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Download Setup + Crack >>>>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


You will be fighting fierce battles for corporate territory beneath the waves. You can pilot 4 different types of subs, which all boast unique weapons and capabilities. These subs include:
Submarine Fighter
This stealth submarine is a fighter sub. It is a fast, small, and hard-to-spot hunter. Stable and maneuverable, it has the power to launch fixed-guided missiles.
Deep Explorer
This is the most advanced deep sea exploration ship. It is equipped with radar, sonar, and sub-bottom profilers. Its crew includes scientists, marines and surveyors.
This agile submarine is a gunboat and a submarine version of the U.S. Navy’s namesake. It uses high-powered 60mm cannons and torpedoes to destroy other subs and enemies.
This fast attack sub is equipped with a wide array of weapons, including missiles, torpedoes, and heavy machine guns.
This disk features new 3D ship models, sub weapon effects, a new espionage sub, and new missions.
* 4 types of Submarines
* Deep Sea Exploration Vessels, Recon Subs, Assault Subs, Fighter Subs
* 4 new missions: Bermuda Triangle, Mediterranean, Japanese Sea and North Cape
* New underwater sound effects
* 3D ship models
* New sub weapons such as missiles, torpedoes, and heavy machine guns
* New enemy sub models
* New surface ships
* New surface weapons
* New equipment
* New intelligence missions and research
* New exploration mission and extra missions
* New sub controls
* New underwater photography
* New sub controls
* New undersea tactics
* New missions: Bootlegging, Drug Trafficking, and Sunken Aircraft
* Bonus missions
* New hostages, threats, and situations
* Information screens
* Subpilot’s interface
* Improved AI
* Improved UI
* Improved sub controls
* Improved GUI
* Hotkeys

Grundfreiheit – Gründlichkeit – Sparsamkeit

Unser Fertigungsprozess

Grundfreiheit – Gründlichkeit – Sparsamkeit

Unser Fertigungsprozess

Alloy – Waffen, Öl, Düngemittel, Panzerbefehle, Geschütze und d


Features Key:

  • target 10 balls
  • target one ball move
  • turn target count red when click ball
  • turn target count blue when hit by ball
  • create “tap” key to finish game
  • save game
  • create a new level – 5 seconds
  • create a new level – 10 seconds
  • minimalist game style – keyboard only

  • BubbleBubbleBall is a game in which you have to erase the bubble correctly to reach as many balls as possible in the time limit. Tap the ball that is in contact with the screen to remove the bubble. And don’t hit the ball – before you just have to make a bubble around the ball.

    BubbleBubbleBall made especially for iPhone3GS, iPod Touch and iPod4!

    BubbleBubbleBall works on all screen versions, including normal, retina and ipad retina version!

    Don’t have an iPhone? No problem! There is also a web version.

    There is also a iphone app review.

    Please contact us if you have questions

    Have fun at “BubbleBubbleBall!”

    BubbleBubbleBall game extended from OnBubbleBubble Ball.



    source code:


    BubbleBubbleBall X64 [Latest]

    BubbleBall is the new game by Jacob Bekk, a young developer from Norway.

    Latest version update: Build 29

    Music Credits:

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    System Requirements

    Original Game – Windows

    Original Game – Mac

    Original Game –

    Latest version: Build 29

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    Stable version: v.1.0 (Build 11) + available /

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    Last but not least, we appreciate your continued support of the addon and this project! Thank you very much!

    Mighty Ketchup 0.20

    Build 17

    Mighty Ketchup is back with 0.20.

    Changes include:

    Several bug fixes

    All factions balanced with the following factions added or updated;

    “HIP” from Legion of Doom – factions are now 5 factions, 3 companions factions and 2 co-op factions.

    “Darklaser” from Hailing Barbarians – factions are now 5 factions, 1 companions faction and 2 co-op factions.

    The first issue of the update was a total game bug that caused a number of companions and co-op factions to crash when playing from a savegame. We have fixed this issue and have rebuilt all companions/co-op factions to be compatible with the latest game.

    The list of release notes for this version is extensive, so will be released separately.

    Fixed bug that caused game to crash on refresh after closing mod window

    Added a lot of features and improvements, with more to come.

    Added “Modern Combat” setting that allows for different types of enemies:

    Modern Combat

    – Enemies have health

    – Bullets from weapons are visible

    – Bullets have damage

    – Environments are randomized

    – Generally, everything is harder

    – More of



    Finger-friendly and fun with a solid play mechanics and a pretty narrative
    Gritty and low-key, but beautifully written with intriguing twists and
    characters that you root for
    Gameplay BubbleBubbleBall 2:
    Something like Tiny Wings for VR.
    No one will play this and call it a failure.
    StoryBubbleBall 2:
    As fun and simple as a bubble shooter, but with a unique,
    interactive story that is absolutely not what you expect.
    Conceptually, if you’re an adult and you’ve played any of these
    games in the last ten years, you probably know what to expect, even
    if the game is new and fresh. Two groups of friends trade friendship,
    ideas, and tips over the course of a few rounds. There are chat bubbles,
    different colors of their location indicated on a compass-like mini-map,
    and many other fun details.
    An honest attempt at mixing the classic minitraveller model with VR
    experiences. The theme and concept make it stand out from the crowd,
    even if the final product isn’t quite there yet.
    Tune Worlds:
    A mobile game with a neat premise: I’m not sure if it’s meant to be a
    real-time strategy game or not, but it plays exactly like it. Build and
    build, explore and explore, attack and attack, upgrade and upgrade. You
    can even play the same game in cooperative or single player, and there’s
    even a peer-to-peer mode for people who are playing together. The setting
    is a little dark, but I enjoyed the uniqueness of it and the general
    Angry Birds VR Island Escape:
    Playing this in VR made me very glad that VR isn’t just “like” regular
    video games. Angry Birds has long-since been a fun and popular series,
    and this version of the game is great fun, and feels even better in VR.
    The game is bright, colorful, and has an excellent bird aesthetic.
    Conclusion (StoryBubbleBall and BubbleBall):
    This game is a beautiful mix of a nice but simple narrative, but the
    best part is the fact that you can actually get the game to self-report
    bad things to you if you are bad enough. The theme and music don’t


    What’s new: