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There’s an interesting (let’s call it that) debate among hipster-retro-loving-gamers about which is actually better: retro game emulators or the original system. While we agree that emulation usually offers improved gameplay (at least in terms of graphics) and a lot more convenience, and less cost, the original consoles and OSes tend to offer the most authentic experience for purists. Nowadays, literally most old school games from the 80s and 90s can be found on ROM files, easily downloadable from the Internet. However, specific emulators work for specific platforms, and some emulators are only good for specific types of games (based on what their original device was). Downloads and install all systems required to run ROMs on Windows If you don’t want to spend hours on forums and you just want a software solution that can help you run ALL your childhood games (yep, we’re talking all the old school PC games and all of the old school console games) on Windows, well, then check out RetroBat. RetroBat aims to offer you the best possible experience when it comes to running your collection of ROMs on Windows. Here are the quick facts: it works on the latest versions of Windows (Windows 7 SP3, 8, 8.1, and 10), it’s actually a batch of Powershell scripts mashed together to create a frontend software (GUI) that allows you to run all your favorite ROMS using some of the world’s best emulators out there such as RetroArch, and EmulationStation. While you can do the same exact thing individually, RetroBat can help you install, download, and set up these apps automatically. Rest assured, even though the process of installing it might seem “rugged,” there are a couple of tutorials on the dev website that can help you out. Enjoy all your retro gaming collection on Windows with ease All of its components combined give you a product capable of running from a plethora of forgotten and nostalgia-inducing systems and consoles such as 3DO, ATARI, AMIGA, PC-ENGINE, NINTENDO DS and GAMEBOY, Sony PSP, SEGA, PlayStation, and even MS-DOS among many, many others. That said, it’s easy to see why RetroBat will definitely keep retro gaming fans happy. It does require a bit of patience at the start before you install and configure it, but it surely pays off for anybody that takes the time to do that.







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Helpful tools in this bat script Collects links to popular websites from which you can download Retrogames Installable & portable Includes MiniApps for DS, GBA, SNES, NDS, TurboDuo, GameBoy, 3DO, and many more Batch file to run all games at once Automatic updates A great package which won’t disappoint you… and what are you waiting for? Get RetroBat and make your old school PC gaming collection come alive again! We hope you liked this RetroBat review, now you can read our full in-depth review for more information. The Free download link can be found here: RetroBat If you want to try more Windows software, check out our latest recommendations below. ]]> Version Of Google Translate Has Been Updated To Support The Sign Languages Of The World 15 Feb 2017 13:00:01 +0000 All of us have heard of the Google Translate app that is available for everyone and is able to translate text into an alternative language. While it works well enough, most of us are probably wondering if it’s a good idea to rely on an app that is paid and not free. Well, Google has done it again. The company just … Continue reading →]]> All of us have heard of the Google Translate app that is available for everyone and is able to translate text into an alternative language. While it works well enough, most of us are probably wondering if it’s a good idea to rely on an app that is paid and not free. Well, Google has done it again. The

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RetroBat is a Windows console frontend and batch installer for the following emulators for the whole retro gaming gaming collection including PC titles, games for various consoles and handhelds as well as old and rare games and tools. ⊙ What’s New 2017-06-20: Windows 7 compatibility improved (only this version is compatible with 7) 2017-06-20: Windows 10 compatibility fixed 2017-06-20: Future and monthly updates added 2017-06-20: Windows 7 compatibility fixed 2017-06-19: Updated English LANGUAGE pack for US region ⊙ RetroBat Features: ✔ Play all retro games that you can find on ROM files ✔ RetroAchievements (aka achievements and trophies) support ✔ RetroArch (multi-OS) support ✔ EmulationStation (multi-OS) support ✔ CEGBA (multi-OS) support ✔ DirectInput (multi-OS) support ✔ Joytokey (multi-OS) support ✔ QEMU (multi-OS) support ✔ RetroArch/EmulationStation/CEGBA/DirectInput/QEMU (multi-OS) Support – Multi-OS – Switch between any of the listed emulators automatically ✔ Data Storage – Save and load emulator configurations, extras and all emulated games to and from XML/JSON/INI files ✔ Installs up to 32 ROMs at once (each emulator can be configured to be used on a maximum of 32 ROMs at a time) ✔ Batch Installer – Install and backup emulator and ROM installation packages ✔ Configurable App Installer – Automatically installs apps upon game or ROM installation ✔ Multiple Start Menus – Run and backup the emulators’ respective install menus from a user-defined folder ✔ Detect installed emulator versions in the case of emulators that have pre-built binaries ✔ Batch-install emulators for multiple ROMs ✔ Full, customized and portable emulators checkbox support (retroarch for example have available configurations for the following 2f7fe94e24

