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“Musik Maker” by Mu:Sav Games 2011 is Music Maker game for Kids. This is not another watered down version of a music application. This is a full featured music creation application. There are many powerful tools which allow kids to make original music through an easy to use interface.
Musik Maker by Mu:Sav Games 2011 may not take the originality crown from “Satchmaasha” music editor as both programs are very versatile. For one thing, there’s a huge difference in price. “Satchmaasha” costs $49.99 while Mu:Sav Games 2011 is available at only $14.99.
Furthermore, one of the reasons for the success of Satchmaasha has to do with the fact that the program automatically learns the musical patterns that you play. In order to make this happen, you have to manually label every single piece of music that you compose.
Musik Maker by Mu:Sav Games 2011 is not so much of a hit though as it’s more of a mix between some classic music editor, a music learning/teaching application and a big book of samples.
Musik Maker allows your children to play, listen, learn and create their own music. It’s easy to use. You just have to tell your child the name of the song or find one in the book of samples.
He or she will automatically play a new version of the song with instrumentation that corresponds to the audio level that the user set. Musik Maker allows you to learn new songs through play-along lessons. It’s easy to create a song for children.
What’s more, as it comes with a reference library of over 20,000 hit songs, children have the advantage of having musical samples to grow on.
The interface of Musik Maker is very simple. There’s a container for the song sample that’s currently being played and there’s a small text field at the top where you enter the name of the song. On the left side, there’s a list of every song in the library. By using the shortcut keys, you can select the

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Want to store all of your digital music? Whether you store it on your Mac, PC or iPod, SuperSync Cracked Accounts will allow you to synchronize all of your digital music to any of your hard drives with ease. Start saving space by downloading the program today!
– iTunes library files organization
– Compare and sync iTunes library between Mac and PC
– Remote library management
– Local library maintenance and cleaning
– iTunes and iTunes exe support
– Download songs to iTunes library
– Upload songs from iTunes library
– Compress media files
– Search iTunes library
– Create backup media files
– Add songs and albums to iTunes
– Remove songs from iTunes
– Organize your music library
System Requirements:
– Mac OS 10.3.9 or later
– Windows XP SP2 or later
– Internet connection
What’s New in v2.1:
– New: Ability to organize songs and playlists by artist, album, and more
– New: Support for iTunes 11
– New: Ability to sort the entire library by genre, artist, album, and more
– New: Ability to listen to iTunes library without putting it into the library
– New: Added support for device checking and backup
– Updated: Ability to re-name DRM-protected tracks
– Updated: Ability to convert video files to other formats
– Updated: Ability to upload files from other application
– Updated: Ability to manage automatic downloads
– Updated: Ability to select streaming radio stations
– Updated: “Tunes” library view
– Updated: Presets options panel
– Updated: “Delete” option
– Updated: Versions and interface translations
SuperSync Video Tutorial:

The popular Rhythmbox music player for GNOME and KDE has received a major overhaul, and we’ve been playing with the latest version, 1.7, in the beta stage for a few days now. In addition to using GTK3, the new version looks even better. But there are still a few rough edges (especially on Linux), and this is in beta, so you may find new and/or missing features. In any case, the new version is worth watching out for, so here are our thoughts.

The popular Rhythmbox music player for GNOME and KDE has received a major overhaul, and we’ve been playing with the latest version, 1.7, in the beta stage for a few days now. In addition to using GTK3, the new version


SuperSync is an advanced software application whose purpose is to help you move and synchronize your audio files from one library to another. You can make comparisons, access, sync and merge iTunes files, such as audio items, podcasts and videos across multiple Macintosh and Windows PCs, iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Plus, it works hand in hand with iTunes libraries.
SuperSync Review:
If you have several computers and sometimes you don’t want to switch between them just to listen to your favourite songs or podcasts, or whenever you want to synchronize your music collection with other devices, then you should definitely try SuperSync ( SuperSync has a well-designed and intuitive interface, it supports music from Apple, Windows, and other devices and enables you to export music from other players, or sync iTunes music libraries to computers without the need to use iTunes or Windows Media Player. You can play audio in iTunes, but only to Apple devices. SuperSync is one of the easiest, fastest and most efficient ways to sync your media files from one location to another.
– A great Synchronizer between multiple Macs and Windows computers
– SuperSync has an exceptional user interface
– Great user support
– Supports files from Apple, Windows and other devices
– It’s easy to use and doesn’t require lots of fancy settings
– Supports multiple simultaneous connections
– Remote library synchronization for both Macs and Windows PCs
– Supports both built-in player and iTunes web server
– Different synchronization modes
– Multiple Playback controls
– SuperSync is extremely fast and with lots of options to tweak, it can be a little overwhelming at a first glance
– Exceptional customer service
– It’s very affordable, the upgrade license is for only $39.99 (
– Comparing with the competition
– More expensive than sync solutions for Windows PCs
– It isn’t a one-stop solution to all your syncing needs
– Still a program in beta
– Incompatible with non-Apple products
SuperSync Shortcuts:
Double-click on SuperSync icon on your desktop.
Right-click on icon in the folder and select New -> Folder or File. Enter a name for the folder.
Double-click on the newly created file and enter a password for the folder to avoid unauthorized access to the files.
You can select multiple files and drag them

What’s New in the?

SuperSync is a powerful and simple audio file management and library synchronization tool. It provides users with the ability to create and maintain fully functional libraries, restore missing files or parts of them, search for and retrieve songs or audio files and stream and sync them over the web. The app allows you to create a library on both Mac and Windows and share it over the web. SuperSync is also an iTunes Library Synchronizer.
SuperSync Features:
* Create and manage your libraries of audio/video files and directories
* Large capacity library can hold items for over 100,000 songs and 3000 hours of music files
* Create and synchronize your iTunes playlists across multiple computers
* Compare, merge and synchronize iTunes Music libraries
* Easy to use drag and drop interface
* Stream and sync your iTunes music libraries across Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and other devices
* Preferable choice for iTunes users to create and synchronize the content of their iTunes libraries across all devices
* Easy to use, quick and simple to use
* Sync content from a local library to a remote library or from one remote to another
* Easy to use iTunes Library Synchronizer
* Multiple user support
* Multilingual support
* Great support
* Fully functional and available for Windows and Mac
* Preferably used for long term content creation and synchronization
* A library consists of items like media files, playlists, play history, and play counts
* A library can hold items for over 100,000 songs and 3000 hours of music files
* Items in a library can be sorted by Artist, Album, Composer, Genre, Bit Rate, Play Time, Rating, Size, File Type, and Date Last Modified
* Items in a library can be reviewed by Title, Artist, Album, Genre, Size, Play Count, Play Time, Date Added, Date Modified, and Rating
* Items in a library can be deleted, moved, renamed, replaced, or imported
* Items in a library can be imported from another library
* Items in a library can be exported to another library
* Items in a library can be saved as a play list
* Items in a library can be streamed and synchronized
* Items in a library can be searched for

Versatile and easy to use, AudioScape makes it easy to bring and share your favorite music, podcasts, and videos from your computer to any device.
AudioScape description:


System Requirements For SuperSync:

Supported Systems:
Windows XP and later
Vista and later
Windows 7 and later
Mac OS X 10.4 or later
Ubuntu 12.04 or later
How to Install:
Start from the command prompt and type the following command:
Mac OS X:
Simply open the application in the App Store.
If you want to install from source