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Regex LogViewer will help you quickly and easily parse your log files using regular expressions (regex). This particular application supports as many loglines as one million and also allows you to perform live listening of your most precious logs.
Furthermore, Regex LogViewer lets you rapidly drag and drop logs into its interface as well as associate log files with it. You will be able to generate CSV summaries from your loaded logs in order to emphasize error distribution or importance.







Regex LogViewer Crack + Free Download [Latest]

RegexLogViewer is a free Windows application which displays the text of a Log file in a treeview on a per line basis (as opposed to per file basis) based on a regular expression matching against the Log line contents.

RegexLogViewer Features:

Supports Log files upto 1,00,000 lines

Allows viewing of the Log file as many times as required.

Allows viewing any or all log lines in order of “Importance”

Automatic Viewing of the Most Important Log Lines (alphabetical order)

Identifies the most important Log line of the Log file by reading out the “Importance” of the Log lines (from Highest to lowest)

Can perform Live listening of the Log lines from any folder

Can convert the Log file to a CSV file and/or print out summaries

Supports using Regular Expressions to scan log files

Supports Per Folder Scanning of the Log File

Supports using Regular Expressions to Search through the Log File

Supports Column Based Log File Display

Supports Memory Based Scanning of the Log File

Supports Drag and Drop Support

Supports Viewing of Multi Line Logs

Supports Full Screen Mode

Supports using “Replace All” Command to scan through the Log File

Supports using “Insert Text” to insert any required text

Supports using “Print” Command to Print any required text

Supports exporting the Log files to CSV file format

Supports exporting the Log files as Word Document format

Supports exporting the Log files to Excel format

Supports exporting the Log files to HTML format

Supports exporting the Log files to Log file format

Supports exporting the Log files to XML format

Supports exporting the Log files to Text Format

Supports exporting the Log files to PDF format

Supports saving the Log files to any folder

Supports copying the Log files to any folder

Supports moving the Log files to any folder

Supports Drag and Drop Support

Supports Drag and Drop Support for adding any files or directories to the Log files

Supports Drag and Drop Support for deleting any files or directories from the Log files

Supports Drag and Drop Support for resizing any file or directory within the Log files

Supports Drag and Drop Support for renaming any file or

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Regex LogViewer is a quick, advanced and multi-platform tool for rapid log analysis with multiple logline formats including SQL queries, Unix/Linux/Mac OS and Windows formats. It can be considered as a single- or multi-platform application, depending on the number of your logs.

We strongly recommend this software if you need to parse the following log file types: FTP Logs, Web Server Logs, DNS Logs, MySQL logs, SQL Server logs, Oracle logs, Perl or Tcl Logs, SQLite logs, Vim Logs, Apache logs, Sun or HP-UX or AIX logs and others.

Moreover, this application is also well suited for use in a wide variety of production environments where high logging levels are required. This helps you to analyze the logs for all of your customers at once.

Regex LogViewer Key Features:

Multi-platform: This log parsing tool is fully cross-platform compatible, supporting all major OS and platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Solaris.

Supports all major log file formats: In addition to UNIX/Linux/Mac OS logs, you can easily import and parse log lines from SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, Unix/Linux/Mac OS file formats and more.

Support for self-generated XML logs: Regex LogViewer can be configured to automatically load your log files into the application’s interface. You can associate specific log files with the application and apply logic for logfile selection. This option enables you to analyze multiple log lines and generate relevant reports in a single operation.

Generate useful reports for log analysis: Generate summaries of log files or perform easy CSV export. With the data, you can easily sort the statistics, analyze them or generate logical reports for important error alerts.

Regular Expressions enable you to easily parse logs and perform complex log parsing tasks. This helps you filter out errors, spots the errors and makes them easy to identify for your users.

Open source: Open source code for Regex LogViewer is fully available under the GNU General Public License. It is totally free and open source software that you can use, customize or make your own, as you like.


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Regex LogViewer X64

Regex LogViewer is a rapid data log parsing application with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It helps you parse log messages using regular expressions, filter them and transform their content into data suitable for visualization.
You will be able to:
– Parse log messages by regular expressions;
– Filter out the content of logs;
– Generate data files from loaded log files;
– Export your filtered and transformed content into any available CSV file format;
– Visualize your log data into tables and pie charts.
– As many log files as one million;
– Drag and drop log files into the interface;
– Support for CSV log export;
– Support for regular expressions;
– Fast and responsive UI.







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Regex LogViewer 5.1.1 (build: 5.1.1) – Info:

Latest news

2018-02-14 07:59

New features in version 5.1.1:

Faster performance – the application now runs faster on both Windows and Mac.

Support for Linux.

Added small bug fixes.

Bugfixes – this version fixes various bugs.

New features in version 5.1:

File upload using drag and drop – now you can upload any file to the application using drag and drop. Drag and drop is supported on Windows and Mac OS X.

PDF filter (not yet implemented) – you can now perform a filter on PDF files.

Many other minor improvements and bugfixes.


What’s New In?

System Requirements For Regex LogViewer:

OS: Windows 7 SP1 64bit
Processor: Intel i5, AMD equivalent
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 460, AMD Radeon 5850 equivalent
Memory: 4GB RAM
Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 560, AMD Radeon 7850 equivalent
Memory: 8GB RAM
What’s in the Game: