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“You’re in my way.”
– I returned to the town that I called home as a young child. It has
changed beyond recognition. The shadows of my new home are long and dark.
The air is thicker, and the earth is somehow…fertile. You wouldn’t
know it by looking at the town, though, since it’s in the midst of the
The storm is coming. The town is rapidly being overtaken by the cold
fury of the rushing winds. There was once a time when I was happy here.
Now, I fear it will all be lost and drowned by the power of the storm.
Our mission is to put an end to the storm and bring home what we’ve
lost…so the rest of the world can be free from this. This is our
home, and this land belongs to us as much as it does to them.” – Kyu
The current plan is to have the story play out by building our characters’
quest, episode by episode.
Before you start playing the new game, you will have the opportunity to
choose what your character’s gender is. However, you can switch between
the genders after you finish the story, if you wish.
Due to complications, we cannot make an exact timeline of our development
yet, but we will get the best we can with our free DLC project. Here
are the features for The Journey Home. (Information will be added
later on as we get closer to release)
Release Date
DLC About the gameplay
Character Customization
Playable Classes and Unplayable Classes
Story Mode
Combat System
Item System
More items will be added later on as they come available.
Free Download:
-My main homepage(源希望の世界) which you can read kanji
-A character’s info page which you can read english
-A page that explains all about the DLC in general
-A blog where we post news and updates about the DLC and other
things we are doing.
Thank you for your understanding.
DLC Character Customization:
1.Click the character below to edit his/her color (Optional)
2.Click the character below to add a hair style (Optional)
3.Click the character


Breakdown Features Key:

    Ace Escape! Since your friends made a copy before you, you’ll have to be careful what you say and do! Make it through every puzzle without getting caught. Can you escape?

    Play Mahjongg online against the computer, or play it against a friend

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    Play in or create your own boards and puzzles

    Win the championship! Mahjongg The Ultimate Collection 2 is part of the mezzomojo series, which started as the premier fighting game on the Nintendo Wii console. If you are having trouble installing Mahjongg The Ultimate Collection 2 Game Code on Wii U after redeeming code, this step-by-step tutorial will show you how to install Mahjongg The Ultimate Collection 2 on Wii U with point-and-click simplicity.

    How to Install Mahjongg The Ultimate Collection 2 Game Code on Wii U after redeeming Code:

    Step 2: In the following set-up screen, select “HAND PLACEMENT”, set it to Auto, and do not import any additional controls. The translation file will continue importing; it will take longer than usual, as it may import all translations found in the Wii U retail release.

    Step 3: Press R+B+L+X to start a new game with the settings you’ve chosen from the Main Menu.

    NOTE: You can now start and pause the game as often as you like at any point of progress, including during gameplay.

    Can’t find your or not happy with the above instructions and need some help? Are you still having problems installing Mahjongg The Ultimate Collection 2 Game Code for Wii U after redeeming code? Then feel free to contact us anytime at support@codevision.netQ:

    Swift return JSON data from Web API

    My Application will post some data to Web API, the input is JSON format. On the server, I defined a simple Data Source class:
    class DataSource {

    @NSManaged var inputData: NSDictionary!
    @NSManaged var outputResponse: NSObject!


    Then, a Data Source class to return the result of the request:
    class LoginDataSource: NSObject, NSCoding {

    @NSManaged var responseData: DataSource!

    init(responseData: DataSource) {
    self.responseData = responseData


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    This game is all about your wizard and those minions you summon to do your bidding. With a guide found on your adventure, your performance will determine if the wizard has the power to become a mighty god, or fall into the oblivion of being merely mortal.
    Wizard and Minion Idle Features:
    **Four Unique Tiers of Bosses with exclusive rewards to earn.
    **Five Exclusive Dungeon Tiers with higher rewards
    **Unique gear & currency rewards
    **Seven Fabled Factions with exclusive boss events each week
    **All Rewards are Available to Master All the Dungeon Tiers
    **A Single Player Mode Storyline
    **Collectable Jewels, Schematics, Equipment & Currency items
    **A Community Dungeon Mode
    **Powerful and Unique Character Classes
    **A variety of carefully crafted Monsters
    **A Dynamic Marketplace
    **Over 1000’s of items to gather, equip, harvest, craft or discover
    **A Wild, Free-To-Play Idle Game
    **Challenge your Friends with Boost and Challenge play modes
    **Option to check-in or leave on-line
    -Explore the Funhouse dungeon & unravel the mystery of the enigmatic Love-Evil
    **Role-play your character and unlock new classes
    **Follow the story and explore a beautifully hand crafted story driven world
    **A community full of fun and lively users to interact with
    **A rich social gaming experience
    **Curious and fun user-interface
    **Go to the Soul Shop to progress in your game
    -Powerful Soul Shards can be purchased in the Soul shop to upgrade and strengthen your character
    -Purchase a variety of weapons to make your Wizard stronger
    -Increase Magic levels to create powerful spells
    -Collecting the souls of enemies make you stronger
    -Rent structures to increase the amount of magic you can hold
    -Catch rare fish
    -Build roads and plazas to boost your power
    -Harvest the resources, brew and blend potions that will help you survive
    -Interact with different NPCs to unlock the ability to play as different character classes
    -Upgrade your skills at the Blacksmith and Gardener
    -Learn to fly, gather power, and unlock new skills in the Air academy
    -The opportunity to progress or level up indefinitely
    -Customization and Diversity in every aspect of the game
    -Collect a wide variety of gear and unique ingredients
    -A variety of items and structures available to purchase
    -Unique farming & crafting features to aid in progress
    **Flexible pacing of new


