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In Westeros, the continent of the game, lives the people of Tarnished. In a time when the Elden’s rule dominates, the people bear the “Tarnished” mark as proof of their status as the “fallen.” Their lands border the Lands Between, an area which has lost its human inhabitants and is home to the Fell Beasts. The Lands Between function as a sanctuary of the Elden for the people of Westeros. In order to protect the Lands Between, the Elden sent forth champions to fight against the Beasts. However, after an unknown catastrophe, the fighters lost their strength.
Now, in the Lands Between, monsters continue to appear. It is the time for the Elden to send forth a new, virtuous hero.

-Key Features
◎ Story: In the Lands Between, a group of heroes known as the “Elden” protect the people from the Beasts. The story of the game opens with the disappearance of the knight hero, who lost his strength while protecting his comrades. In order to restore the hero, an adventurer ventures out into the Lands Between and embarks on an adventure.
◎ World Map: In the game, you can freely choose between the land of the Elden and the Lands Between. The Land of the Elden is the setting of the story. In the Lands Between, open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.
◎ Characters: The adventurer you decide upon in the Lands Between is a character unique to the game. As you progress, you will collect your allies and allies through various methods, and let them grow through conversations. There are 3 classes which you will be able to choose between at the beginning of the game.
◎ Leveling: There are 3 grades of characters; Rookie, Master, and Hero. Each grade is divided into 4 ranks; S-rank, A-rank, B-rank, and C-rank. A-rank characters can be promoted to S-rank characters by fulfilling certain conditions, and C-rank characters can also be promoted to S-rank characters.
◎ Special Skills: Your character has 4 special skills. During “Special Skills” (When you summon your character and equip their weapon while in an area with monsters), the character’s special skills will activate. These skills can be used to defeat monsters, and may even lead to a further increase in your statistics.
◎ Your Story


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Real Time with Fixed Timestep Battle System
  • Hand Drawn Beautiful Looking Anime-Style Graphics
  • Unique Playable Character Class Type with Lots of Independent Features
  • A Huge Adventure Full of an Original Storyline with Long-Running Fantasy Game
  • Engrossing Battles that Bring out the most of your Character’s Ability and Customization
  • A Brand New Style of Exploration, Gameplay, and Story Line
  • Lots of Items and Combat Techniques available
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    “I thought I knew what a RPG was until the

    day I played Elden Ring….It couldn’t be higher praise.”

    — Games Republic Game of the Month – July 2014

    “A new hero battling the evils of the land in a game that manages to be a combination of old school, modern, and just plain awesome.”

    — Games Radar Game of the Month – July 2014

    “A game where the decision-making is tightly balanced and nuanced, and players are never overwhelmed by choices.”

    — Edge Magazine – Best of 2014

    “So, the game might sound familiar to you, because if it’s any game that incorporates fantasy elements, you’ve probably played it. It’s an RPG (Role Playing Game) where it’s incredibly easy for players to make unexpected decisions. This might sound like a good or bad thing, but it definitely makes for a much more effective RPG experience, as players become invested in their decision-making.”

    — – Top 50 Games of 2014

    “In its first year, Elden Ring has achieved great critical acclaim and enormous commercial success. Its mix of innovative features and old-school RPG mechanics has won over gamers from all over the world. After I played it for more than forty hours, I must confess that I found the game endlessly fun, very addictive, and difficult to put down. Elden Ring is a mature and deep game that offers original gameplay. I recommend it for old-school RPG fans. ”

    — – Top 20 games of 2014

    “It feels like a classic RPG but in the best way possible. Like say, the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past…Except unlike A Link to the Past, I don’t hate this game.”

    — Gaming Shock



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    Elden Ring [Mac/Win]

    Start Aura of Swordmanship

    Start Aura of Swordmanship

    ✓ Start the Adventure Game with a Spirit of Combat

    ✓ Participate in an Action Game

    ✓ Conquer a Tower of Defense on the Campaign Map

    ✓ Participate in a Mass Casual Game

    ✓ Participate in a Competitive Game and defeat monsters in the Monster Conquest

    ✓ Spread Your Wings through a Practice Mode

    EXPERT EVENTS A true fantasy action RPG:

    Fantasy Battles using the developed action RPG system

    Fantasy Battles using the developed action RPG system

    ✓ Different from Previous Games

    ✓ Features a large variety of attacks

    ✓ Enables the player to freely customize the appearance of the character

    ✓ Powerful “Card” Battles

    ✓ Features an open world map that allows you to freely wander

    ✓ Fulfills your fantasy by directly participating in battles

    “Eden Ring 2 – Chapter 1” and “Eden Ring 2 – Chapter 2″ are available now!

    ・”Chapter 1: The Intangible Spirit” After getting kidnapped in the highland of Malgal and fighting against a group of monsters, you must find the person responsible for the attack and deliver justice.

    ・”Chapter 2: The Unconstrained Power” After impressing the court with your swordmanship, you get to go out on a quest to find the truth about the “Aura of Swordmanship”.

    ・In addition to the main story, additional chapters (connecting story) will be added during the life of the game.

    Remember to check out our series of notes on the latest Chapter.

    ※ Please play via the Official Homepage on Steam

    ※ A Flashlight is available. You can select one via the settings in the game.

    ※ Achievements will not appear until the character is developed (Chapter 1 & 2, or Chapter 3)

    ※ The data (character information, name, profile, etc.) which was saved and registered by the server will be lost after playing the game for more than 24 hours.

    ※ Equipment items purchased using the “DMG” will not be displayed until the character is developed.

    ※ If you are unable to start the game, please make sure that the following is checked in the “game settings”: “Applications → Steam.”

    ※ If you have


    What’s new:

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    – Steamteam

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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Procedure :
    1.Open “setup.exe”
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  • Locate its icon and double-click on it.
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