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BetaSys Data Extractor is a simple program that will provide users with the possibility of extracting data from specific websites.
The aim of this project is to create a utility for extracting data from a variety of sources. Example scenarios could be extracting email addresses from the web or harddisk, parsing email which contain special data for automation purposes, etc.







BetaSys Data Extractor Free Download For Windows (Latest)

Webmasters start with a website, a URL in the browser bar and can extract data, like email addresses from those websites.
Any information is located in a specific format (like html, xml, css) and is stored in a specific format (text, html, xml, css,…).
At the time of the extraction of the data, you can decide on the amount of data that is to be extracted.
By entering a data file, (that can be stored on a directory) the complete data is extracted from that file into the specified format.
There are four different views:
The first view shows the entire page. Here you can enter and specify the URLs that are to be opened.
The second view shows the complete HTML code of the website that is opened in the web browser. You can navigate through the site, specify the URLs and see the data that you specified in your data file.
The third view shows the selected data that is specified in the data file. (There is a preview, so you can see the data that will be extracted before the extraction starts)
The fourth view shows the specified link to the extracted data.

Installation instructions
Add the following lines to the “File Read” section of the “Text Interpreter” of the above-mentioned list
import SCancode
SCancode.Escape_Sequences = [u’&”,;=+’
A button for starting extraction

This version of the BetaSys Data Extractor does not support offline data files.

The data files are stored in a subdirectory of the user’s “Application Data” directory.
To search for the data files, use the “Replace” feature.
To include a data file, select the button “Add data file”.
To remove a data file, select the button “Delete”.
To change the “Active data file”, select the button “Change active data file”.
To “Run” the program, click on the button “Run”.
To close the program, click on the button “Quit”.

BetaSys Data Extractor “Active data files” screen

Data extraction (HTML, XML, CSS)
Data extraction can be done automatically when the data files are specified. For each data file, the data will be extracted.
Any information that is extracted will be stored in the format that is defined for the data file. Example of formats:


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The program will start displaying the information you have requested when you start it with the program.

The program will pull the information into your program when you start it.

The program will pull the information to a place you have specified.

The program will run without having to be started, so it is not necessary to log on or even be a member.

Download links:

Can be started for you automatically or you can run this program if you want.

The program will start automatically each time you log on.

The program will always be running in the background so it will be available if you are trying to do something online and need to find out more details for it.

It is a very small lightweight tool.

It is a safe program.

It does not require any user input.

It will run without having to be started each time you go online.

It can keep up to date.

It will show you the latest information.

It will save information.

It will allow you to save information.

It will provide a help file.

It has a user guide.

It will be completely compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

It has a possible registry fix.

It is a stable program.

It does not have any unsecured features or any risk to your system.

It is completely free to use.

It can run on any Windows OS and any version of Windows OS.

When it is automatic, it will have auto updates and be updated automatically.

When you just want to use it, it will ask for your email, if you want.

We have tested the program.

We have tested it and we have found it to be good and stable.

We have tested it and we have found it to be easy to use.

This is a review site and our only ratings and comments that we give is on how good the product is and the program will not harm your system in anyway.
We only believe you should get what you pay for, but if you do not feel this program is suitable for your needs then simply disable it and you will not need it.

The future updates that are released will be free and they are planned so you will not have to pay for them but at your own discretion.

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BetaSys Data Extractor

Depends on the GUI element you chose to extract the data from, it will be saved as a *.txt file. However, the text file format is programmable, users can modify the file as they see fit.

*Copy-paste the following HTML or URL into the address bar and the data will be automatically downloaded:

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Yes, we use 1.0.2p.

GEDCOM is an acronym for Genealogical Data Communication.

GEDCOM is a very powerful genealogy program.

You can use it to:

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How to use GEDCOM2000?
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This program is hosted and maintained by the GEDCOM2000 project. You may find additional help at the project Website:

What’s New In?

1. The program will be installed on your PC if it’s not already done.
2. You can use it to extract data from any websites.
3. The data is extracted using bookmarklets.
4. The program will provide you the means to use the special bookmarklets on all websites.
5. When executed on a particular website the bookmarklet will extract the specified data and provide it to you by means of pop-up message box.
6. You can always specify the kind of data that you want to get.
7. You can specify the sites from which you want to get the data.
8. You can use the program to get all the data you need.
9. There are bookmarks for all sites on the Internet.
10. The program is completely safe and doesn’t have any kind of virus or any other kind of malware.
11. You can use the program to download files from the specified site.
12. The program doesn’t upload anything to the server or store anything on the hard disk.
13. It’s safe and trusted program.
14. The program can be used to get a lot of data.

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System Requirements:

Windows 7, Vista, 8, and 10 64-bit.
Intel Core i3 3.2 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 940 or better.
16 GB available hard disk space.
DirectX 11.0.
Internet Explorer 10, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browser.
DirectX driver updates for the video card.
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