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BrainSync is the first sound assistant dedicated specifically to aid cerebral hemispheres synchronization during meditation, yoga and relax moments.
BrainSync allows you to easily relax your brain by listening to special sounds. In a study made in February 2011 over 30 adult volunteers, 24 of them have shown in all tests an excellent hemispheres synchronization even without any previous experience in meditation.
BrainSync is the end point of 18 years of experimentation in the binaural beat science filled with proper soundscapes, and comes with 4 built-in sessions all very effective: Lucid Dream, Deep Delta, Brain Sync and Quick Relax.
In most of the cases you can start lucid dreaming at the first try, even without needing to know any meditation technique! You just need to sit, wear your headset, make your room darken enough, select your session… and let it go.







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It’s the most advanced program for Lucid Dreamers, Delta Sleepers and professional meditators, who want to deeply relax and sleep.
BrainSync adds more dimensions to the power of binaural beats and produces peak states of Alpha, Delta and Theta, allowing you to easily enter the 4th dimension. You are given tools to easily reach your desired levels of relaxation.
It is the perfect companion to your meditation practice or yoga, as it offers state of brain waves designed to take your mind off “the many things in your head” and help you focus on finding answers to important questions.
The 4 sessons have 3 built-in audio tracks and a preview track in each session:
– “Lucid Dream” with Alpha Waves, pure consciousness, perfect immunity to your daily anxiety and pessimism or stress.
– “Deep Delta”, perfect for Deep Sleepers and Transcendental Meditation, which actually works.
– “Brain Sync”, the most effective session, with Binaural Beats designed to make you feel deeply relaxed and panoramic.
– “Quick Relax”, super-fast and effective relaxation.
BrainSync features:
● 4 built-in sessions:
– Lucid Dream
– Deep Delta
– Brain Sync
– Quick Relax
● 3 audio tracks with a preview in each session:
– Lucid Dream
– Deep Delta
– Brain Sync
● A powerful 8 hour sleep pre-programmed when user plays the preview track.
● A powerful 20 minutes of automated Lucid Dream pre-programmed.
● Peak states of Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta Waves automatically reached by user.
● Autopiloting. BrainSync can even be used as an autopilot for a whole weekend.
● Chime. Chime can be active or off.
● Completely hands free, it works very well with ipods and mp3 players (iPods and Androids).
● Autostart. You can set the sound to be active at any time.
● An intuitive interface. Once you get used to it, it’s much easier to work with than many other apps, because it doesn’t try to force you to follow any kind of rigid train of thought.
● User friendly. From an intuitive interface BrainSync is easy to use.
● Powerful. BrainSync is extremely powerful, being able to make

BrainSync Crack Download

Unique binaural beats that produces without any side-effect, even a really light and fragile. Binaural beats are the best way to guide you through a brain-wave relaxation.
It’s the perfect balance between Deep Delta and Brain Sync binaural beats. These two active sessions are the main reason of over 70% success rate.
A special timing feature allows you to create your own personal meditation session, or any other meditative relaxation session that you can think off
BrainSync allows you to listen to each session without any risk. To know what the session is, simply click the symbol on the right.
These Deep Delta and Brain Sync binaural beats will guide you to a peaceful state of relaxation.
Here is the short description of our sessions:
* Lucid Dream:
-The combination of Lucid Dream and Deep Delta binaural beats plays with the dream state of mind. This frequency produces mental hallucinations of a very vivid and alert kind. It also works great for lucid dreams.
-30 minutes of Lucid Dream session.
* Deep Delta:
-Guides you to the relaxed mind with Delta frequency. It’s the perfect relaxation background, whether you are taking a nap or going to sleep.
-30 minutes of Deep Delta session.
* Brain Sync:
-60 minutes of pure brain relaxation.
-The ultimate relaxation background. It’s great for sleeping and meditating.
-60 minutes of Brain Sync session.
* Quick Relax:
-60 minutes of very gentle relaxation.
-It will help you feel calm and relaxed.
-60 minutes of Quick Relax session.
BrainSync is the fastest way to deal with stress. The stress affects more than half of all people worldwide and it’s closely connected with anxiety and depression.
It’s the best way to deal with stress, depression and anxiety because it helps to achieve your goals faster and it’s 100% natural.
By using BrainSync you will:
– Free Yourself from the effect of stress
– Start your day by waking up happy and calm
– Boost your mood in an instant
– Be more productive
– Feel improved energy levels
– Make better choices
– Be less reactive
– Have a more peaceful sleep
• No side effects! No additional medication required!
• In a recent study conducted by our team in February 2011
over 30 adult volunteers, 24 of them have shown in all tests an excellent hemispheres synchronization even without any previous experience in meditation.

