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Scandocfa Per Docfa 4 12


Dr. Iain Aitchison from the Environmental Health and Safety team got us started on the containers. jwfltfqy
N. Be Home, Sweet Home Znaniecki Project 9 10 Znajsty/Drudzy: Dziecko 24/29

Andrew Smith
+1 213 555 6200

And the output I get from that is:


Now I want to search for MyBooks, where I can upload the files and then can get the summary


For a first cut, grep, sed, or awk will be fine, but in awk, you may find this easier if you use GNU awk, and we can do this by just using awk ‘NR==1’ and specifying the ‘-v’ flag with a command in the context of that awk statement. For example,
awk -v sep=”
” ‘NR==1 {printf “%s
“,$0}’ file | grep Fie

will convert all of your text data to a line of text.


Hmm…I see that there’s some talk on everyone’s lips about not only who will be the new president of the board, but also where that person will sit in the boardroom. Sure, Phil Chen made a big splash two months ago, but there were concerns that HTC’s phones were still dropping in the market and they needed to make a good showing during Mobile World Congress 2014.

We haven’t heard much about Android and Vice President Jason Chou, which is good because the last thing we need is a new Android president. (Side note: I’m assuming Mr. Chen is still in charge of Nexus?).

But with Mr. Chen now gone, it makes more sense that one of his potential successors would oversee HTC’s many products. Rather than concern myself with where Mr. Chen will be sitting at HTC, I’m more curious about the new president.

A Google executive who graduated from Harvard Business School is on a short list to replace Mr. Chen, and the head of HTC, Jason Young, admitted in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that this new executive could be someone very familiar to “a majority of HTC’s stakeholders.”

That would be Alex Goroshin, who is currently the CEO of HTC, and one of the main driving forces behind the company’s revamp. Mr. Goroshin is also a graduate of HBS.

So it will be interesting to see what kind of business decisions HTC’s new president will make. The most obvious candidates are Verizon Wireless, Google, and partnering up with a company like Samsung.

With the success



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