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Name Blackwell Deception
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.78 / 5 ( 3507 votes )
Update (10 days ago)







– You have the first person view of the investigation, although it is 3D but it will be just the one and only room, there are no multiple maps to be found or anything of that kind.
– All the cases are linked, but to be able to really identify the accused you will have to find the evidence, if you find a photograph it means he is the one who took it, if you find a note it means he is the one who wrote it and so on.
– Each line has a color, gray means murder, or an attempt, blue means that you found an evidence or a witness, yellow means that you need to find something else, red means that you need to speak with someone else and green means a line that has already been solved.
– This is not an endless game, you will have to identify who the accused is, and he needs to have a line of evidence.
– You will be allowed to connect the accused to the victim, the accused will have to have a line of evidence, which will be in green, while the victim will need to have a line of evidence in red.
– Also, the accused needs to have evidence which matches the victim, if he does then he will be either arrested or not.
– If he is arrested, but you haven’t solved the case, you will have a three stars investigation, if you get a five stars investigation then you have the person arrested.
– The more stars you get, the more chances of a promotion you will have.
What Can You Find In The App:
– Crimes and progress for the current day, you can also select and save the crime scenes and maps
– Location of the crime scenes and maps
– Current day time
– Signs, blueprints, instruments and small pieces of paper
– Booking list
– Crime statistics and crime rates
– Tip of the day and when you were born
– Crime song from that day
– Crime reports from all around the world
– Detailed video and photo reports
– Profiles, pictures and family trees of the people you interact with in the game
– Reports of crime, free of charge
– Browsing tips of the day
– Shopping tips and tips in your area
– We’re not responsible if the real criminal did it or not, we’re just here to entertain you.
– The app contains links to outside of the Play Store, we’re not responsible if


Additional Information

Name Blackwell Deception
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.78 / 5 ( 3507 votes )
Update (10 days ago)


Blackwell Deception Features Key:

  • Multiplayer support over LAN and local network – comes with 4 player limit and Ad-lib game modes
  • Authoring support, generate your own adventure with several editing options
  • Cross compatible to other Pathfinder Roleplay games on 5e (not yet final version)
  • Automatic mapping to print out.
  • Easy to use! – It won’t learn you!
  • Check online version at the official Pathfinder advice website


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This game is only a button, the point of this game right now is to show what I learn as I use unity. During the process, I plan on adding story, leaderboard (I Hope) and much more, as of now the game isn’t much (which is why It’s free), but as time goes on, the game will get better and better and will have more and more.
Game “THE BUTTON” Gameplay:
Basically, there’s a Button, and when you shoot it, it shrinks into a very small button that you can fly with on your screen, and When the button hits, balls/birds are spawned. and when you shoot the balls, they move, explode or decrease in size. This is all controlled by a script and nothing else.
The button does not do the same thing every time, I will explain what the button does in detail when I get to the main part of the game


What’s new in Blackwell Deception:

    – Round 3

    Is Spoilage

    Player’s initiative score for resetting the game.

    No Damage Switches – all default


    Total Size: 509.07 MB

    Total number of Gamestart calculations: 1

    Total number of Initiation inputs: 2

    Total number of Rule Set Updates: 2

    Total number of Combat Actions: 2

    Combat Determines Result

    Next, game rules are applied to determine who wins (the winner is player with the most wins).

    A. Combat

    Per the Gamestart rules, combat is resolved starting with player 1 and finished with player 2.

    Combat is resolved by walking through the map rules, rolled high level tables, and player’s in-fight actions, all starting with player 1, then moving to player 2, etc.



    HP 000/Soul 001/Skills 002/RB 005/Mat 006/Agi 007/Int 011/Skl 012/Spi 013/Fus 038/Tot 492

    Racial Traits

    +1 Str

    Martial -1

    Evasion -2


    +1 -2

    Vision (sight) -2

    Fine -2

    Toughness +2

    Saving Thimeris

    When play starts, Castle Fight is set to start at Player’s initiative score of 6 (round 3). Player 2 has no modifier to their initiative. Player 1 dies at initiative 6, so he loses the game.

    If player 1 had at least one move left in his Ace Pool, he would have generated one more Rage! for his final flourish. Had he had two or more (or the same, just in a different order), it would have been interesting to see what he did with it. Additionally, when play start time was rolled over to player 2, player 2 would have had to make their War Chief, which was in their supplemental sphere. He would have had one Rage! card in the end.



    HP 001/Soul 002/Skills 004/RB 007/Mat 008/Agi 009/Int 022/Skl 018/Spi


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Additional Information

Name Blackwell Deception
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.78 / 5 ( 3507 votes )
Update (10 days ago)


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