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BePing Incl Product Key Download [Updated-2022]

BePing is the most reliable free IP address checker, look up, traceroute and ping tool with free offline client. It has a simple interface and free for commercial use.
Using BePing:
BePing is a powerful tool to check your domain name, IP address, IP range, hostname, virtual server or mail server.You can use it to: Trace the routing path to domain name, IP address, hostname, virtual server, mail server, subdomain or any other domain name; Quickly find out if a domain name is available or not; Trace route and latency for a specific IP address; Ping specific IP address to know its current state; Export specific IP address to CSV file for file attachment.
BePing Features:
1.BePing is a free, offline client. No server or registration is required.
2. BePing is fully portable. You can use BePing while offline.
3.BePing always works (even with zero internet connection).
4. Free trial version is available for 30 days.
5.You can trace IP address and URL or IP address. BePing support batch IP addresses and URL/IP address.
6. BePing support multiple languages (en,zh,jp,uk).
7. BePing supports both IPv4 and IPv6 address.
8. BePing can save IP address to.txt file(batch process)
9. BePing can export IP addresses to.csv file(batch process)
10. BePing supports IPv4, IPv6 address, IP address, URL or IP address.
11. IP address can be retrieved to.txt file or.csv file.
12. Trace the path of the IP address to the URL or hostname.
13. By tracing the route, you can know which server carries IP address.
14. Ping the IP address to check if it is up or down.
15. Export all the results to.txt file or.csv file.
16. The free trial version can support up to 30 days(increase by 1 day every day).
17. The trial version of BePing works in offline mode (Internet required for searching online.)
Please try your version of BePing on your computer. Tell us your experience.
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The BePing Network Mapper is a professional networking tool that easily maps any networks IP, email, website and any other network details you have into a single IP address. Because the BePing Network Mapper uses the.NET Framework, both Windows and Mac can easily be used.
Command line tools:
The command line tools can easily be installed from the.NET Framework as a self-contained executable file, or as a PowerShell module. They will automatically download and install the correct version of the.NET Framework if required.

New Features

Provide the client with a consistent user interface with more options

Change the appearance of the way that the client keeps your session, so that you have more control over it

Provide additional information about the location of the client

Support saving sessions with credentials in the registry

Add support for data compression

Delete a user from the database

Add support for more remote databases

Simplify the API by providing a set of individual commands

Cache DNS queries for improved performance

Protected against the use of the Command Line

Add in authentication by using an Azure Active Directory

Add additional commands

Design Features

Allow the use of one-time passwords to access the portal

Change the colour of the client’s buttons for authentication

Status of DNS queries, so you know how fast the nameservers are, which will improve speed

Show speed when pinging, so you know how quick the responses are

Add network mapper controls

Add the ability to search for DNS servers with the ability to set the priority




Add timestamp to the status message

Add the ability to connect to remote databases

Add in the ability to get a list of recently used URLs

Add commands to delete and add DNS servers

Add commands to create and delete users

Add validation and display errors if there are missing components

UI Improvements

Change the design of the Preferences dialog

Add support for a multiple selection

Change the design of the address text boxes

Add support for a list of recently used addresses

Add support for an optional selection for the duration of the session

Add support for a place holder text when the session is currently set

Improvements to the position of the buttons in the address text box

Improvements to the way the client updates the status bar


What’s New In?

Welcome to world of domains! In this app you can trace route and convert IP addresses, do fast pings, find the owner of a domain and get the domain’s hosting plan details.
What’s new in BePing?
1. FEATURES: – Add new support for CFD and ALB testing – Add right-click menu in the address book – New survey – Export received pings to the clipboard – Search for names, street address or phone number – New sorting feature – Auto-fill address book when needed – Sort results by network type – Find online and offline contacts – All kind of features – See what sites have changed IP address – Scan and view all the websites that are hosted on that particular IP address – New methods for fast pings – Filter out ICMP type – See ping results in threads – Remote ping – NEW: Site owner and Network names – Quick access to route history – Get history of all visited domains – Local IP Address Tracking – Automatically resolves names – IP – Lookup IP – Lookup domain – Show all IP addresses – Domain owner and Network details – Hosting plan overview – Perform fast pings (about 500 domains per seconds) – Reset all results – Convert IP to domain name – Convert IP to address – Always get the most accurate information – Kill and restart pings – Convert IP to server – Convert IP to web hosting plan – convert IP to ESXi host – Add address book – Scan – Delete – Add/edit connection to ICMP



TCP/IP Client – NING LAOKA is a free TCP/IP client which can function as both a LAN and WebSocket client. It can function as a client for LANs and WANs, both supporting IPv4 and IPv6.It also supports connecting to Cloud Servers. As well as providing features such as ability to assign an IP address (static or DHCP), ability to search for IP Addresses, ability to specify the port to connect to, ability to define the status of the TCP/IP port, and more. It supports simultaneous streaming and low-latency multiplayer games.
“LN” is an abbreviation of “LAN” and “LN” is our name.
It is designed to be used within LANs, to connect the user’s PC to the Internet, and is built as a networked client-server client. It is also useful

System Requirements For BePing:

OS: Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8.1 (64-bit only), Windows 10 (64-bit only)
Processor: Intel Core i3 with AMD Athlon or equivalent
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or equivalent
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 4GB available space
Additional Notes:
RezExpert Installation:
Do not attempt to run on an Intel Mac unless it is a Mac Pro or equivalent,