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When working in a team, it is vital that all colleagues have access to the same information, at all times. Slite can help you make sure this happens without too much hassle on their part.
Shared workspace
In order to enjoy the functions of Slite, you need to create an account for your company, then make sure all your employees or team members join it.
This way, you create a shared workspace where everyone can enter their ideas and suggestions for the rest to view. Multiple channels can be set up, and you can easily restrict access or add team members manually.
Also, you can share created notes using public or private links. Alternatively, assuming you already have them installed on your computer, you can share the data to Slack, Trello, Asana or GitHub.
Import multiple document sources
One of the handy features of Slite is that you can easily import previously created files so you can continue working on them within the shared environment. Thus, you can import text, Markdown, HTML, DOC or DOCX files, as well as items from Google Drive, Confluence, Evernote or Quip.
If you do not want to import data from other apps, but only to integrate links within your document, Slite allows you to do so. You can insert public links from a wide range of platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, Google Drive, Google Maps, Trello, InVision, Airtable, Asana,, GitHub or Figma.
Customize note contents
When creating a new note, Slite offers you the possibility to format the text as you see fit. Namely, the standard bold, italic, underline and strikethrough are available, along with several types of headings, lists (checklists, bullets, numbered), emojis, embed or snippet codes and quotes.
Slite is a reliable, feature-packed application that can help you improve team communication and collaboration, while also offering various types of integration on the side.







Slite Free

Slite Crack For Windows was created as a collaborative writer for the web. Inspired by Google’s Docs, Slite Crack Mac lets you create, save, edit, and share your thoughts, ideas and solutions in one place. Use Slite to collaborate on projects with co-workers, clients and teams with shared spaces and document tabs. With Slite, you have a folder on your desktop, and notes, as well as links to websites and other apps, are shared with you colleagues, as the developers say “with the community around you”.

Slite’s unique collaborative features makes it easy to write, work on and share files from anywhere using a shared folder. With links to your favorite apps, websites, meetings, and other forms of collaboration, you can get things done anywhere.

Create a document with shared tabs with your team members with one click.

Team communication and document collaboration on a shared workspace.

Tagging and ranking ideas, comments and suggestions.

How to use Slite:

Slite was designed to be easy to use, and to make collaborative work effortless. Just use your mouse to create, edit, and save your notes, and you can click links within the documents to go to another page, or open it in a new tab. With Slite’s incredible features, it’s easy to write, work on and share ideas with the community around you.

About Tagger, the Slite Text Editor

Slite’s tagger is a special editor, which looks like a default text editor such as MS Word. The tagger will tag and index your notes as well as your shared notes. You can also use the tagger to search, look up and suggest keywords to the words within the documents.

Slite Public Link

It is possible to use the public link function to insert public links from a wide range of platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, Google Drive, Google Maps, Trello, InVision, Airtable, Asana,, GitHub, and Figma. You can also insert links within other documents.

Slite Imports

One of Slite’s outstanding features is the importing of text, Markdown and HTML, as well as DOC and DOCX formats. You can import items from Google Drive, Confluence, Evernote, and Quip.

Slite Embed Code

In order to integrate your ideas within other websites, you can embed images from popular websites, such as

Slite Activation For Windows

Slite is a note-taking web app, that allows users to create and save notes, which they can link with other apps and services. The API, used by Slite, is currently in beta.

Slite Apk is by far the easiest method available to you to store all your various personal information that is in question. Slite app for android allows you to keep your contacts, chat messages, texts, emails, call logs, call records and various other information in an organized manner.
Slite app can be used to store the large amount of data on your mobile devices that are often prone to data loss in case of an accidental deletion, server overload, or unauthorized access.
Here is the link to download slite app for android:
If you want to use Slite app for iOS then click here:
Let’s go through the steps in detail to get the best possible experience:
Step 1 :
Go to the official website:
Step 2 :
Tap on Sign up or Login option on the main screen.

Slite in the last days, as well as on Sunday, July 26, the iOS version of the application Slite, designed to not only store the text of notes, but also images, videos and rich contents. Slite, the best app for you to store and organize all your notes and other contents that are in your Android device. Slite App for android is the best option to keep all the data.
Slite It’s an app that allows you to store the notes or notes, and an excellent alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, OneDrive, iTunes, or Microsoft OneNote. But it’s a note-taking application that allows you to store, format and drag-and-drop rich contents such as images, videos, maps, etc.
slite for iOS users can now download notes directly from the iOS app to Android, as well as the other way around.
Slite can be used to store all types of notes, including the following:
To choose a point and buy in the event ” – Double free access to

Slite Incl Product Key Free

Slite is a note-taking app that is focused on simplicity, speed and support. Slite is free but offers a premium version with more features that is either a one-time fee, or monthly.
Slite Features:
– Syncs with your Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive account
– 24/7 support, whether you choose the premium version or not
– Task management
– Works offline
– Supports Office documents and PDF files
– See your files from wherever you are
– Highlight text and sharing
– Share by email or SMS
– Work with others
– Works with different platforms
– Customize note contents
– Import multiple document sources
Slite is a powerful, cross-platform collaboration tool that can help you save time and make the most of your team’s ideas.

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What’s New In?

Slite is a simple, cross-platform note-taking app for professionals, teams and business with unlimited text length. Created by three founders with a passion for CRM, collaboration, and their users, Slite aims to make your life easier, faster, and better by helping you focus on the things that matter most.
Slite Free Version:
You can download the latest version of Slite from the official Google Play or the App Store for Android and iPhone (at the time of this release there is no web version).
The trial version of Slite is limited to 5 notes and can be activated for 5 days. For a full version, however, you need to enter your credit card details and download the paid version for $4.99.
If you’re interested in what features Slite can give you, you can check out some of the below comparison to other similar tools, based on features and price.
Slite Feature Comparison
Slite to Any.DO
Slite to Todoist
Slite to Trello
Slite to Asana
Slite to Google Drive
Slite to Slack
Slite to Basecamp
Slite to Typeform
Slite to InVision
Slite to Google Forms
Slite to Trello
Slite to Soundcloud
Slite to GitHub
Slite to Dropbox
Slite to Pomodoro
Slite to Evernote
Slite to Basecamp
Slite to Zoom
Slite to Trello
Slite to Asana
Slite to Slack
Slite to Jira
Slite to Box
Slite to WeWork
Slite to Airtable
Slite to Dropbox
Slite to Jira
Slite to Skype for Business
Slite to Soundcloud
Slite to GitHub
Slite to Tabletop
Slite to WeWork
Slite is a good idea to get everyone on the same page, but is it the right app? Give it a try and check it out!

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System Requirements For Slite:

OS: Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core i3-3240
HDD: 60 GB
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