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“RetroBat is a multi-platform emulator application that works on most operating systems such as Windows 7/8/8.1/10. This multi-platform software allows users to play their favorite ROM/ISO/CUE files directly from a flash drive without the need to download and install or create a virtual drive. Another unique feature is the ability to run games from specific generations of classic gaming systems and consoles such as the Amiga, GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP, and SEGA Sega Saturn. This software is fully compatible with Windows Back, XP, VISTA, 7 and 8 and provides an excellent solution for those looking to pick up where they left off with their vintage gaming collections. This multi-platform emulating application comes with a GUI that is not only intuitive to use but can be configured to provide users with a fully customizable and interactive emulation experience” The good As of now, RetroBat has a pretty extensive library of emulators/browsers that a lot of users will be able to hook up with from the get go. If you’ve never tried it, now’s the time. The great The quality of RetroBat will surely make you realize how many awesome tools are out there. The not so great While we think that RetroBat is a great emulator/browser for old school games and systems, we must admit that this is not yet a perfect product; which is actually a good thing. REVIEW: F.A.Q. and other common questions Question 1: Is it compatible with old school consoles like Genesis and Gameboy and such? As of now, RetroBat supports the following consoles: 3DO ATARI MS-DOS PC-ENGINE SEGA SNES SEGA Saturn SMS TENGA PC/ONE Nintendo DS Nintendo Wii Sega Master System Super Nintendo Entertainment System Sony PSP PlayStation Nintendo 64 Game Boy Color You can confirm that by looking at the network interface that RetroBat provides. Question 2: What happens if I see the intro screen for a Game I can’t run? This is a no-brainer that you’ll also find in the FAQ section

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Take the hassle out of installing and configuring emulation software on Windows with RetroBat. RetroBat uses a set of Powershell scripts to setup RetroArch, RetroArch Pro, EmulationStation, and others on Windows. Simply download RetroBat to your PC, run it, and let RetroBat do the rest! It supports Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit), Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2012. Download RetroBat from: PlayAnywhere Stream 360 emulator for your TV screen PlayAnywhere is a direct streaming emulator, which means it works as a native 720p emulator on any TV screen, without the need of a media player app installed on your computer. So what’s the difference between a streaming and direct emulator? Well, direct emulators will let you stream your PC games through a native streaming solution to your TV screen, which lets you play them without the need for a TV app or 3rd party media streaming solutions installed on your TV’s device. In other words, you can try it out at home by running the PlayAnywhere Web Player on your computer before actually purchasing it on Steam. On the other hand, streaming emulators are those that will let you stream your PC game to a media player app on your TV’s device (in other words, “emulate”) instead of streaming to your TV directly. The latter has no extra benefit other than let you stream your PC games and play them on your TV through a media player app on your TV device, but it’s just a matter of preference. PlayAnywhere Web Player works for your Windows, MacOS and Linux. You can even manage which apps you want to stream through it on both your computer and your TV. You can also easily change your Netflix profile with PlayAnywhere’s mobile app, which is a major plus. Download PlayAnywhere to your PC Like a good movie, PlayAnywhere is short on description. After you get it on your PC, the app will automatically detect your system architecture and run you the compatible version you need to make it run. Don’t worry, the app won’t sit there and use up your CPU and RAM if you don’t need it to. Other than that, PlayAnywhere web player can be easily managed through the app as well

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As some of you may already know, we recently released a brand new alpha for Xbox One. Please do make sure to submit your feedback, which we will need on file for any bugs that will need to be fixed before the next release. If you are having issues, please make sure to install the newest Xbox Beta. If you’re having trouble getting in contact with us, please see this FAQ for a possible solution. Version 1.3: Fixed: – All fix/bug fixes – Fixed crashes in Xbox One