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on a supposed Qanon site.

Here are a sample of the posts that have been posted on

## Eureka! David Green had a Quantum Message Revealed!

Before you read this, please view the full post.

This post actually has all the elements of a Quantum Truth.


A preview video is very helpful:

What is the Qanon’s meaning of:

Good. ‘cause it’s all downhill from here.

Dream Catalogue


Their Avatar:

“Queens Amercian Naturalis Nobility Art Collection”

Q: So, are you a Queen? Or have you been researching for decades.

Choices are made.


David Green had a Quantum Message Revealed!

You have not seen the truly visionary art work from David Green

“New Amercian “Order of The Illuminati” Concept Art”

Qanon: You see, what they have done here is not only a new color scheme for the American flag, but because they also have a rainbow colors for the five American Territories and the new America, they have also put into play the new colors of the “Order of the Illuminati”, which is essentially the New Amercian Order, and has a very unique and distinctive aesthetic theme to it, not to mention its unique name is “Nazism free”. All in all, very good work.

Qanon: So, do you know what the American Flag has in its background?


The background that the flag has in its background is the vision of David Green.

Qanon: Well, is it possible that they actually meant the Star of David, the old “Flower of Life”?


There are two possibilities:

The first is that this is the true vision of David Green. The second is the possibility that the designers were ignorant of the true meaning of the visual art of the Star of David.


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If the entire file is present, it should be on one line. If it’s separated by a character other than a newline, e.g. tab, then use the csv library with the newline=” parameter:
import csv

with open(fname) as csvfile:
for row in csv.reader(csvfile):

If you don’t want that last line, then remove it. Or if you don’t have the last row that you don’t want, just print everything:
import csv

with open(fname) as csvfile:
for row in csv.reader(csvfile, delimiter=’;’):

That is assuming that the delimiter is actually ; as it seems to be in the question. If it’s not, you can replace the delimiter with whatever you want, e.g..25


three tertiary hospitals of Nepal; we can’t say that our results can be generalised for all of Nepal, it was limited to three tertiary hospitals of Kathmandu, Nepal. We were limited by number of patients we could get in the study, these were due to the busy schedule of surgical services, and lack of funding. Our results might have been different if we could have performed the study on a larger scale. Another limitation was that we did not monitor those patients for duration of antibiotics.

Conclusions {#Sec12}

Microbiological wound swab culture in our study had a low sensitivity. More studies with large sample size is required to elaborate on our findings. We suggest antibiotics prescribed empirically in our study might have been suboptimal. Excessive prolongation of antibiotic therapy is not recommended unless culture reports are awaited, given the susceptibility profile of antibiotics commonly prescribed. On the other hand, empiric use of antibiotics for splenectomy wound infection was statistically not significant associated with higher incidence of wound infection in patients. However, this point should be considered carefully.

AMO and PS conceived the study. AB and SNN were responsible for sample collection and analysis



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