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Startup items are programs, shortcuts, folders, drivers that are set to run automatically each time you log into Windows. These items can be added either by the applications or drivers you install, or manually by you. Once these programs pile up at startup they decrease your system's performance and cause bottlenecks that slow down your computer or even sudden crashes.
If you are looking for a more featured alternative to removing unnecessary startup programs than what Windows has to offer, you can use Synei Startup Manager.
User-friendly interface
The interface of the application is very intuitive and easy to work with, allowing you to select which programs you want to remove at system startup in order to improve Windows boot time.
The main window displays information about all the programs that run at Windows startup, such as their name, status, startup path, registry key and full path.
Organize and schedule tasks
After performing a complete scan, Synei Startup Manager shows you which autostart entries can be optimized, either by being deleted, delayed from startup, disabled or ignored. Plus, when selecting an unrecognized item, you can directly look up information on Google to find out if it's a malicious software application.
New entries can be added to run at system startup, while delayed applications can be examined in a separate window and restored at startup at a later time. Additionally, you have the option of running, ending, disabling or removing redundant scheduled tasks that put a strain on your computer's performance.
To sum up, Synei Startup Manager is a practical software solution that helps you increase system performance by efficiently managing all startup applications. Due to its user-friendly interface, this application can easily be used by anyone.







Synei Startup Manager 16.7.0 Free

Programs, shortcuts, folders and drivers that are set to run automatically each time you start Windows.
Takes a few minutes to become familiar with and start using.
Instantly removes harmful entries from your registry.
Helpful with all versions of Windows.
Includes malware definitions.
Tracks startup programs, shortcuts, folders and drivers.
Gets rid of all the startup programs in a single mouse click.
System Requirements:
·Windows 8 or later
·.Net Framework 4.5 or later

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Synei Startup Manager 16.7.0 Crack X64

SYNEI Startup Manager is the easiest way to improve boot time on your PC.

Control all startup programs with one click.

SYNEI Startup Manager is an easy-to-use software that make it possible for even beginners to optimize system startup by removing redundant startup programs and shortcuts. You can also schedule tasks to run when Windows is starting up, such as updates, anti-malware scans, or restorations.Two cases of duodenal obstruction due to floating gastric fundus, successfully treated by laparoscopy.
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Synei Startup Manager 16.7.0 Crack+ With License Key For Windows


Installation by:


A downloaded file that is in the style of a Driver and installs it after it downloads – If the file is corrupt or virus infected, the Installation may also be corrupted or infected

The average file size of all files downloaded.

The number of items included in all downloaded software.

File download time for the entire item(s).

File download time for all items combined.

File download time on all connections (1 = Slowest, 8 = Fastest).


This is a download accelerator compatible with both, Windows and Mac. However it does support Windows only.


According to its user-interface the application has the following features :

Ability to analyze all executable files in the system by simply selecting them from the Application Bar, Plus, you can specify to run them at the specified time or when you restart the computer.

Ability to launch programs manually from the System Tools menu (Add to Start-up, restart/shutdown and apps that require password are disabled).

Ability to immediately remove programs you already know you don’t want starting up every time the system boots.

Ability to define a password for any programs you want started immediately.

Ability to stop or postpone a specific program from running at the specified time.

Ability to remove startup programs that will delay other programs from starting up.

A number of default programs can be customized or easily swapped with others you use.

You can run a scan to quickly find out the startup items you want to delete and decide what to do.


The reputation of the Download Accelerator is not as good as the reputation of the application which supports it.

Identity Thief : Hacker On Demand does not support the Download Accelerator Control Panel. It’s a known fact.

Ultimate Privacy Control : Being an offline computer, you can easily hide the tracks of the computer if you always view the downloaded files on a different computer.


Ability to quickly start/stop/delete a program using the built-in Windows Start menu.

Ability to run programs or shut them down using the Windows Add To start-up menu.


Does not integrate into the Windows system, by any means.

Does not appear to be customizable.

Does not support the Download Accelerator Control Panel.

Perhaps because the Download Acceler

What’s New in the Synei Startup Manager?

Startup programs are programs, shortcuts, folders, drivers that are set to run automatically each time you log into Windows. These items can be added either by the applications or drivers you install, or manually by you. Once these programs pile up at startup they…





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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
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Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5870
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 8 GB available space
Additional Notes: The DirectX 11 graphics and high screen resolution make this game run quite smooth on low-end computers, even with the disable high graphical effects checkbox. The game is unfortunately not optimized for 64-bit Windows, but it runs OK on 64-bit