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The sound of old amplifiers is the background for the exciting sounds of the new generation of VST pedals and simulation plug-ins. SimulAnalog Guitar is a modern and extremely simple package to get started with digital modeling for guitarists. It includes pedals designed for amplifiers of different types and characteristics as well as guitars of different eras. For example, if you’re using Fender Twin 1969 or Marshall JCM900 the package will simulate the classic tones of these classic amplifiers. The pack contains also simulations for amplifiers with different kind of sounds, from very clean, springy sounds to almost overdriven.

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SimulAnalog Guitar Suite Crack Free


SimulAnalog Guitar Suite [Updated] 2022




SIMULANOMUSIC was founded in 2013 by the software developers and graphic designers Simen and Nikita. The aim of the company was to offer creative and innovative solutions in the field of graphic design and the electronic music sector.
The experience of its founders made them aware of the difficulties of finding the right software to use when working on audio projects. One solution is to use an audio software. However, due to the complexity of the audio programs and the often cumbersome workflow, audio software might not be the best option for the development of a music project. A music project, usually needs something more interactive.
That’s why SIMULANOMUSIC decided to develop its own software.
SIMULANOMUSIC was created to help musicians with audio production. We aim to offer software that provides simple and intuitive interface and a creative workflow.
SIMULANOMUSIC is a reference for the production of electronic music with the use of plugins. The tools available here can be used by all the musicians that decide to take advantage of their digital recording capabilities.

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What’s New In SimulAnalog Guitar Suite?

SimulAnalog Guitar suite is a package containing several VST plug-ins offering amplifiers and analog processors specially designed for guitarists.
Simulation of stompbox and guitar amplifiers
The bundle includes a total of seven tools that provide simulation for stompbox (distortion, super overdrive, overdrive, modulations and phaser) and two guitar amplifiers (Fender Twin 1969 and Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb).
In order to use them a VST host is required. For testing purposes we used Reaper editing tool but you can choose any that is more familiar and suits your needs better.
In the case of the stompbox simulation the control knobs allows adjusting the values for gain, tone and level as well as speed and depth.
Guitar amplifiers
With the guitar amplifiers the set of options is different. Choosing the Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb simulation you have the possibility to adjust the channel, reverb A and B, the volume, presence level and the low, mid and high frequencies.
Working with the Fender Twin 1969 simulator offers adjustments for the frequencies, the volume and bright levels.
Regardless of the plug-in you use there is the possibility to save a custom configuration into a preset that can be used at a later time.
Easy to use guitar simulation package
SimulAnalog Guitar suite is not difficult to use for audiophiles and professionals. It can be easily installed in any audio program that supports VST plug-ins.
Moreover, the package is free of charge and the developer makes available a total of nine guitar samples that can be used for testing all the plug-ins in the bundle.

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