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Roblox is a web-based technology that allows users to create their own games. It is based on the Lua programming language, and allows players to create 2D or 3D games, including one or more user-created virtual items. They can play custom games on Roblox, or login and play free-of-charge games that other users have created, such as role-playing games, card, or arcade-style games.
Back in 2004, David Baszucki and his co-founder, Erik Cassel, created Roblox as a hobby. It was then a platform that let players create online games. Since then, it’s grown to become a popular online platform. Players create their own games with the Lua programming language, and the platform hosts games created by other players, where they interact together. Once a game is created, Roblox is free to play, but players can spend money to acquire virtual items or currency. In-game purchases allow players to customize their virtual world, equipment, and characters. To create a game, users are charged a small fee for the creation of a virtual world and the ability to program in Lua. This cost is based on the size of the virtual world. Robux is the game currency and the virtual currency that can be spent to buy virtual items or to play games on Roblox. It’s the latter that the vast majority of players use. However, the former has gained popularity as Roblox has grown and new virtual worlds have been created. Players can generate revenue by implementing subscription and transaction systems in Roblox games, and by selling items and virtual goods. The platform has also become increasingly popular among children.
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Roblox has witnessed several evolutions throughout the years. Initially, it was a platform that let players create online games. Later on, it evolved into a platform where players created their own apps through the Lua programming language. This version of the platform saw millions of downloads on Google Play. In 2019, Roblox introduced the R-Platform, which contains a scripting environment, allowing developers to create virtual worlds for players to interact in. The platform is completely developed in-house.

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