Realtek Alc892 Audio Codec Driver 15 ^NEW^

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Realtek Alc892 Audio Codec Driver 15


Jan 15, 2020
For Realtek ALC892 and ALC894 series audio cards, the new Realtek high definition audio codec driver (Driver version can be downloaded from following website.
Jan 18, 2018
I have the ALC892 Realtek audio card, and the high definition audio driver “Realtek High Definition Audio Codec_v1.0.0.64_d8.exe” comes with Windows 10 1803.


I got the same problem but after installing DirectX, everything works fine.
Just install DirectX
DirectX Manager
Driver realtek audio codec aplb892
directx install.exe


How do I get OpenVPN to authenticate against AD?

I’m trying to get OpenVPN working on a Windows 10 device. This is the guide I’ve followed.
I’ve currently set my connection parameters to the following:
remote example.local
crypt-method des3-cbc-sha1

The OpenVPN config file works fine, the issue is that when I attempt to connect I’m prompted to enter my domain username and password. These credentials are not configured in AD. I then get the following error:
RTNETLINK answers: File exists

When I try to look at the OpenVPN logs it has an entry for ConnectionAuth. After looking at this I can confirm that it isn’t what I’m looking for, it is however, printed twice (expected) but also again after every successful and failed connection attempt.
Looking at the OpenVPN log it is configured with an auth-user-pass command.
I should note the OpenVPN configuration contains the following:
client-config-dir %t/OpenVPN
server-config-dir %t/OpenVPN
script-security 2
keepalive 10 120
comp-lzo yes
client-config-dir %t/OpenVPN/%y/$i/

How can I get OpenVPN to authenticate against AD?


In the end I found the problem. My OpenVPN config was causing problems with the site-to-site VPN, I removed the OpenVPN config setting and now it


Work, Home, Streaming, Record.  Upgrade or replace your audio driver and enjoy enhanced quality of sound. 
Aug 23, 2019
Sound card not working (files missing – sound icon not showing up).
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Aug 23, 2019
Windows Audio Definition … Windows Audio SDK (version 1. Get all updated software. realtek 811 tv audio driver to windows 10 update.
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Aug 12, 2019
I got a 32 bit audio card (Realtek ALC892) and the audio doesn’t work.  I’m trying to update the driver. 
Aug 14, 2019
On startup Windows Audio Service fails to load. Managed to fix the issue with this thread.
Works good, is it still the latest audio driver?
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Nov 12, 2019
For connection to Netflix audio problem is always there, at least for me! When I open any Netflix stream it always plays audio from the last video I played before.
Dec 01, 2019
Steps to install Win 10 audio/video Codec. 1. Install Realtek High Definition Audio Codec Driver v5.30.6363.1 (NOT updated).
Win Realtek 8832u sound driver error. Latest Driver Update (10/09/2019) Download Latest Driver Update @ {a}.
Nov 29, 2019
Is there any package for Sound Card or Sound Driver for Windows 10 with the latest Drivers.
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Jan 09, 2020
Installed new Windows 10 driver for my realtek audio card and it fixed the issue of the audio being crackling after about 10 to 20 minutes of