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Import data from exercise recording files


Polar HRM/GPX SDK (Software Development Kit)

Polar HRM / GPX SDK (Software Development Kit) is the central software platform for products based on the Polar H1 heart rate monitor, including software and firmware upgrades. It is also used by some third party product vendors to develop their own software.
The software is provided to a limited group of authorized resellers and distributors as a product development aid. It includes a variety of support services, documentation and training.
Polar HRM/GPX SDK is in use worldwide. The technology will be part of the 1.0 version of the SDK in fall 2012.
The software offers software updates directly to Polar devices as well as to the network, cloud or mobile devices of Polar customers.


Sync from Heartbits to Polar H1/GPS unit

Sync from Heartbits to Polar H1/GPS unit is a software that allows you to transfer heart rate data from your Heartbits app or website to Polar H1 or H2 devices.



JW HRM-GPX-TCX Tool is a simple to use Java-based application designed to convert HRM or GPX data and save the result as CSV files on your computer. The program is useful for generating compatible files for sports tracking programs or Web portals.
Import data from exercise recording files
It comes in handy in cases when you need to gather information to insert into sports tracking programs or Web portals. The main window in the program acts as a command panel from which you can select the desired functions.
You can extract parameters from Polar Heart Rate Monitor format (HRM) or GPS Exchange format (GPX) files and preview the columns before exporting the data. As output formats, the tool can save the data in CSV documents, with GPX headers or GPX trackpoint. Alternatively, you can export the information to GPX and TCX file types, both with unmerged GPX data.
Intuitive Java-built interface
Being created with Java, JW HRM-GPX-TCX Tool inherits the specific interface layout. The main window allows you to select the desired function: import data, view or export the information to the specified file format.
It allows you to preview the information you are about to export. It can 45cee15e9a

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KEYMACRO is a standalone application that creates profiles for common programs that work with Windows (not specific to any operating system). The profiles are saved and loaded with ease for full flexibility.
User review:
I hate having to hunt for my profile every time I start a program. Until now, I had no other choice. With this utility, I have a one-stop source that will help me to find my profiles and load them into the programs I use every day. From now on, my life is easier. I recommend it to you.
1. A one-stop source that will help you to find your profiles.
2. Flexible profiles that will work with any program that works with Windows.
3. Profile load times are less than those used by other utility.
4. Store profiles in the Windows registry for future access.
5. Simple, step-by-step instructions with screenshots included.
1. No support for Mac.
2. No information on the author of the product.
3. Limited functionality.

SpyBot Search & Destroy (or more correctly described as Computer Search & Defragmentation) is a program created by Null-byte, the program’s developer and maker. This antivirus is completely free and non-invasive so it may run in the background of the infected computer without the user’s knowledge. The software is designed in a way to help you to defragment your drive as well as keep it running efficiently. This utility may also help you to protect your computer from malwares and other undesirable software. After downloading and running the program, you should find more information on what SpyBot is able to do for you.

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