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Silent Walk FPS Creator is an advanced software application specialized in creating 3D games with custom scenes, actors, weapons, and other elements without having to possess programming skills.
Its aim is to provide a complex game environment where you can build your game area and place actors in it, as well as pack the game data into a final executable file.
The tool lets you design a game by splitting it into several smaller levels, which can be easily linked to each other with the aid of entry and exit points.
User interface
You are welcomed by a clean layout that consists of three working areas, namely the toolbar that embeds the available game element icons, 3D display where you can bring you game to life by creating levels and placing objects, and the property selector used for starting a new empty level, opening or saving the current level, exporting the game, and importing textures.
It embeds a wide range of dedicated parameters, so you need to take some time and experiment with the built-in features in order to make the most out of this tool.
Customizing the game environment
Silent Walk FPS Creator gives you the possibility to personalize each object with the aid of textures, and you can choose between several preset examples or add some of your own, and modify advanced texture properties by altering the transparency and multiplying the texture on the desired surfaces.
What’s more, you can select from several preset models or import user-defined ones, drag and drop several elements directly into the working area (actor, object, teleport, weapon), make objects destroyable and pick a different image for the altered appearance, animate the weapon, edit the frames of an object, and turn on or off the lights.
The application helps you move, scale, rotate, change the transparency, alter the light range for an object, move the camera to different angles in order to examine the game environment, add a walk path to an actor, let the player choose between different weapons, and duplicate elements.
Working with game elements
You can create a start point where the player starts the game on the first level and adjust the walk speed, friction, jump strength, and gravity, reset a player’s health, remove all collected weapons so the player cannot use them on the next level, and generate exit points in order to help the player jump to another level.
Plus, Silent Walk FPS Creator allows you to insert in-game movies, make use of the teleport feature for moving the player to a different position within the level, embed a door element to separate different parts of a level, define actors (e.g. enemies or friends, strength, damage status, blood effects, action sound), enter the frame numbers which define the animation sequence, and personalize each level with its own background music, level title, and background color.
More dedicated parameters give you full control over several objects, such as terrain, water, fog, sky, vegetation, register value, cone, sphere, column, box, and others.
An overall efficient game creator
All in all, Silent Walk FPS Creator comprises a rich suite of advanced features and plenty of customization options in order to help you create 3D games.

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3D Game Creator for Windows 8 is a professional application specialized in the creation of 3D games with high-quality 3D content.
It offers a range of dedicated parameters for defining the look of the scene (color, drawing style, brush size), making actors (e.g. buildings, trees, water, etc.), making decorations (e.g. flowers, rocks, etc.), editing objects such as vehicles, creating terrains and planes, recording sounds, and recording video.
You can edit sprites for your characters by modifying the colors, and fill the background with different textures.
The application lets you insert game objects, apply movements and rotations to your objects (e.g. water), direct your camera and move the objects around, control audio parameters such as volume, etc.
You can define different attributes for each object.
The application offers a number of methods for arranging the objects within the scene, such as placing your objects one by one, creating an animation, using a camera to follow the movement of objects, defining the starting point and the destination, editing the objects in groups, creating contact pairs, and many others.
What’s more, you can create an animation for each object, record numerous videos, use the timeline for recording the animation sequence, record each frame separately, adjust the export quality settings, etc.
What’s more, you can create a ground for each level, or take the terrain from the ready-made ones, combine the right elements such as a road, a street, a street lamp, etc. together, and create your own terrains.
You can select from dozens of preset elements (bridges, roads, houses, road signs, trees, lights, etc.), or add some of your own (e.g. fencing, vegetation, bushes, signs, walls, trees, etc.) in order to personalize your game.
This is a professional software for Windows OS, with a lot of advanced features that help you create a high-quality 3D game.

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Silent Walk FPS Creator Crack + Keygen For PC

Silent Walk FPS Creator is an advanced application specialized in creating 3D games with custom scenes, actors, weapons, and other elements without having to possess programming skills.
Developed by Speed Themes Inc., a company that specializes in creating high-end software applications, this application allows you to design 3D games by splitting them into several levels, each with its own start point, entrance and exit points, and allowing you to start editing a new game area with the aid of the interface.

2D and 3D game areas

Split levels


Difficulty levels


Level Title



Level settings

Note: In order to unlock the application, you must use the following license key: mpyzzojwxeeyosh// Copyright 2017 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.

// +build linux netbsd

package socket

import “net”

type mmsghdrs []mmsghdr

func (hs mmsghdrs) pack(ms []Message, parseFn func([]byte, string) (net.Addr, error), marshalFn func(net.Addr) []byte) error {
for i := range hs {
vs := make([]iovec, len(ms[i].Buffers))
var sa []byte
if parseFn!= nil {
sa = make([]byte, sizeofSockaddrInet6)
if marshalFn!= nil {
sa = marshalFn(ms[i].Addr)
hs[i].Hdr.pack(vs, ms[i].Buffers, ms[i].OOB, sa)
return nil

func (hs mmsghdrs) unpack(ms []Message, parseFn func([]byte, string) (net.Addr, error), hint string) error {
for i := range hs {
ms[i].N = int(hs[i].Len)
ms[i].NN = hs[

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As a cub, you must hunt on a tree and eliminate the merciless cats. While battling, collect food and ammo to craft useful items. Grow to a man to possess a wide arsenal of weapons, and fight against ferocious other characters from the community.
In order to fight, you use a pistol, spear, lasso, bow, fist, and other weapons you can find around the game environment, which come in different categories that you can unlock by collecting orbs.
The game consists of several playable characters, who have their own moves. The best ones are the lion and wolf, who possess a higher level of toughness than the rest, and can fight with the lasso and fists.
Stone Panthers FPS Creator, comes with an in-game story mode where you must battle against hordes of enemies in order to defeat the boss. There are also additional unlockable missions featuring new characters and bosses.
You can choose between playing the game single player or in multiplayer. In the latter, you can battle against three other players.
Since it is a free trial version, you can choose between playing on a single or a dual monitor screen.
Get it at the App Store.
Stone Panthers Game Features:

Stone Panthers Description:
A very fast-paced and adrenaline-fuelled game
A brilliant story and challenging puzzles
Exciting gameplay with 100 levels
Fight against enemies in the game’s beautifully rendered 3D graphics
Play against three players in the game’s multiplayer mode
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System Requirements:

• 3.5 GHz CPU
• 4 GB RAM
• 5 GB hard drive space
• 1280×1024 or higher resolution screen with mouse
• Internet Explorer 7, Firefox or Google Chrome
Special Note:
• The application support English, German, Russian, Polish, Japanese, French, and Korean languages.
• Only one game is allowed to be played at a time in a single computer.
• Password and/or game history will not be saved.
* The program will automatically detect the type of