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My Desktop Alive begins as an ordinary desktop (and phone) experience, but what begins as a simple click becomes an adventure into the unknown as you click your way forward with a clock ticking and factors affecting your progress.

As time marches forward, the world will become increasingly hostile and deadly. You’ll need to save the human species, but doing so will be a struggle, as there’s a lot of deadly opposition out there!

You’ll need to manage your resources, interact with people, solve puzzles, build, design, build and build some more. As you’ll be keeping an eye on your live time, this will be an all-action experience. You’ll need to tackle all of the above in a fast-paced top-down environment.

It’s an adventure which will make you think about what really matters in your life. Will you survive, or will humanity die out?

Leftover Humans is a first-person exploration game, where you’ll spend time as a human which has been rescued from the brink of extinction.

The game is a metaphysical visual novel, which you’ll explore as the woman.

As you’re a human, you’ll progress through the different stages of life, explore outlying cities, and find out the truth about your past.

The game has gorgeous visuals and animations; it’s a beautiful mix of life and computer graphics.

Leftover Humans is currently Early Access.

I recently had a moment of self-reflection about what really matters in life. It was good, but it was also tough to see yourself in the mirror.

You see, there’s a lot of people out there saying the same thing. But for those who have worked really hard at understanding the reality of life, it’s not at all that simple to get to the core of things.

We are not human

The reason that we can see the meaning of life in such a simple way is because we are fundamentally different.

We are not able to comprehend the purpose of life when it comes to a higher being. It’s not as easy to answer the question “why do we exist?”

But you can get closer.

When people talk about their lives, they usually start out by saying that they don’t really know. Then they say what they


BattleCON: Online Features Key:

  • Versatile play-style
  • Handcrafted gameplay
  • Community-focused
  • Create your own variant
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      The story is set in a world that is torn apart by natural disasters and war. As a High-Tech Outlaw Outlaw rebels fight for freedom. Access a variety of weapons like SMGs, Bows and Firearms, Planes and much more. Decide, who will you be?
      ****Note this is a beta. We would love to hear your feedback on how we can make our games even better! With your help, we are going to take our games to the next level. The core concept is about being Fearless, its about making our user experience better. This is about building a community together with you all. With your help we are going to make this game a real hit!
      Key Features:
      – Variety of character classes
      – Crouch, jump, slide and climb. Its your game!
      – Super Fast Multiplayer
      – Play in different time and environments. Keep your eyes open!
      – Play the Glitch, but not only: The level generator will randomly draw in new zones, eras, weapons and more.
      – Addictive gameplay with the unique Glitch mechanic: constantly changing levels means never playing the same game twice.
      – Powerful AI
      – Featuring real-time physics and a smart selection of weapon types
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      What’s new in BattleCON: Online: