept the license agreement * Close the startup folder to remove the Game Booster program * Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the C:\Program Files\Razor Game Booster folder * Copy the folder Razor Game Booster (xx.xxx) (

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Game Booster is a utility for your computers that is designed to speed up your gaming experience with a simple and intuitive interface. Despite the manual operation, Game Booster is a simple and powerful utility for Windows that can efficiently optimize gaming performance, quicken game launching and keep Windows clean. Enhance your gaming experience with Game Booster, an easy and powerful utility for Windows. [en] Key Features: • Creates a list of the components that are actively used when the user plays a game, which is used by the application to measure the performance and optimize the performance of gaming • Shows the usage amount and the power consumption of the components which are used by a game • Creates a list of the programs which are actually used at a given point of time while playing a game, as well as their power usage • Shows the disk read rate, disk write rate and time waiting for the next program • Shows the importance and signal strength of the wireless network network while a game is running • Creates a list of all the programs which are running and their importance during game running • Shows the status of all the programs and Windows Update • Automatically clears the clipboard and Windows Update • Automatically closes the programs that are no longer necessary for using the computer • Automatically closes programs which have not been used for some time • Automatically closes Internet Explorer and Opera browsers • Automatically keeps a program opened by Windows that is not currently being used by Windows • Automatically closes programs in the background • Automatically closes the programs which do not have a graphical user interface • Automatically selects the resolution of the screen while the computer is playing • Automatically downloads and installs updates • Automatically defragment your game folders • Automatically installs Game Booster WHAT’S NEW Game Booster 5.03: – Updated version of SoftEther VPN. – Game Booster can now launch the new generation of the games, namely Bloodline Champions and Wild Hunter. – Game Booster can now detect more files (images) used by a game. – Game Booster can now automatically open Windows Defender. CHANGES Game Booster 5.02: – Updated version of QuickTime. – Game Booster can now automatically open the folder that is used for DVD viewing. – Game Booster can now automatically open Safari. – Game Booster can now close the program that has the focus automatically. – Game Booster can now close the programs that is not active anymore. 91bb86ccfa

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Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Minimum: • Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT 4.0, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows 10 • x86 • 1 GHz processor or faster • 4 GB RAM or faster • DirectX 9.0c compliant video card Recommended: • 2 GHz processor or faster • 6 GB RAM or faster • DirectX 9.0c compliant video card