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Discover wonderful and nostalgically-themed rides and scenery in the park. Choose from huge venues of different themes, designs and sizes. Hire celebrity entertainers and hire iconic attractions like Ferris wheels, Tilt-a-Whirls, Wobblers and Swings. Buy and expand your park and open it up to the public. Climb a mountain where you can build over 300 pieces of scenery!
Planet Coaster is a simulation game created by Frontier Developments and publisher Focus Home Interactive. It was released on June 17, 2016 on Microsoft Windows and macOS, and is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Linux.

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*Only available as a digital download*Q:

“Direction” of a vector field $\mathbf{F}$ (lacks uniqueness)

I have a question about vector fields:
Lets say that $U$ is an open subset of $\mathbb{R}^3$, $\mathbf{F}:U\to\mathbb{R}^3$ is a vector field and $\sigma:U\to\mathbb{R}$ is a scalar-field. Does there exist another (possibly other than $\mathbf{F}$) vector field $\mathbf{G}:U\to\mathbb{R}^3$ satisfying the following conditions:

$\mathbf{G}(U)\subset U$
$\mathbf{G}$ is differentiable
$\mathbf{G}(x)\cdot\mathbf{F}(x)\ge\sigma(x)$ for all $x\in U$.

As an example, $\mathbf{F}$ could be defined by $\mathbf{F}(x)=\begin{pmatrix}x\\0\\0\end{pmatrix}$ for all $x\in U$ and $\sigma(x)=x$ for all $x\in U$.
I’m wondering whether this is possible or not, but cannot find a counterexample.
Thanks for your time!


Consider the vector field $$\mathbf{G}(x) = \begin{cases} \mathbf{F}(x) & \text{if } x \in U \\


Features Key:

  • Gorgeous Graphics & Awesome Animations
  • Realistic Characters
  • You can Play Many Levels
  • Simple control
  • No Lag Time
  • Different Mode On BG-1 Lives (No kill)
  • 3 mode In Real Camera (Normal Mode, Increased Stage, 3D Mode)
  • You can use Zoom camera
  • Gorgeous Background
  • Fly in this game.
  • Easy to Play

    • Easy Touch.
    • Tap the screen to jump.
    • Lift your finger to jump, tap again to jump in air
    • Tap red button to jump
    • Tap green Button to throw stone.
    • Swipe left and right to move.
    • Tap the screen down and swipe up to fly.


    • Yellow Mount-Up and Down – swipe left/right to move
    • Yellow Button- to jump
    • Red Button- jump in the air
    • Green Button- throw stone
    • Vertical Gray Bar- change your Mode
    • Horizontal Gray Bar- change your Camera options
    • Gray button- set your Camera Options

    Basic Information

    Game Name

    Fat Mask



    Вверх/Низ: адрес организации

    – язык

    – код


    Bloons Monkey City – Castle City Walls Crack + With License Key Free

    Dungeon of Titans is a world where every living thing is an enemy to you.

    Using the power of Titans to destroy the evil in their lands. Create the most powerful, the most cunning, and the most nimble Titans to launch a frontal assault against the villains.

    Hunt down the Titans, defeat them, and rewrite the destiny of your world!

    A message from the anime.


    Hi, this is my first post on gbatemp, but I thought it would be good to introduce myself. I like games and anime and use words like “neat” and “cute” to describe things. I’m really into “Bungie” and “Final Fantasy” and “Dragon Quest” (I’ve known that for a long time haha). I like Japanese food, especially soba. I’m not going to write much else. For all the boring stuff, go to my Google+ account. For all the fun stuff, go to my Youtube account. I’m not going to post much on reddit. Go to my account on there and say “hi!”


    If you, like me, liked the screenshots on the site, then you should try out this game. Dragonball Z is probably the best anime ever created, and it is still running strong. I personally think that Dragon Quest V was the perfect balance of Dragon Ball Z. The characters were…well, characters. They grew, they learned new things, they even evolved.

    This game takes place 3 years after Dragon Quest V, and the last word in the story is still open. Perhaps the true Dragon Quest will start in the future?

    There are also 4 demo’s you can try:

    – 4 Characters

    – 3 Battle Area’s

    – 6 Grand Battles

    I’ll give some more screenshots as I go along:


    The game is free to download, but you have to buy the expansion pack to get the rest of the game. The price is $9.99. That is the cheapest I could find anywhere. I bought the other demo for a bit, but I think that the stuff you get for free from the free demo is a good deal.


    This game is a collaboration between two little brothers. This means


    Bloons Monkey City – Castle City Walls [April-2022]

    Game “Combat Alchemy Solution and Tactics” Builds:

    The Ninja’s are looking for glory! Fight your way through the Desert to the Ore Mine to end this game.Tutorial:

    PALeader :
    Game”Alchemy Rivals”
    Wrap it up
    High AlchemyPlayer, Alchemy is a chemistry puzzle where players usually make item from the recipes found in various items. For the building of an item, characters can research new items ad infinitum and increase the difficulty through enough research and thus increase in strength through enough research. With enough items in the game, there could be any number of possible items that could be made.

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    At the heart of the Ark lies a delicious forest full of life and goodness. The humans have destroyed this beauty while they sucked its life force for every drop of wealth and knowledge. The Ark was built with this good forest as a source of power. A team of explorers must discover the fate of this forest, its life and its people.
    In this fully 3D free-roaming RPG adventure you are the leader of a brave band of explorers, a team of champions. Each of you is an expert on a particular field, like engineering, or lore, or healing. You are aware of the world’s threats, and summon Champions


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