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Bitvise SSH Server Torrent Download (WinSSHD) is a powerful and reliable remote administration tool for Windows servers. With this tool, you can access your server with full administrative rights, monitor the status of your personal computer remotely, and discover and manage everything about your operating system, system preferences, user profiles, and virtual accounts.

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What is a log?
Do you remember how your PC was working the past 2 days? Any new software or applications you installed? Any new hardware components you installed? These days, when you see your computer, it might be running very differently from the way you last left it. Your computer has a log that keeps

Bitvise SSH Server Download For PC

The Bitvise SSH Server is the professional software application designed specifically for remote administration of Windows servers. It is designed and developed by Bitvise company and comes with support for SCP, SFTP, port forwarding, VPN using TCP/IP tunneling feature and rich-featured console.
The Bitvise SSH Server is a professional, fully featured, SSH client for Windows. It is designed to remotely administrate and manage a Windows Server from a remote location. It is easy to setup and configure, and you can use it for any Server, whether it is a Standard, Open, Windows, or Exchange Server. Bitvise SSH Server comes with Windows Standard or Advanced Installer, a user-friendly wizard.
Features of Bitvise SSH Server:
Create new, delete or edit existing Windows accounts
Copy, edit or remove Windows accounts using a list.
Manage groups to limit access permissions to certain accounts.
Change a Windows Server account password, allow or deny logins, and restrict access to specific remote IP addresses.
Generate group or personal WinSSHD keys
Import and export WinSSHD configuration settings and password cache
Start and stop the WinSSHD service
Remotely log in to the Windows Server.
Configure the SSH server so that it will accept connections on the remote Windows Server address
Bitvise SSH Server (WinSSHD) comes with powerful and reliable remote administration of Windows server. Its intuitive layout and detailed instructions make this software suitable for all types of users of all experience level.
You may find a description of the features, screenshots and read all of the details of this application in my Bitvise SSH Server (WinSSHD) Review

Bitvise SSH Client (WinSSHD) is an advanced tool designed to assist you with remote administration of Windows Server. It comes with built-in console, SFTP, SSH tunneling and VPN.
Prior configuration settings related to server and Windows accounts
The configuration steps can be carried out in three main steps (server, Windows accounts and virtual accounts), and detailed information is offered for each parameter, so even rookies can learn to tweak the program’s features.
When it comes to basic server settings, you can pick the IP versions for listening port to accept IPv4 connections, IPv6 connections or both of them. Additionally, you can add the listening port, automatically configure the router, open port to local networks or any computer, as well as enable trace logging.
What’s more,

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Bitvise SSH Server provides full remote administration of Windows servers without downloading or installing anything. All settings can be saved, so that you can take advantage of all this tool has to offer.
Bitvise SSH Server Features:
SSH (Secure Shell) tunneling
Connect to the server over any available SSH port.
Set up port forwarding
Connect to the server via the established SSH tunnel, allowing outgoing connections on any port.
Select SSH server type
Select between the cloud hosted platform, private cloud, or run the server on one of the 64bit OSes.
Accept IPv4 or IPv6 connections.
Set the listening port
Set the listening port to address the remote server to communicate with.
Server account selection
Choose between a local Windows account, a domain account, or a Microsoft account.
Configure logins and update public key information
Assign the server a local Windows account or a domain account that can log into the server.
Block IP addresses
Block incoming connections from specific IP addresses.
Restrict connections to specific services
Allow or block access to specific services using configuration settings.
Create or edit users
Create new Windows user accounts or edit existing ones.
Create new SSH keys or generate new ones.
Download Bitvise SSH Server

Bitvise File Safe (WinSFTP) is an SFTP client that does not require any additional settings or registry entries, so all the settings are saved in the encrypted file, no other installation is necessary and no extra downloads are required to use the software.

Bitvise SSH Server is an easy to use and powerful SSH (Secure Shell) server for Windows that allows you to manage your server remotely over the Internet. It is available in Windows server installation, so you can install it to any new Windows server or server appliance, or you can also use it as an advanced configuration tool for existing Windows servers.

A quick fix application for Bitvise SSH Server (WinSSHD) is Bitvise SSH Server (WinSSHD) Fixer, which enables all the advanced SSH server features (SSH tunneling, port forwarding and client features) without having to download or install the server.

Bitvise SSH Server (WinSSHD) can optionally let you configure the SSH server to use you pre-shared keys to avoid having to re-enter your password every time you want to connect. To do this

What’s New In?

Bitvise SSH Server (WinSSHD) is a powerful, professional remote server administration tool of Windows servers. It comes with support for SSH, SFTP, port forwarding and rich-featured console.
Key Features:
· The rich and detailed GUI simplifies the administrative task and guides you through all steps without needing to learn commands, while allowing a quick connection to other systems via a comfortable user interface.
· The tool supports basic and virtual Windows accounts, as well as offers you to migrate the existing accounts and profiles from the old server without the need to log in.
· Available in multiple languages, including English, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Ukrainian, Brazilian, and Hungarian.
· Works with SSH, SFTP and FTP.
· Capable of proactively managing Windows server events including system updates and failures.
· You can individually control or block by IPs computers that connect to the SSH server.
· Logs all events for the entire server.
· The tool can automatically configure and open outbound connections using a proxy server.
· You can setup firewall rules for the users and other accounts.
· You can set different limits for user and daemon logins.
· The tool supports IP address assignment to the user accounts.
· You can track all users and their passwords for future usage.
· Displays the current status of the server and its open ports, as well as allows to export and import the server configuration.
· You can configure a lot of advanced settings for the SSH server (such as the system domain order, forward outgoing connections through a proxy server, encryption or log levels).
· Available in two editions, Standard and Pro, the former is free and the latter one is a paid version.
· Other features and benefits:
· Available for Windows 7 / Vista / XP
· Easy to use
· Fully interactive panel
· Intuitive layout
· Intuitive and informative tips
· Available in multiple languages
· The software has been tested on Windows Server 2003 and 2008 R2 and Windows 7 and Vista; as well as Windows XP.
· No need for third-party solutions.
· Runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows from XP to Windows 10
· The tool can run on up to 2 GB of RAM
· Runs on 7 GB of free disk space
· Available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions
· Free installation and easy to use

Bitvise SSH Server (WinSSHD) is

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