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When it comes to casual sex and dating apps, we should first address the hard no: It does not mean casual sex is always bad for you. When done by someone who is in tune and truly on the same page, it can be great, and incredibly hot. In the right context, it can and should be fun and memorable. While of course it’s true that casual sex is not always good for you, you must also understand that different people respond differently when it comes to getting that booty call, hookup, or even meaningful sexual experience.

So, how can casual sex be good for you in the end?
This is where things get slightly more complicated. Regardless of the context, whether it’s hookup, one-night stand, or long-term relationship, casual sex and dating apps can be wonderful things. Casual sex, by virtue of it being spontaneous and part of one’s life experience, can be taken into consideration in how we view ourselves and those around us.

Is casual sex good for you?

It can help you to think more positively about sex. In a 2012 British study, those surveyed stated that the idea of casual sex in their generation was ultimately liberating. According to Marianne LaFrance and Chris Donato of the University of British Columbia, in their study titled, “Mapping Casual Sex: Life Course Perspectives from British Cohort Studies,” the younger generation of people have been able to use casual sex as a way to challenge their deeply ingrained views about sex and sexuality.

It gives you some experimental confidence. One of the most obvious reasons why casual sex is good for you is that by definition, it doesn’t involve the commitment of a serious relationship. You have the opportunity to try something out with a new person that you may not otherwise have experienced in your past. In fact, your risk for STDs is probably lower, though the potential for negative experiences like emotional cheating are still possible.

But, of course, there are also going to be no guarantees.

You’ll probably have better sex. In the same study, participants stated that casual sex is often way better than the sex they had before. Many casual encounters have way less distractions, more chemistry, and a better understanding of their partners body language.

Feeling good about yourself. If you’re someone who gets to the dating stage and picks casual sex over sex, it can be great for your self-esteem
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The reason for the focus is that casual sex is usually high-risk and low-return. This means that you’re also a lot more likely to end up disappointed when you have sex with someone you didn’t plan to actually date or have a relationship with. That likely makes your odds of an STD significantly higher, and though it’s unlikely that your partner will get pregnant, according to Planned Parenthood (an organization that advocates for affordable sex and safe sex), the risk of either of those things happening is higher.
So while it may seem great to just have sex with someone — hooking up with someone can relieve a lot of stress, which is better for everyone — it’s important to be aware of why it’s so much better to actually get in the bed and stay there for longer. The thing about casual sex and hookups is that you can’t really do your research. You can’t really get to know a person. You’re both just using each other for pleasure. But if you really want to have sex with someone you’re going to date, you should. Casual sex can just lead to regrets and heartache, and it can lead to some potentially unsafe sex practices.
If casual sex is a whole new ball game, these five sex apps promise something a bit more meaningful — hookups, say, but maybe not too far off from an actual relationship.
What are these sex apps like Grindr, Fuck Buddies, Tinder and Sex on the Orient Express?
A casual sex app is an app that will hook you up with people in your vicinity — sometimes directly, sometimes through friends. The point is to help you in your search for short-term, casual sex without needing to know a whole person — or sometimes, even need to find someone you know.
The way that these apps work is that you can swipe through your potential matches based on factors like your geographical location or sexual preferences. You can pick from some filters to allow you to narrow your search.
Grindr, for example, allows you to pick from geolocation, age, gender, body type, and sexual orientation, while adding filters like “Drugs are cool” and “Laziness is a flaw.” Here’s how an entry in its search results page might look.

Tinder is where you can create your own profile based on your personal information and preferences. It has everything from what gender you prefer to what body type you want. As with Grindr, any of the filtering elements