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ShutDownTimer is a freeware application that can be very helpful in case you need to shut down your PC at a specific time. The most useful feature of this program is its timer settings, which can be set from one hour to seven days. The application also has a reminder function that works quite well when setting a shutdown time for your computer. It’s also a good idea to have a password on your computer in case you forget the shutdown time and you’re locked out.

If you need to shut down your PC at a specific time, the ShutDownTimer can be a helpful tool. ShutDownTimer is free to try and it only takes a few minutes to get started. If you want a more polished version, the Pro version will set you back $14.99 and it has a timer of up to 30 days. If you want a free trial, you’ll have to be online.
You can start and stop the timer through the menu. From the Main window you can shut down the computer, and the timer can start, stop or start again. The application also has some basic settings, so you can change the user interface and set a password.

ShutDownTimer comes with the basic features that you might need, but it’s very simple to use and doesn’t look like it was designed for people who are a little unfamiliar with the computer. As for the Pro version, the interface is much more polished and you can also change the time of the shutdown. The Pro version, however, has some functionality that makes it more useful, such as the ability to launch programs and create files.
If you don’t like the look of the application, you can always use a standalone timer. You don’t need to rely on an application to shut down your computer when you get home. For those who are interested, you can try the Timeout Pro application, which comes with even more features.
ShutDownTimer is freeware and it can be downloaded from Softpedia. No credit card required and it takes less than 10 minutes to download.

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ShutDownTimer is a time-based shutdown utility, that can schedule shutdowns at any time in the next 24 hours.
* Help you set Shutdown Timers:
You can configure Shutdown Timers by using a drop-down menu,
* Scheduling up to 24 hours:
You can choose between 1, 2, 4, 8, 12 and 24 hours.
* Shutdown the PC at any time in the next 24 hours:
The PC will be shut down at the scheduled time. If it is too late for that to happen, it will be shut down at your designated time.
* Scheduled shutdowns at specific times:
You can configure Shutdown Timers for 1, 2, 4, 8, 12 and 24 hours.
* List of scheduled shutdowns:
You can view the shutdowns schedule in list view.

You won’t be able to control your computer from another room without a keyboard and mouse. That’s why this useful application is perfect for novice users. WiFiRemote is a tool designed for those who need to control their PC remotely, on a laptop or computer, using WiFi.
This tool doesn’t stop there, it can also be used to control your mobile phone using your computer. You won’t need to log in or leave your computer in order to remotely control your mobile phone.
Installation is quite simple as this tool only requires a one-time registration. You don’t have to enter any kind of sensitive information to make it work.
This app can provide you with access to your remote mobile phone at any time, without you having to be on the same location as your device. It’s perfect for those who need to leave their computer and go on a walk or go to the restroom, as they can control their mobile phone from a different location.
The app can provide you with full control over your mobile phone, including accepting calls, playing songs, taking pictures and sending messages. It’s compatible with mobile phones running on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian, Maemo and more.
You can use WiFiRemote to remotely control your mobile phone using your computer.

Everyone knows that to make sure that your PC doesn’t get damaged while you’re away, you should turn it off. Yet, if you’re not at home, you can’t do this. That’s why this useful application is designed

What’s New in the?

ShutDownTimer is an application that helps you schedule your computer to shut down at a certain time.
For example, you can tell your computer to shut down in three hours, so it won’t start running updates while you’re away from the PC. You can also set the program to shut down at a specific time, so you won’t have to worry about coming back to find your PC has booted back up again.
In addition to scheduling your PC to shut down at a certain time, you can also set it to turn itself off after a time has elapsed. In other words, if you want your PC to shut down automatically after an hour, you’ll have to choose an hour for the timer to start counting.
The app supports a countdown timer, which starts running in the background. Whenever the timer reaches zero, the PC shuts down. You can choose whether the PC should be turned off or simply restarted if it wasn’t shut down properly.
A simple-to-use interface helps you quickly configure your PC, although the application lacks any additional settings options.
✔ Set a countdown timer to automatically shut down your PC in the next 24 hours
✔ Set your PC to shutdown after a time interval of one to four hours, or simply turn it off when the timer reaches zero
✔ Choose from a range of time interval options, for example, three hours, six hours, 12 hours or 24 hours
✔ Select either the PC or your phone to be notified when the PC or phone shuts down
✔ Choose how your PC or phone should be notified
✔ Choose between “Turn off” and “Restart” in case of PC shutdown
✔ Add or remove the countdown timer and associated schedule easily and without any problems
✔ Prevent Windows startup from starting automatically when the PC is shut down
✔ Simple and intuitive interface
✔ Easy to use and configure
✔ Helps you schedule your PC to shut down at a certain time, or shutdown your PC once a time interval has elapsed
✔ Configure your PC to shutdown once a time interval has elapsed
✔ The application lacks any additional settings options
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System Requirements For ShutDownTimer:

Mac OS X
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