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Name Big Crown®: Showdown – Digital Art Book
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Big Crown: Showdown is a 2D Platformer developed by TinyCo and published by Gearbox Publishing (May, 2018). The futuristic world is flooded with the effects of an unprecedented disaster and a mysterious threat from another dimension. The player, Tiamat, takes on the role of protagonist armed with a unique set of skills and equipment. As Tiamat, the player must try to stay alive and escape the dying world. The goal is to find key objects that will enable you to find a way to survive the mysterious events in this hostile environment.Along your way, you will meet a beautiful cast of creatures that will help, hinder or become enemies. Big Crown: Showdown offers hours of gameplay with a variety of puzzles, challenges and fighting action.

(This content is mandatory) The description of the content states that the publisher obtained the rights from the rightsholder:
This is the licence of the visual novel “Big Crown: Showdown” by (which allowed use of the image in their game on Steam).

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Big Crown®: Showdown – Digital Art Book Features Key:

  • Over 9000 original hand drawn digital characters
  • Console/arcade quality graphics
  • 60+ high quality environments/locales
  • Jigsaw puzzles


Big Crown®: Showdown – Digital Art Book Crack [Win/Mac]

Also in preparation for the launch of the game and the new environment, Victor Wolfenstein has created and curated a digital artbook with 140 pages of high quality images of the game that was never released!
The artbook can be found in your Big Crown: Showdown folder.
About the game:
Crowning glory awaits you in an action-packed 3D world that explores the human mind as it is ripped apart by madness. Developed by KBMOD, this grand-scale RPG features a distinctive post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting, lifelike characters and a dangerous and puzzling storyline where each action you take can turn out to be your last.
Concept Art:
Post-apocalyptic environment
Co-op and Multiplayer with friends
Season Pass Contents and DLC Character Selection
Item EditiN & Purchase features
Season Pass:
-Co-op and Multiplayer with friends
-Lifelike Characters
Steam Community (Multiplayer):
-DLC Character Selection
-Item EditiN & Purchase features
-Reimagine the metaverse
-Pipe and Smoke collection (available now)
-Increased item limit and more content
-Burning arete quest, available now
-Mod support and more
DLC Character Selection:
Three new DLC characters:
-Rachael: An investigative reporter
-Agent 339: A security officer
-Captain Black: A mercenary with unique skills
If the Gold Edition was not enough, there is also the chance to get the game in the package of the season pass, which contains the definitive version of the game, in a special format with exclusive items and graphics!
All this and much more!
Check the news on our site, on Facebook and on Twitter

What the developers have to say:

Why is this game different from other action RPGs?

What are my expectations? How can I manage them?

What are the pros and cons of the title?

Overall, it has a very engaging story and a deep, meaningful gameplay.

We wanted to give a game to the community that not only shows how skilled the developers are, but showcases this quality through features like the Redesigned UI, the new Hero System and a multitude of feedback functions.

We wanted to surprise the community with an abundance of content, so that people who invested their time into the game would be rewarded.


Big Crown®: Showdown – Digital Art Book Crack + With Key [Win/Mac] [Updated] 2022

Early Concept Artbook:

To get the latest news visit us here:

For some special offers and announcements visit our website:

Supporting Information

Hello to all backers! It’s hard to believe that our Kickstarter campaign ended only a couple of days ago, and now we have this beautiful physical art book! We are so humbled and happy to have reached this milestone, thanks to all our generous backers and friends.

Here are some special facts about the book:

The art book will be a hardback book with more than a hundred pages, full of art, movie and more information that you might have missed in the Kickstarter campaign. Every page in the book has been individually designed, painted and finished. We have strived for breathtaking beauty in every single page!

As a special treat, we have also included a custom, signed poster for you.

The Art Book

Remember those concept art images and promos we showed you in the Kickstarter campaign? Well, they were just the beginning… the actual art book is on a whole new level! Backers will get to see a selection of those pictures and more, plus interesting behind the scenes shots and the first concept art pieces from the Big Crown universe! The book is on a whole new level in terms of grandeur and beauty. We’ve worked on it for a couple of months and it is ready to be shipped!

Signed Poster

Everyone who backed the Kickstarter campaign will also receive a custom, signed poster. We’ve put a lot of effort into it to make sure that everyone will receive a unique piece.

The Custom Poster

We also wanted to add some unique gifts for everyone. Thanks to our friend and the graphic designer, Kris, we’ve created a beautiful Comic Book of that wonderful Big Crown story. The First Official Issue of the Big Crown Comic book contains a special interview with Dima and Tomas. Here’s an excerpt from it:

What’s the secret behind our success?

“We’re very good friends. That’s what it comes down to.”

Tomas: What other details


What’s new:


Digital book featuring a collection of artwork from the Dark Arts® from the Mighty Magiswords series by Joe J. Augustyn. This book is a part of an ongoing sequential story arc, directly preceding the launch of the new Image Comics series Dark Age of Camelot™ (D.A.C.™) on June 26th, 2013. For the last few years, writer Joe J. Augustyn has been exploring the Dark Arts as spelled out in the original “Mighty Magiswords” and the I.N.I. Nexus arc. The results have been stunning and intense, and we are excited to reprint this book the week prior to the launch of the new series!

All Mighty Magiswords stories and characters comply with Nintendo’s “Use of Super-deformed Cartoon characters located on web pages” document

Mighty Magiswords #57 spotlights a pivotal scene from the comic that perfectly sets up the release of Camelot: The Dark Age of Camelot comic book series launching in June. We’ve reached the 100 page limit (we’ve gone both directions), so we’ll hit preview and sneak peak at select pages in the following days!identity=identity:_yyempty_)
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Free Download Big Crown®: Showdown – Digital Art Book Crack Serial Number Full Torrent [Win/Mac]


How To Crack:

  • Pre-requisites
  • Direct Download
  • Turn based local multiplayer

System Requirements:

•Windows® 7/8, 64bit / Windows® XP SP3/ Vista® SP2/2000
•Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or equivalent processor
•DirectX® 10 compatible video card
•10 GB free hard disk space
View the Contents of this Item… Changelog Version 3.5 – October 20, 2016 Version 3.5.1 – October 24, 2016 Minor fix (label is displaying correctly, no longer needs “display subtitles on” to view.)
Version 3.5


Name Big Crown®: Showdown – Digital Art Book
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.37 / 5 ( 8729 votes )
Update (12 days ago)


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