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    – As our protagonist you are awaken in a world covered by darkness. Through the power of your “Invisible Hand” you will be able to dissolve the darkness back into beauty.
    – Use the power of dissolve to reveal hidden platforms and secret areas.
    – Master your build up and make a chain reaction.
    – Discover more power ups and the power of manipulate magic.
    – Choose the perfect dissolve to solve puzzles or open new areas of the map.
    – Use the keyboard and mouse to trigger dissolve effects.
    – A small indie game with 1 man dev team and small team size: 72h in the finished game.
    – A very solid puzzle game. Making a difference in the genre.
    – Superb production values
    Game art:
    – All art in the game done by me!
    – Enjoy the light and dark world in The Cure! FILED





    What’s new:

    The three goals, (1) to provide answers, (2) to transform readers into something different, and (3) to provide inspiration for the imaginative, allowed Dogon to engineer a mystery he hoped would prove interesting. He published the form of his manuscript on media sites across the web. One of the sites where the form was posted was Contently, a site for new authors, which Dogon used to try and get interest and feedback on his manuscript. He took a liking to its editor, Max, who told him the man, who was to become Indie Publishing Pops, was happy to read it, but wouldn’t be able to give advice or any encouragement unless Dogon sent his manuscript to him. Indie Publishing Pops, now a blogger, told Dogon he could not give advice unless he paid, which he didn’t have.

    By “the three goals” Dogon means three things. First, it allows him to think of solutions to circumstances that seemed to limit him. Second, it inspired him to dream of something different. Third, it gives the reader something to do. This leads into our main idea.

    The key word in Dogon’s manuscript is “you.” It can be used in a number of ways, but in the context of the AutoStories, it can be applied in the following ways. It can refer to the reader, it can refer to Dogon, or it can refer to the writer, Indie Publishing Pops. The reader is the only one that can solve the mystery. The only way this author and Indie Publishing Pops will solve the mystery is by putting the clues together. Part of our job is to put them together. Our goal is to transform their lives and inspire them to seek more personally.

    It was during this time, while ready to send his manuscript to Indie Publishing Pops, that Dogon published a piece on a website, i,, called “The Old Ham and the young cackle Hen” which was part of an effort to explain i,eism and The Spirit of the I. One of its points was that while i,eism is a large and growing movement, it was not the way most people think about it.

    As Dogon’s journey continued, he participated in a number of online contests and e-magazines. First, he participated in The Global Novel Contest, a contest put together by a group


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    First-person viewpoint in which you are the guest of honour at a 3rd International Physics Contest in which 40 countries from all over the world participate.

    45 ambitious and intrepid physics students of different countries put everything on the line by competing with each other in the physics and mathematical exercises of the challenge. Their goal is to reach the finishing line. You, on the other hand, will not be competing, but you will be using the facilities of the house as preparation for your future career as an internationally certified physicist, for which you will be entitled to a large sum of money. The house, incidentally, used to belong to Dr. Stephen Hawking, the father of the theory of Relativity.


    As a guest, you will be able to use the 4 rooms of the house for your own pleasure – however, you will also have to put them to good use. The first room contains a bed; you should use it to spend a couple of hours. On the second floor, where there are machines, you may use it to record your achievements; there are also two storage containers and a monitor.

    In the third room, which is filled with exotic animals, you will also find a telescope. If you spent a lot of time on your exercises, the sky above you will be a feast for your eyes.

    The fourth room is a laboratory of conventional instruments. You will find here various measuring devices for exploration in order to get the best possible result in the challenge.

    Except the laboratory in which you will be finding out your mathematical results and testing the mathematical theories you already studied with Dr. Hawking, you will have only three days to hone your physical skills – and, for that, you will need to use the well-known “Hunt the Red Room” puzzle.

    What we liked about the game:

    Except for the physics and mathematic, the game is a mixture of puzzle and action.

    You will find yourself in a house filled with various strange facts and devices.

    The solution to the puzzle of “Hunt the Red Room” includes manipulations with hands as well as with the mouse and the keyboard.

    What we would change:

    Use of the mouse and keyboard did not feel like an appropriate

    The game was too short for us.


    Not bad game. The only thing that is missing is the physics and mathematics – we are waiting for the developers to return and to create


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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows7
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    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: A-Intel HD 3000 or similar
    Hard Drive: 2 GB HD space
    OS: Windows7/8
    Processor: 2.6 GHz
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: A-Intel HD 4000 or similar
    Crazy Machines also wants you to have