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Spectron is the most powerful bandpass filter in iZotope’s audio plug-ins. You can define what frequencies you want to filter and how much you want to hear it. For example, you can use it to make a vocal sound seem more natural or to fix a bit of frequency damage. Or you can use it to make a kick or lead sound have more character or “clean” it.
KEYMACRO Features:
oControl audio dynamics
oTranspose audio
oSplit audio into different frequency bands
oSplit an audio file into multiple audio files (such as left and right)
oInsert a DIGITAL delay
oPan audio
oMorph audio
oApply a default effect to an audio file
oSave/load parameters
oAdjust the sound of the spectrum analyzer
oSpectral morph
oPan delay
oSplit audio
oAutomatically Split audio
oFreeze pan/volume

iZotope Ua-X Compressor is a highly efficient audio compressor with extreme speed. Ua-X Compressor is also one of the most popular UAD plug-in. It is a highly effective and efficient compressor. It can be used to free up space in your hard disk or to reduce the amount of incoming audio to be processed. You will get the most from your UAD unit if you turn it up to its maximum compression.
iZotope Ua-X Compressor also has a customizable “attention” and “gain” control. This lets you experiment with different levels of compression with just a few easy clicks. A Parametric Equalizer (PEQ) is provided as a second audio channel. You can make use of it to shape the level of compression by manipulating the low-pass frequency (or other frequency parameters).
KEYMACRO Description:
Ua-X is a digital compressor with many powerful compression features. It can be used to reduce the size of your audio files without affecting the quality. It can also be used to send the compressed files to a recording console or to a limiter to prevent overload. Ua-X can also be used to reduce the volume of incoming audio. This lets you control the compression level while leaving your mixing intact.
KEYMACRO Features:
oExtreme compression
oHigh speed
oCustomizable “attention” and “gain”
oComfortable in use
oFree UAD-V or UAD-X audio editor
oNoise shaping 70238732e0

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Nordic-Baltic Capital City Creation: The NEOWISE Catalogue of NEOWISE Observations of NEOWISE Target Sources

The Nordic-Baltic Capital City Creation: The NEOWISE Catalogue of NEOWISE Observations of NEOWISE Target Sources

Author:Dr. Pablo

November 23, 2014

The NEOWISE satellite
(The Night-Owl) was launched on June 23, 2009 and almost immediately started an exhaustive survey of near-Earth space.
The NEOWISE mission objective is to monitor all transient (not yet analyzed) stellar sources within one degree of the Earth.

The NEOWISE-LC and catalog

The NEOWISE-LC consists of the results obtained by a first time analysis of the NEOWISE images. A detailed, non-automated analysis of the scientific quality of the observations is performed by the NEOWISE team. This first time analysis was done on a daily basis,
for about 10 days, and it was used to build up the NEOWISE-LC catalog. This catalog was completed in March 2010. This catalog is available via GSA data access portal.

The NEOWISE-LC helps in several ways:

The NEOWISE-LC has a high scientific quality, in part because it is based on NEOWISE scientific results.

The NEOWISE-LC is a time-domain catalog. It includes sources detected by the NEOWISE mission only once.

The NEOWISE-LC serves as a reference catalog for other sources and for systematic searches.

NEOWISE-LC sources appear in several catalogs.

The NEOWISE-LC catalog currently contains 38 million sources, with a 5-sigma detection threshold.

The NEOWISE-LC catalog is periodically updated and a complete update was released on November 30, 2014.


The NEOWISE-LC has a 5-sigma detection threshold and contains more than a billion objects. The NEOWISE-LC catalog can be searched by position and time. The NEOWISE-LC catalog is divided into several releases, such as:

The complete NEOWISE-LC, which was released on March 14, 2010, covers the entire sky south of about -45° declination.

The Preliminary NEOWISE-LC, which was released on March 14, 2010, covers the entire