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Whether you’re hitting up Tinder for more than conversation, or browsing OkCupid for that conversation starter, digital platforms and apps have made casual sex a little less taboo. Simply swipe to the right on these apps to start a conversation with another user, and it’s not long before the app pings you to make a match. Paired with the ubiquity of hookup apps like Tinder and Bumble, casual sex has become easier than ever. No Google searching for classifieds or movie times. Just log in to your favorite app and pick up a partner.
Through no fault of their own, women who have become involved in casual sex can often feel a little weird about it. It’s a not-so-subtle acknowledgement of the fact that they are participating in something of a social norm — something that is essentially just considered “normal”. Sadly, the casual sex mindset also appears to be something that is becoming more and more prevalent within our society.
Unexpectedly large number of people end up in prison or at least get arrested for speeding, drink-driving, etc.
There are also hundreds of thousands of individuals facing the ‘worse thing’, death in the worst case and significantly more thousands of individuals facing other entirely less serious consequences when it comes to having occasional sex with a stranger.
• Human trafficking and child pornography are classified under crimes against minors.
• Defilement of women or girl by castration, torture, real torture or mistreatment in psychological distress is a serious crime against women.
• Murder of a person by planning to violate his/her body in a more serious way, even with the use of intention to commit the crime, is not less serious than rape of a person.
• Neglect or abandonment of a minor is a crime against a minor.
• Minors are unable to give consent to sexual activity and to bestiality and necrophilia.
• Sexual and non-sexual exploitation of a child is a crime. The perpetrators of any act of pedophilia or solicitation of a sexual act with a child are criminally liable and such acts can cause a prison term of up to 15 years.
· To sustain a relationship, one has to invest their time, money, and emotions in the opposite sex.
· Even the most modest casual hookup will leave a stinking mess in your life unless you have some kind of long-lasting relationship.
· Casual sex doesn’t address emotional needs and demands the absence of
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Prioritizing one person over the other
To combat those feelings of false guilt or shame that you might have when you settle for a sexual encounter that’s just not quite right, you have to be clear about what you’re getting and giving. One of the first things to understand is that you’re not entitled to anyone’s loyalty. When you get a sexual partner, you’re getting someone’s attention and time, and some level of affection, for however long that lasts. You can’t expect a sexual partner to be some permanent fixture or othertype of relationship. It’s about “maximizing pleasure for the other person, period, and then focusing on your own pleasure after that,” says Austin St. John, PhD, author of the book Dr. Austin’s Sexuality Workshop.
If you’re feeling that sort of pressure, then make sure that you’re not playing your part of the game for someone else’s gain, but rather, your own. Michael Hobbes, co-founder of MaleSurvivor, a sex-positive app that facilitates hookups, says that the site’s popularity comes in part from the people who have made it into a community with a set of expectations and character traits.
“Unlike in some Tinder-type apps where you swipe, you have to get a hundred likes before you can message,” he says. “We’ve set in stone that this is not the time for swiping for a one-night stand.” The app also requires that there be mutual interests before you connect with a person — and if a person turns out to be a stalker or a liar, they can be booted.
“We have an idea of how men and women behave, and how they should act in a safe environment, and what to expect,” says Hobbes. That’s a great way to prevent post-hookup regret, he says.
Don’t swing for the hookup
Finally, if you’re looking for a casual sexual encounter, make sure you set your expectations accordingly. “What is casual sex? It’s a little bit of risk, it’s a little bit of danger. It’s not a step up,” says Ann Gilbert, PhD, author of Sex for One: Or, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Anal Sex, and is the senior director of sexuality studies at the University of Michigan. Just because a hookup may go better than last time and you find yourself with another warm body, that doesn’t mean you have to repeat the previous encounter, or let your head get