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Keyboard macros are a popular way of automating your operating
system. Not everybody uses them and some people even find
it a little bit annoying to use macros for small operations like
searching for a file or moving a window. Terra Incognita has
provided a convenient way to use macros for common functions of
the windows in a modern operating system.
How to use Terra Incognita:
* Activate the screensaver
* Select the screen
* On each blank screen press Alt-A
* Go to the location of the screensaver settings
* Set the parameters for the maps (starting location and
destination, transition time, tiles type)
* Finish the screensaver by pressing Alt-B
* You will be greeted by Terra Incognita
Terra Incognita is the first screensaver to introduce luminosity
blending which increases the number of possible transitions with
the number of images. Terra Incognita has added the possibility
of three different types of transition animations (Einstein,
Peltier and the default).
What’s new in Terra Incognita 2.0?
* Luminosity blending
* New transition animations: Einstein, Peltier and
* More transition types
* Animated menu for each transition
* Ability to switch on/off the sub-scenes with the push of a
button (after pressing Alt-A)
* Refined interface for Mac users
* Detailed help
* Help menu in English, French and Spanish
If you have any problem or problem of any kind, please do not
hesitate to send me your messages on the support mailing list:

If you want to submit a bug report or report any problem with
this screensaver on the internet, you can use the following

Terra Incognita 2.0 is a free screensaver (freeware). If you
really want to support the developer you can donate any amount
of money.
If you wish to give money by mail, you can use this form:
If you want to donate the money by bank transfer, you can use
the following form:

If you wish to donate the money by PayPal, you can 70238732e0

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Keymacro is an easy to use macro key utility that allows you to edit a PC keyboard to give you the keys you want. Keymacro has the ability to add/remove keys, change the keypad layout, assign functions to new or existing keys and even assign modifiers to them.
Keymacro Features:
■ Edit an existing keyboard layout
■ Add/Remove keys
■ Change the keypad layout
■ Assign functions to keys
■ Assign modifiers to keys
■ Set customized keyboard shortcuts
■ Save to the registry
■ Create shortcuts for quick access
Keymacro can be used on Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and Windows Server 2012+.
■ Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5

Word Magic is a small but powerful Windows utility to automatically remove orphaned or unused DPI settings. It will automatically reset and save the DPI settings to the registry if a application does not have an installed DPI file. It will find DPI files and replace them with a default version if they are missing, or overwrite files if they already exist.
■ Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5

Slim Scan is a Windows utility which performs a quick scan on a system drive to find duplicate files and identify excessive files. This program searches for duplicates and excessive files in the specified folders, and will work for FAT32, NTFS and Mac partitions, or you can use the included macro that adds NTFS signatures to allow you to scan volumes for hidden files.
■ Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5

Advanced Firewall can create, edit and remove Windows Firewall rules and profiles. It can also add custom rules for things such as a static address, particular applications, and network shares. Advanced Firewall includes an advanced firewall and network connection blocker, as well as many security features. A powerful graphical user interface makes it easy to modify network settings, which can be done either from a mouse or keyboard.

A small utility to clear the contents of the Recycle Bin on a hard drive.

The Windows Memory Analyzer is a tool which allows you to examine and modify memory to locate and fix memory corruption issues. It does this by generating a list of objects in memory which can be analyzed by a user and then by making a decision about which objects can be allowed to remain in memory and which shouldГЋngerii-Apei