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The first thing that comes to most people’s mind when it comes to spyware apps is whether they are safe to be used. Well, unfortunately there is a whole category of apps that are indeed flawed and while most of them attempt to operate as classic spyware by tracking keystrokes, mouse clicks, viewing text messages and so forth, there are also a handful of programs that can register itself as browser extensions that are being used by its legitimate owner.
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If you are a regular user, however, then keep in mind that this is a free application.Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Legal Fellow Kristen Waggoner and Director of Research Joshua Smith responded today to broad claims made by the Obama administration about the dangerous effects that religious freedom has on the nation.

“The Obama administration’s claims about religious freedom are nothing more than Orwellian doublespeak,” said ADF Senior Legal Fellow Kristen Waggoner. “Ironically, in