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The Taint is the debut album by the Norwegian electronic music project Tarentel. It was released in Norway by Edel & Torens Distributor on 1 May 2005, while in Italy it was released in 2005 by Edel Records.

Track listing

Track 3 was also released as a single.
Track 4 features vocals by Marit Larsen, the vocalist of the Norwegian band The Wannadies.
Track 7 was remixed by Joel McIver, the producer of the album AM.

Rasmus Faber (credited as ‘RMF’) – vocals, arrangement and production
Eskil Bruun (credited as ‘E.B.’) – guitars, sequencer and arrangement
Morten Løwe – additional programming, arrangement and production
Ylva Johanne Sundtorp – violin, viola and vocals

Technical personnel
Joel McIver – remixing
Sonya Madan – design


External links
The Taint at Rate Your Music
The Taint at Displey

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If I understood you right – you want to move some files from one directory to another.
Note, that Moving files between directories can be dangerous and might cause issues with some data that is stored on the disk.
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Tuesday, March 20, 2013

Day Two

While “Mourning Maidens” was a bit bittersweet, “Woman and Ghosts” left me feeling a bit more “at-home” with my writing. I wrote a lot of pages during the day, especially from 9:00 to 11:00. And I even managed to get a little exercise in, walking around the neighborhood.

While I’m still working on my lesson plan, I can at least see what I’ve covered.

Still, there’s work ahead, including the “Final Scene” on Wednesday. I’m pleased with the lesson so far, but I know that I can always improve on something. If I end up having to revise it, I’ll do so in preparation for a possible next trip through the Bungee Battlefield. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!


I really enjoyed your “Mourning Maidens” reflections. Your words really made sense to me and confirmed my own sense of loss. The poem is a

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