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====What is Strap?====
Strap is an IM app and VoIP client that allows you to connect to other users in your contact list with a few clicks.
✓ Voice calls (A2DP) with microphone and speakers
✓ Call recording on the go
✓ Video calls between users
✓ Hangout style video calls for groups
✓ Text chat
✓ Many chat themes, backgrounds and stickers
✓ Powerful and multi-lingual
✓ Works on all of your devices.
We’re always working on new features to make using Strap as seamless as possible and to keep it the best IM app for groups. If you have ideas for new features we would love to hear them. If you like the app, we greatly appreciate a 5-star rating.
Strap is available on:
Google Play
App Store for Mac
✓ Instant Messaging: Text chat, group and video calls
✓ Notification center: Turn on your notification center just by opening the app
✓ Call recording: Record calls made on the go
✓ Texting security: When you receive a message from someone you don’t know, we’ll mark it as suspicious so you know before you read it
✓ Browse social media: Browse your Twitter or Facebook timeline, find pictures and chats
✓ Chat theme and background: Customize your chat background and send us your ideas for new themes
✓ Group chat: Easily connect to contacts in your group and chat with them
✓ Sticker: Send stickers from your gallery, a few clicks and your friend will receive them
✓ Quick access: Quickly access our menu by swiping to the left or right on the screen
✓ Audio wakeup: Get calls and messages right when you wake up
✓ Voice calls: Call other users right from your contact list
✓ Video calling: Make video calls with up to 4 participants
✓ Audio recording: Record any chats
✓ We recommend you install this app if you’re looking for instant messaging apps that are easy to use, customize, and comfortable.
For support, check

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Send voice and video calls from your computer, anywhere in the world.
OS X 10.6.8 or later.
OPERATING SYSTEM: Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

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What is the reason for the move of the textfield element by Firebug?
The form is submitted with the “Enter” key, but you can see that the “submit” event is not triggered until I press the “Enter” key a second time.
Is there a problem with the DOM structure?


It happens because you set the type as submit.


What is the reason for the move of the textfield element by Firebug?

When you press ENTER in an input (or a button) field, the control is sent to the server, and the browser (or whatever is handling the submit event) moves the text field out of the way so you don’t accidently type in a value that would then be posted back to the server.
You can stop this behavior by explicitly setting the attribute disabled to true or by using JavaScript/jQuery to simulate an actual submit by pressing ENTER or using a button.

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What’s New In Strap?

Strap is an instant messenger and voice chat application that enables you to connect with other users from all around the world seamlessly.
Comes with text, video and voice chat support
While you may have the impression that you are dealing with an IM app at first glance, the truth is that the application includes much more options than that. For starters, the utility includes all the instant messenger features you would expect from a communication tool, meaning that you can make video calls, standard calls and chat with contacts in your list.
It is necessary to mention that the app allows you to record your desktop or take snapshots that you can immediately share with your chat partner. As you probably hinted, you are required to have a compatible camera connected to your computer in order to take advantage of this feature.
In addition, the tool enables you to send images, audio files and videos seamlessly. Then again, you should know that it works with only a few file formats, such as GIF, JPEG, PNG, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MP3 and WAV, to name a few.
Could use more customization options
While it does a fine job when it comes to chat and video conferences, the app does not allow too much customization. More precisely, you can only change your profile picture and the names of your contacts customization-wise.
The utility does not allow you to change your status to invisible or busy, a feature that could come in handy when you are in a video conference with a potential customer, for instance. At the same time, the app could use a feature that enables you to hide offline contacts. Although it is true that you can use the search function in this sense, hiding offline contacts can save time and energy in the long run.
An overall good tool for making calls
In case you are looking for an intuitive app that can help you keep in touch with partners and friends from all around the world, Strap could be the tool to try out.

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