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The Future Will Be Smart: Video Lessons From Our Crystal Ball
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You can often tell when someone is faking interest in what you have to say because they are constantly looking for ways to let you know that they think they’re as intelligent and awesome as you are. But just as fake interest in your brand can become tiresome, so too can the gestures that we give off to seem intelligent.
Weirdly enough, I’m not immune to this. I’ll often look for subtle ways to send off signals to people that I’m more than they think I am. Maybe I’ll let slip a line or two here and there that seems to showcase my intelligence or awesomeness. Maybe I’ll click a link to a show or movie that has a certain something to it. You know, a personal touch that really lets you know that I’ve seen and dig you.
Whether you want to play your hand a little more or a little less, sometimes we all do things like this. But in the past few years, it seems like that’s been out of favor a bit. There are lots of shows out there that are either a) highly personal or b) are highly scripted. In other words, there’s no real personal touch or indication that they want to make their shows for you.
And while I’m not down on shows that value your intelligence, there’s no reason you can’t play your own hand a little more by really committing to something, right? What’s the harm in taking it up a notch?
If you ask me, I think that’s the message going out that’s been missing for a long time. And I think the future of television is going to be all about what we want to do. What do we want to show people? What kind of experience do we want to provide? And the cool thing is, you can provide that experience, in your own way.
Now, I don’t want to assume that every human being wants to be saved by technology. But I think that there’s a tendency for us to 84e02134c1

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