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-Gameplay is built around several deep rhythm combat moves
-Guitar Hero motion controls which will give a new thrilling gameplay in a game
-Solo or online co-op
-Create music in your own way, record your own drums, lead backing tracks, play it live and invite friends to jam along.
-Mix and match different songs from the impressive database of 1500+ songs
-Drummers with customisable guitar and keyboard controllers
-Add effects, post-production, riffs, loops and harmonies to create your own song
-Give your game-headset some real status by customising it with your face and touch-screen gestures
The music universe is full of beautiful places but all that beauty is meaningless without people to appreciate it. This is why in BattleGroupVR, you get to create the soundtrack of your epic battles.
With the GamePad you will play the dual roles of both the player and the music composer by picking the right songs and effects to deliver the epic sound you seek. You can switch from guitar to percussion to create the perfect battle beat to bring your enemies to their knees.
The GamePad is packed with special status effects, tricks, gadgets and interactions that will help you take your game to the next level. You can even play your song live to an audience.
Use 3D touch and tilt to take control of the guitar and keyboard and play music on the way to victory.
You play a battle between two criminal gangs. The police have invaded the area in order to take down both gangs. You are the one man army defending your home turf in the epic street brawls that have put your neighbourhood on high alert.
It’s time to show everyone that you are the boss. When the game is up, you can replay the match with new choices, with new gameplay! You can also share your highscore online.

BattleGroupVR is the sister of the free iPhone game ‘Street Mash’. Be the ultimate street brawler with explosive gameplay and variety. Play as a human or zombie, and use different weapons to defeat your foes. The GamePad lets you play the dual roles of the player and the music composer.

BattleGroupVR is the ultimate music-rhythm game for your next street brawl! Help the police to take down your rival gang in epic street brawls, or maybe even assist the Good Guys with their escape from the Bad Guys?

Discover diverse scenarios and characters that offer an extensive variety of


Features Key:

  • High resolution texture: the same 1024×1024 pixels texture is used in 320×128, 320×160, 320×256, 320×288, 320×240, 320×192, and 640×480 resolutions
  • 5 different resolutions in landscape
  • 8 different resolutions in portrait
  • Custom game controls
  • Full compatibility with Samsung Galaxy S7 or later devices
  • Sample screenshot

    Free Haven Park Pre-Apk (Updated 1.9.0)

    • Flashlight Game
    • Simple controls
    • More then 20 achievements and more than 20 events
    • Up to 7 different games for 4 players
    • Sleeping game
    • Realistic Rocket

    Sample screenshot

    Haven Park Rate our app

    • Total 8 ratings
    • 6.5/10 stars on Google Play
    • 3.5/5 stars on AppBrain

    Sample screenshot

    Haven Park is a free Tower Defense game for Android device. The developer of this game is aventura games. This game is licensed under the GPL. Download Haven Park game for free today from AppSafari.

    The course arena in Haven Park game for Android is not a museum or a shopping mall. It will


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    Befuddle is an action RPG with a focus on high speed fun, totally. Though it might be hard to play for a newcomer, we are aiming for a competitive scene. After 50 hours of playtime, we are in it for the long haul.
    Befuddle is all about having the most fun while playing and then talking about it later, while drinking and eating with friends.
    We are currently developing more content for Befuddle, so be prepared for surprises!
    “Pajama Party” is a limited time offer when playing Befuddle.
    Rated E for everyone from ages 12 and up.
    The story of Befuddle is free, though we hope that you will pay for everything you purchase.
    We always love feedback, so make sure to let us know what you think.
    Purchase and download Befuddle via
    Visit us on our website at:

    Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter:


    Matthew Sklar is an American author and journalist who has worked as an educator and reporter in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and Denver.

    He is the author of several acclaimed books. In 2008, his book What’s the Matter with Kansas? was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award in criticism.

    He also writes the political and cultural web log “The Blogging Muckraker”, for which he is a co-founder and was for several years a regular columnist. His coverage of the Lewis and Clark expedition’s Corps of Discovery Expedition, called “Mr. Clark’s America” (New York Times), won the National Book Award for criticism in 2005.

    As a journalist and media critic, Sklar was a frequent contributor to, where he served as a senior editor.

    Early life and education
    Sklar was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, attended American University in Washington, D.C., and received his Master of Philosophy degree from Emory University, where he was influenced by the writers George T. Williams, Lionel Trilling, and Stanley Fish.

    Sklar worked as an editor of Tribune News Service, covered the nation’s capital for The Washington Post from 1980 to 1981, and worked as an editor


