• A powerful macro system that lets you create “hotkeys” that can be assigned to any action on the app. Now you can perform common actions like delete, cut, paste, undo/redo, indent or select multiple lines in a matter of seconds.
• The ability to run a script by just clicking the play button. The script will be played after a pre-defined number of actions have been performed.
• The capability to create a macro that will be automatically run when a particular scenario is loaded. This can be used to simplify the scenario creation process.
• Macro definition has a dialog box so you can create the macro with details like file path and names of the classes.
• Key binding override lets you define the bindings for a macro before defining it.
• Macro definition is cached and doesn’t require network access to run.
• The ability to store multiple macro definitions in a single macro definition so you can use the same macro multiple times.
• The ability to customize the main menu so that it displays the currently running macro along with the number of macros defined.
• Ability to export a macro to a JAR file so that it can be run from any folder and reused at a later time.
Keymacro is a powerful and easy to use macro system for Java.
LaravelSugar Description:
• The LaravelSugar package allows you to quickly generate a REST API from your Model, Controller and Views. The package itself doesn’t have any real functionality, but it will work with your application’s API built using any typical Laravel framework.
• The API will automatically contain basic CRUD methods, and you will be able to set the JSON data types and content to be returned.
• LaravelSugar will automatically handle any errors that occur during processing your data, and it will also allow for dynamic configuration of the API key.
• You can use the API with any language that is built to work with REST APIs, and you can host the API on any web hosting platform.
• LaravelSugar is backed by Laravel Forge, the simplest way to build a new Laravel project.
Key Features:
• LaravelSugar is designed for the Laravel Framework.
• LaravelSugar is Laravel Package.
• LaravelSugar is a API generator for Laravel.
• LaravelSugar uses Facades to create a code-snippet as a route/resource.
• Lara 384a16bd22

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Melodizer is an open-source tool for the creation and generation of analog sequences. It works with the WavPack file format and it has the ability to convert midi files to wav. It also provides a powerful window to generate custom analog sequences that are in the same format as the ones that are produced with analog synthesizers.
What is Melodizer?
Melodizer is an open-source software that allows for the creation and generation of custom analog sequences. With it, you can generate sequences using an external MIDI sequencer, an MP3 player or a CD, and can even import sequences from other sources like MIDI files.
Melodizer has a very simple user interface (GUI) that allows for easy manipulation of the different elements that make up a sequence. It is extremely responsive, enabling you to have all of the elements related to a specific sound change while you make any kind of modifications.
To start a new sequence, you have to choose one of the already included sounds. You can then adjust the sound with the different controls that are available in the different parts of the interface, like the oscillator, the envelope, the effects, the clock, the pitch, and the master.
Melodizer Features:

Features an external oscillator with controls to specify frequency, glide, and speed.

Possibility of converting midi files to wav.

Allows to import sequences from MIDI files or CD.

Users can select a specific sound to use as starting point of the melody.

It also provides an audio editor with an in-depth editor for the analysis of audio files. It allows you to modify the waveform, the filters and the levels.

It also allows to adjust the tempo (in BPM), the pitch, the beat, the swing, and the range.

It has a powerful clock with which you can adjust the time of playing the sequence and the different time parameters.

Features a powerful window to generate custom analog sequences in the same format as the ones that are produced with analog synthesizers.

It has an option for the control of the sample rate, the width, the voices, the volume, the modulation depth, and the flange.

Possibility of saving and loading sessions.

There is a controller for editing external MIDI files, providing the ability to change the different parts of the sound that compose them.

The application also allows for the recording of new midi files and the conversion