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@interface NSObject (AASDK_Capabilities)
– (void)addPushNotificationHandler:(id)arg1;

A worker takes hold of an AirPod inside an Apple retail store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

(Photo: Reuters/Mark Blinch)

Apple is reportedly selling its AirPods less than a month after it first brought the wireless earbuds to market.

The headphones, which were released earlier this year, could be in short supply due to the new trend among some consumers to carry around little speakers to listen to music, several unnamed sources told Bloomberg on Monday.

That same report, citing supply chain sources, noted that Apple was also struggling with how to promote the AirPods when they were first released, and that the products weren’t sold at stores or at Apple’s online store. The source added that Apple didn’t believe it could sell the $159 AirPods for a full year.

However, several Apple stores within the U.S. began selling the wireless headphones in November, suggesting that supply could be sufficient for buyers.

More than 6 million people preordered the AirPods on Apple’s online store, which proved to be the best-selling product in the history of the company. However, the same source said that Apple isn’t expecting to hit 10 million AirPod preorders by March, which is its goal. The company currently has 11 employees in India and China working on the production of the Air