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Batch PSD to JPG Converter is designed to quickly convert a batch of PSD files to JPG format. With this Batch Converter, you can convert PSD to JPG as fast as possible.

Key Features:

Supports multiple files conversion at once

Batch conversion supports drag & drop

Supports PSD, PSDX and PSD2 files

Support saving JPG as jpg, gif, jpeg, etc.

Option to convert the files after resizing

Resize JPG images

Available for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows Vista

Convert a batch of PSD to JPG in 5 steps

1. Add files

Choose the files you want to convert by clicking the “Add Files” button, and click “OK”.

2. Convert

Click the “Convert” button, and click “OK” to start the conversion.

3. Preview

Preview the JPG files in the window by clicking the “Preview” button.

4. Set Settings

Choose the settings you need in the “Setting” window by clicking the “Settings” button.

5. Save

Click the “Save” button to download the converted files.


1..NET Framework 3.5 or higher version is installed.

2. Windows XP or later versions are supported

Download Now:


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ODE Toolkit is a powerful and a complete program for the study and analysis of ordinary differential equations (ODEs). It uses the Wolfram Language to solve, visualize and plot differential equations. This powerful toolkit is based on the Wolfram Math Designer.Q:

How to start GORM transaction on save?

I have a JavaEE 7 application that uses the grails-plugin-gorm 1.4.4. I have a domain object with the following implementation:
class Word implements Serializable {
static transients = [‘mappings’]

String word

static mapping = {
id generator:’sequence’, params: [sequence:’word_seq’]

I’m setting a column property of the domain object to null in a few places and I want to check if I need to do that before I save. I tried the following:
if (word.getSomeColumn) {

Word.withTransaction {
if (word.isNew) {
if (word.someColumn == null) {
throw new RuntimeException(“Cannot add Word with someColumn == null”)
} true)

But when I run the save() call, it seems like it is not being wrapped in a transaction. Why is that?
I can write the following in the beforeValidation method of the domain object and it seems to work fine, but it is not what I want to do:
if (word.getSomeColumn) {

if (word.isNew) {
if (word.someColumn == null) {
throw new RuntimeException(“Cannot add Word with someColumn == null”)
} true)


You can do the same with the isNew and isValid methods.
If you call them both on a domain object instance, the transaction will be started automatically.
Word.withTransaction {
if (isNew) {
if (someColumn == null) {
throw new RuntimeException(“Cannot add Word with someColumn ==