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Reversinator was developed to be a simplistic plugin which reverses the audio stream. It’s not a perfect reverse (you’d need a time machine for that), but it’s reasonably good at simulating the effect, and it doesn’t click like The Modulator 2 does.
Basically, the input audio is read into a 88200-sample buffer, which has two read pointers (going in the opposite direction of the write pointer), half the buffer apart. The sound from each pointer is mixed according to a raised cosine type envelope, to ensure the volume is constant, and that you never hear the discontinuity between the previous data and the new data being written in.







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The key macro is a simple wrapper around the key:h, which is part of Reversinator, and simply moves the read and write pointers half the buffer away from the start. This allows you to see the audio signal underneath the key signal.
If you’re using a string input or string output, and type in something, you will hear your typed input, plus the sound from the middle of the buffer.
If you start playing a keyboard patch, you will hear the sound from the middle of the buffer, plus the keyboard patch.

ARTIST: Not Specified
For the full description and instructions on how to use this plugin, please visit my Twinracks site. Thanks.
LICENSE: This plugin is free, but I only give it away for personal use, non-commercial use, and so on. I encourage you to buy a copy of either my own OBM2 plugin, or the Modulator 2, if you find this plugin useful.

NOTE: I’ve put together a page full of VST plugins and tutorials, which you may find interesting.
NOTE: If you want the latest version of this plugin, visit the site. If you’re using the OBM2 plugin, this is the same plugin. However, if you have the Modulator 2 plugin, you need the reverse version. It’s available here:

In this article, we’ll look at an interesting problem with the Serial MIDI or ‘DIN MIDI’ protocol. For those of you who are not familiar, a DIN MIDI file is a MIDI file in which all the events are contained in a single file. This is a form of ISO-Media Transport format, and is used by synths, drum machines, and sequencers. One thing which a lot of people don’t realise is that when you write to a DIN MIDI file, the MIDI events


The output is reversed, and compared to the input to show the difference.
The difference is then attenuated, and then mixed with the original data in the buffer to simulate the audio fading out as it’s reversed.

The plugin can take between 4 and 16 input sources (either files or devices) and will attempt to reverse the input samples.
The quality of the reverse will depend on your sample rate and buffer size.

Reversinator will only reverse audio from the audio input device.

1. In Mixer, choose the audio input device from the drop-down menu.
2. In the meter, the volume of the incoming audio will be shown.
3. Click the first “Read” button.
4. In the meter, the volume of the reversed audio will be shown.
5. You can now mix in other audio sources.
6. Click the second “Read” button.
7. You can now mix in other audio sources.

1. The plugin will only reverse input at sample rates of 44100, 48000, 96000 and 192000 Hz.
2. The plugin will only reverse data from input devices that support 16-bit audio or higher.
3. The plugin will not reverse data from mono devices.
4. The plugin will not reverse data that is currently being output.
5. The plugin will not reverse data that is in use.

More info:

What’s New In?

The Modulator 2 Reversinator plugins uses a similar method of mixing in the audio, with an added feature of reverting the audio back to the beginning.

I’ve written this plugin for simple audio processing and debugging. It is not my intention to create the ultimate in audio reverse effect plugin. In order for the plugin to run smoothly, it uses XAUDIO2. The audio engine I’m using is compatible with EAX, so I decided to implement a similar feature with this plugin.

This plugin was written in the C# language. It is intended to be compatible with.NET. Currently, only.NET 2.0 and above is supported.

Audio Foundation for XAudio2 –

Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7


You may also download Reversinator Demo version. If the download is for the demo version, the file will be compressed as demo.exe or

You can make all versions compatible with Mono by putting the following DLLs in your plugin folder:


By default, the plugin folder is where you install plugins from a plugin. For example, if you install a plugin from a zip file, you place the plugin in the same folder as the.dll file. The plugin directory is usually a directory of C:Documents and Settings…Plugins. If you do not specify the plugin directory, the plugin directory is automatically set to the plugin folder.

If you use the RTM version of VS 2008, you can edit and compile a plugin from any folder on your system (including network drives). If you use the CTP version of VS 2008, you cannot edit and compile a plugin from any folder other than the one it’s stored in.

Important information:

Some user-mode plugins support up to 2 channels. However, the XAudio2 version of the plugin can only handle mono streams. If your plugin has multiple channels, you must create a mono version.

To do this, create a new plugin, and select your plugin’s drop-down list from the Advanced menu. The Mono version of your plugin should now be selected.

You can create a multi-channel version of the plugin by selecting a different audio engine type. This is done by selecting “Other” from the drop-down list in the Advanced menu. Select a different engine and create a new plugin.

Once you create the new plugin, right-click on your plugin, and

System Requirements For Reversinator:

Mac OS
System Requirements:
Windows XP SP2, or Windows Vista (SP1)
Mac OS X 10.6.4 or later
64-bit CPU
20GB free hard drive space
Blu-ray Disc
Nvidia GeForce 460 or later
Display resolution: 1080p (1920×1080)
DirectX 9 compatible video card: Radeon 7500 or later