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Recently, the same company that made the infamous “Slither.io” developed the “Cloak” game, which has already surpassed all expectations and is now ranked as the most popular adult mobile game at the Apple App Store in more than 30 countries.

In this game, players must scramble to get the most points on the game map, collecting different eggs that are inside the egg hunter’s nest. After you launch the game, you receive 10 free eggs, which you can then hide behind walls or behind other players. You can also attack other players, steal their eggs, and then take your earnings to the in-game bank to spend on some upgrades or higher stats.

Cloak has already become extremely popular, achieving millions of downloads worldwide. Now it is one of the hottest topics in adult mobile games, and a topic discussed in many blogs. We also got a chance to talk with Saverio Cabra, the primary developer of the game, about the creation of this game and the strategy behind its success.

About the creation of Cloak

The idea for Cloak came to creators just over a year ago.

“I was playing a game on the App Store and I found myself trying to hide my eggs from other players,” Saverio told us, saying that “this fact struck me as something that we could really use in the game. After the game, I took the idea for a ‘cloak’ and made it a game.”

The implementation is extremely simple, and it is, in fact, an impressive technological achievement. No matter where on the map you go, every time you launch Cloak, the game creates a wall of pixels that completely covers the screen, protecting your eggs and hiding you from other players who could also steal your eggs.

If you are attacked by another player, the walls will shake and a loud sound will emit. The goal in the game is

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Want to make your webcam more than a webcam for chat rooms? This tool is made specifically for the purpose of making video calls, streaming, and live chats.

Vasil Levsky
– Jul 19, 2018

SplitCam is a tool that can make the streaming and video calling more immersive. Packing dozens of effects and 3D masks the program is suitable for both personal calls with your loved ones as well as live streams.
It can split the video to multiple programs
In case you ever attempted to use the webcam for two apps that require it, then you probably noticed that you are getting an error message. This is the main perk of the tool, as it enables you to use the webcam for several applications at the same time. While some may argue you are unlikely to need to use it like this, let’s not forget that there are several dozens of IM clients out there and your loved ones may use different ones.
According to the developer, the tool works with most popular services out there, including, but not limited to Skype, Gtalk, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, AOL, Camfrog and YouTube. Speaking of the latter, the tool supports live streaming and HD video broadcast in numerous video resolutions.
Comes with numerous effects and backgrounds
The program packs quite an impressive number of visual effects, allowing you to add filters, backgrounds, face items, frames and avatars over the streamed video. In addition, you can take snapshots using your webcam, either manually or at a given time.
All in all, SplitCam is a tool that can help you make the most out of your webcam. Initially developed to solve the ‘webcam is busy’ error message, the tool has come a long way and packs dozens of helpful features to make video calling and live streaming more convenient.

Katia Leblebici
– Jun 12, 2016

In spite of its shortcomings, Skype is one of the best tools for video and audio communications. Thanks to its integration with WhatsApp the popular text messaging service, Skype has become one of the most popular video and audio communication tools.
However, sometimes it is necessary to directly call someone using their Skype account. Fortunately, with this trick you can make any Skype connection through WhatsApp and avoid the ‘Your Skype account is currently in use’ error.

If you are still using a Windows XP machine, then you might be interested in the option of using VLC Player as your default media player. VLC Player

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With the right tools, you can do a whole lot more with your webcam than just capture a live video.

– Minimalist interface
– Split screen multitasking
– Support for video calling, webcam previews and live streaming
– Live streaming, including HD support
– 30+ webcam effects
– Face filter; To block or emphasize selected parts of the video
– Face tracking, including to create avatars
– Supports dozens of webcam sharing and chatting apps
– 3D masks; Use the webcam in augmented reality
– System requirements: OS X 10.6+, Windows XP SP3 or later


The program can split the video to multiple apps simultaneously and can be used in the most popular video calling and chat apps.

If you need to split the streaming to different apps at the same time, the tool is worth trying out.

The user interface is minimalistic. The main window holds the webcam-capturing box and your video feed while the right side hosts the media playback controls.

It also can do quite a lot of webcam effects besides, adding filters, backgrounds, and frames over the webcam video.

With the tools, your loved ones can easily share your webcam with others.

If they like what you have in front of them, they can add avatars and masks as well.

The program is also compatible with several video calling and chat apps, making it suitable for a wide range of users.

Overall, the program is worth trying out, and is probably worth the money you will be shelling out on it.

To give it a try, download and install the program using the link above.

About the author

Akamal Aghasholagh was the founder of SoftwareShowcases. He developed a great interest in computer programming and technology at a very early age. to Comrade Lenin that “it is necessary to move on from this question on the basis of the rules of Marxist-Leninist dialectical materialism.”

Such a confusion of the cultural versus economic and the form with the content is a characteristic feature of the Stalinist theory, which in a paradoxical way remains in this world even after the Soviet system of state capitalism (as in Soviet Mongolian “GDP” – what is GDP in Mongolia? ) has lapsed and is being replaced by the rule of the market economy.

Dangers for the NEP

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What’s New In SplitCam?

Download SplitCam Free for Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Gtalk, AOL, Camfrog, ICQ, YouTube.
Split/Unsplit your Face-to-Face Video Calls from a webcam.
Add custom Splitscreen Backgrounds.
Distribute realtime graphical effects to your split windows.
Add custom masks to your video stream.
Audio Streaming from your webcam.
Face Mapping from your webcam to either a template or a 3D model.
Screen Recording/Video capturing from your webcam.
Split your webcam to multiple independent windows.
Record your video camera/webcam.
Record text overlay of your webcam.
Capture frame for your webcam.
A personalized virtual talk-to-tv-for-free.
Fullscreen Window Capture.
Split and join your window.
Support Windows Vista, XP, 2000, Me.
Support different Splitscreen resolutions with a webcam.
Support the video streaming from your webcam with the transparent video background.
Add the Rounding Rectangles to your video stream.
Add the Five Pointed Stars/Custom Shapes to your video stream.
Add the Iris Marquee to your video stream.
Add the Face Items to your video stream.
Add the Line/Arrow to your video stream.
Add Face Attributes to your video stream.
Add the “Tulip” to your video stream.
Add Video to your video stream.
Live Streaming from your webcam.
Fullscreen Image Capture/Screen Recorder.
Record your video camera/webcam with time stamp.
Record Text overlay for your webcam.
Using 3D Face Mapping to your webcam.
Using Face Tracking to your webcam.
Using Face Priority to your webcam.
Adding customizable Transparent background for your Video stream.
Adding customized Transparent watermark for your Video stream.
Adding customizable Transparent text watermark for your Video stream.
Adding a customizable Transparent text watermark for your Video stream.
Adding a personalized Transparent watermark for your Video stream.
Adding image watermark to your Video stream.
Adding Gif/Image Watermark to your Video stream.
Adding Picture Watermark to your Video stream.
Adding Picture Watermark for your Video stream.
Adding Text Watermark for your Video stream.
Adding Text Watermark to your Video stream.
Retouching Effects to your Video stream.
Retouching Graphic Effects to your Video stream.
Retouching Face Attributes to your Video

System Requirements:

Use this file with STO-23
This is a simple, simplistic mod, my first work and I’m not good at LUA, and I know some people are against this mod but I’ll make the best of it to get this started
Controls and variables:
There is a main file which controls the whole mod called “module.ctl”
the console command for this file is just:
mod load
You can set