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inject into the mock for @Resource

is it possible to mock @Resource in the JUnit test?
I want to test my application’s Singleton, by having a SingletonBean injected in a @Resource with the below sample code
@Resource(lookup = “myMockResource”)
private MyBean myMockBean

how can i mock this for the above case


You can’t do this with Spock. The only way to mock a singleton is to replace it with a mock and then back it up with the real thing on each test.
You can do something like this with JUnit though.
public void singletonMockTest() {
DelegatingTestExecutor testExecutor = new DelegatingTestExecutor() {
public void execute() {
Field declaredField = Singleton.class.getDeclaredField(“myMockResource”);
Field realField = Singleton.class.getDeclaredField(“myMockResource”);
try {
declaredField.set(this, mock(MyBean.class));