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How to use ng-click in p tag with img tag?

I have an image and tag in the same p-tag like this in the view:


and the controller like this:
var myApp = angular.module(“myApp”, []);

myApp.controller(“mainCtrl”, function ($scope) {

$scope.images = [{
url: “url1”,
title: “text1”
}, {
url: “url2”,
title: “text2”
}, {
url: “url3”,
title: “text3”

$scope.deleteImage = function (image) {


But I can’t click the image. On the console, there is nothing inside. How can I fix this?


You need a click event

Today’s Parsha is V’Zot Ha’Melech. Time to learn about the mi yodeya.Some of the mi yodeya in this Parsha are:Fruit today is located.2 “above” means “the higher” above the ground (e.g., 1.2 “above” = 1.0 ” above” the ground).Jimmut.There are two kinds of rain:Shofar – that is sounded.Susah – meaning “salt”.It’s as if a sky fell on us.Figure skaters – from now until they perform their gala routine, they will be below the ground (under the snow).Transitional relative names – the current governor of the state will be called Miriah.Abu Yosi and others – two prisoners were released because of a miracle performed by Mashiach.A man sitting in the Torah reading section of a beit knesset.

Parshat V’Zot Ha’Melech Va’etchanan Leviticus 24:13-23 (17a) [A song of Moses.] (Rashi)From Sukka [The joyous sounding of the shofar in the joyous time of Sukkos.] (Magen Avraham)The [sound] of the shofar. – Sefer HaMitzvot, Ch. 216:5 (Wolski)At the time of the Moshiach, the shofar will be sounded. – Mishnah Rosh Hashana 1:2 (Taz)The shofar that sounds during the joyous time of Sukkos, to acknowledge our joyous time during the messianic era.[Name of King Saul sung in the Sukkos Haggadah.] – Kol Bo with the following explanation – haneh is the definite article, and it means “the shofar.” [The inclusiveness of the Shofar – Kol Bo brings out the extensive times in which the shofar is sounded.] – Solomon of Bnei Banim adds that the shofar sounds each time Mashiach comes: when Jacob is buried. – He also explains that the shofar that sounds, is an instrument that sounds aloud, thereby bringing out the great variety of times of which the shofar is sounded during the time of Mashiach.[The correct pronunciation of the letters adar and melekh.] – Midrash Minchat Shlomo