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Have you ever tried different sound, colors, scents, visuals, etc.. to get in deep relax state? All of them worked, but never came to the same level of relaxation.
Well, you may have found your answer in BrainSync.
BrainSync is the first sound assisting technology specifically designed to give your brain the necessary stimuli, to assist relaxation processes. BrainSync works with the specific soundwaves that perform this function, that is why you cannot find a generic relaxation tool like that.
Here are the things you can do with BrainSync:
– Climb a mountain
– Ski
– Rodeo
– Rappel down a waterfall
– Bamboo raft
– Dive into a shark-infested ocean
– Swim underwater
– Drive a racing car
– Do martial arts
– Race on a horse
– Swing on a swing
– Wrap yourself with chains
– Go to the moon
… and much more.
– 4 pre-programmed sessions
– 3 modes: when you’re awake or dreaming, and your sleep stage.
– Do you do meditation? No problem, these sessions are designed for you too.
– You can choose which session you want to play, on your headset or directly your Android device.
– The app shows you the time spent in each mode.
– Special dedicated timed (hour/minute/second), and long tracks.
– You can assign special soundtracks and save your faves.
– When the app is running, you can control the volume on your headphones.
– Sound types and time spent in the application are adjustable too.
– Built in equalizer and DSP calibration.
– 3 users mode.
– Android 4.0 or later.
– 5 Hz frequency, and 590 ms for soundwave phase
– Tone ranges from 30 Hz to 4 KHz
– Frequency range: 20 Hz – 4 KHz
– Sound level according to AMBE standard.
– Constant octave, and linear scale volume.
– Stereo plug-in format AIF.
– Wav file, CBR 16kHz, 44.1 kHz PCM.
You’ll need to have headphones for this.
If you have any other suggestions, we’ll be glad to listen.
If you have any problem with the app, you can contact us via Google+ (

What’s New in the?

This sounds product for relaxation and sleep for music and Video games. You can set a sound for relaxing and sleep in four levels.

Change the volume of sounds to adjust the sound of sleep and relaxation.

[1] 1. Massage

[2] 2. Meditation

[3] 3. Deep Delta

[4] 4. Brain Sync

[5] 5. Quick Relax

[6] 6. Sleep Mode

[7] 7. Silent Mode

[8] 8. Sleep To Dream

[9] 9. Deep Sleep

[10] 10. Stop Using

[11] 11. Swimming

[12] 12. Forest

[13] 13. Clear Water

[14] 14. Stairway

[15] 15. Motocross

[16] 16. Flowing Water

[17] 17. Bobsleds

[18] 18. Flying

[19] 19. Beach

[20] 20. Ocean

[21] 21. Rainforest

[22] 22. Windy Beach

[23] 23. High Road

[24] 24. Snowy Road

[25] 25. Snowy Forest

[26] 26. Snowy Snow

[27] 27. Snowy Forest

[28] 28. Winter Forest

[29] 29. Snowy Forest

[30] 30. Snowy Forest

[31] 31. Spring Forest

[32] 32. Chilly Forest

[33] 33. Chilly Forest

[34] 34. Chilly Forest

[35] 35. Snowy Forests

[36] 36. Snowy Forest

[37] 37. Ice Snow Forest

[38] 38. Ice Ocean

[39] 39. Deep Forest

[40] 40. Hills

[41] 41. Hills

[42] 42. Hills

[43] 43. Mountain

[44] 44. Mountain

[45] 45. Mountain

[46] 46. Mountains

[47] 47. Low Green Forest

[48] 48. Winter City

[49] 49. Summer City

[50] 50. Autumn City

[51] 51. Summer Islands

System Requirements:

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
1024×768 resolution screen
4GB available disk space
For the best experience, we suggest a 24-hour internet connection.
Console Required:
Internet access required to play this game
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