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    Use key combination to throw the spring, use mouse to aim and throw.
    Work the Beehive production line for 2 minutes. Can’t use any tools.
    Make any ball bounce 25-50 times. Don’t bounce outside boundaries.
    Game “Stamp Out the Zombies in Magic Town” Gameplay:
    Use key combinations to throw the stamping tool, use mouse to aim and throw.
    Make zombies vanish by stamping any part of your body. Remove the stamp to get them back.
    Make four zombies disappear at once with specific stamping combinations.
    Climb a building and defeat zombies there.
    Do it all in a set time limit and you will win!
    Work the Production line for 60 seconds. Remove the stamping tool and only use the springs and some wheel barrels to mix things up. Do not use any of the other tools.
    Guide your robot down the line by using the mouse to aim.
    Turn the fan on by using the mouse, turn it off by clicking on the fan using the mouse.
    Make the robot jump and use the magnets to pull itself forward. Spin the wheel barrels to make your robot spin.
    Save the robots by pushing them over the barrels, destroying them is optional.
    Work the Production line for 5 minutes. Remember to use the magnets to pull yourself forward.
    Guide your robot down the line using the mouse.
    Use all of the springs and wheel barrels to move the robot.
    Turn the fan on using the mouse.
    Let your spring bounce in and out of the robots hands. You don’t have to do this, it’s just a free weapon.
    Kill enemies by shooting them with your spring.
    Save the robots.
    Win the game!
    Let’s make this game a worthwhile experience. Every game I make has more planned features and changes before launch.
    Minimum Requirements:
    AMD Geode CPU
    Windows XP/Vista/7
    1.5GHz 2.0GHz
    1GB RAM
    8MB VRAM
    Sound Card
    Keyboard / Mouse
    Recommended Requirements:
    2.0GHz 3.0GHz
    2GB RAM
    10MB VRAM
    How to Play:
    Make sure you have Shockwave Player installed! Download and install it, or find it here:
    1. Log in to
    2. Go to tools, then get the Shockwave SDK 2.0.


    What’s new in BOTOLO:

    (see There’s no business like show biz)

    It’s never hard to look for a thief when she’s running from him. Rochelle eyes them, slowly revolving to each by turns, then deactivating them one-by-one. Turned, they are probably just two men, now huddled together at the mouth of the dead-end alley, where a garbage can is leaking loudly and sometimes ruining their business: drying wet stuff. Pala spots them, looks in their direction, shuts the doors to the facility, then turns back to the set. She’s glad that rochelle’s on to them, that’s just ammunition, you know. And if you’re here in this place to put words into nixon’s mouth, you’d better check yourself. Sherrod remembers his job – a job that’s simple, easy even – and takes in a hard breath. Rochelle saw the mans head just after she saw the gunman. The gunman was short. They got 200 throws at ten cents the coin. Two pairs of two. The bullter had his cock out. One… two…. A thout was standing with the gunmen, the same thout who was prying open the window. He looked at cawson without a smile. Mr President went over to a table and sat down. To nod to him, I’ll start with two. 1. We are going to take the nut season off. We can play soundclips. During the spring hit. 2. We’ve been looking at buttons, gaskets, rubber parts, and finishes, and places that can take them off the line in a rush. The point is to be sure, the parts come out of the factory in good, clean condition, so that you don’t have to go back and send out men to unpack and repack everything to make sure. Now, we’ve got all the parts we need, most of them right here, but I’m sure we’ll be recalling some before the end of the season. I suppose the most important thing is to keep our parts demand up – I mean, we must have enough parts in stock to satisfy the demand. Mister president nods to cawson. “Go ahead, sir.” Icawson stands up. He begins to speak. “M. there’s a… apple… pie… in… the…!” nixon is smiling. There’s something very soft and warm about him. icawson closes his eyes and shakes his head. The look on n


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    Originally known as “Gardening Simulator”, this time we have another gardening game called “Gardening Simulator 2017”, which features you can grow vegetables and fruit by planting, watering, fertilising and using equipment like weed-cutter, fork, bulb, soil-tunnel, and shampoos.It is available on both PC and MAC, for free
    After you start to play it, you will be engaged into a real-time farming game, and your character can grow vegetables and fruits by planting, watering, fertilising and using equipment like weed-cutter, fork, bulb, soil-tunnel, and shampoos.
    I have added 3 new types of tools, the plastic fork, the herb, and the weed-cutter, these tools is usable at any area in the garden
    ●The main features are working about your equipment to get the maximum production, there are 3 types of equipment,
    -Weed-cutter: It can cut weeds, plants, and trees
    -Fork: It can fork the soil and plants
    -Bulb: It can give the plants enough nutrients by itself
    This DLC add more features:
    1) Equipment which can change your character into gardening officer for 2 hours
    2) Ability to gather Upgrade Points from the grass
    3) More equipment’s features
    ● It is possible to perform the same actions using other equipment, but I have added 2 more equipment in this DLC
    4) Using compost, soil-tunnel and shampoos, you can improve the overall growth of your plants
    5) It is possible to exchange your equipment in the garden for more equipment or compost, soil-tunnel and shampoos.
    In this DLC have 3 different seasons (Winter, Summer, and spring) with different weather conditions.
    Also, in this DLC I have added new characters for you.
    – Winter Season
    In this season, there are two new characters, Sunset and Diora.
    When we play the winter season, the wind is blowing hard and it’s cold. So, we can see that our garden is being affected by the wind.
    – Summer Season
    In this season, there are two new characters, Papyrus and Marco.
    In summer season, you can not see the wind, the weather is hot. We can also hear the birds singing and it’s the most beautiful time of


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    System Requirements:

    REQUIRED OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    VIDEO: D-Sub VGA output, a minimum of 1024×768 resolution
    MUSIC: MP3
    SYSTEM: Any combination of CPU and RAM will work, but we suggest a CPU speed of at least 1.0 GHz
    INPUT: Keyboard and mouse are required for playing
    HDD: 30-50% free hard disk space is recommended for installation
    KEYBOARD: English keyboard only
    A list of system requirements can be found on the link below