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ReFS Activator for Windows 8 is a lightweight utility that allows you to activate the Resilient File System on 64-bit Windows 8 devices.
ReFS (also known as Resilient File System) is an architecture introduced in Windows Server 2012 that brings a number of improvements over the NTFS technology, with visible enhancements in data integrity.
This next generation file system provides a better response to storage requirements, being able to handle extremely large volumes, with built-in resilience to prevent data corruption.
The advantages that ReFS brings can be now enjoyed on an OS other than Windows Server 2012 with the aid of ReFS Activator for Windows 8.
The name gives it all away, making it obvious that it was designed exclusively for Windows 8 users. However, what the name doesn’t imply is that only x64 architectures are supported and only a handful of Windows 8 editions are targeted.
Windows 8 Consumer Preview (build 8250), Windows 8 Release Preview (build 8400) and Windows 8 RTM (build 9200) are the only Windows 8 releases that can get along with this application.
Beyond the complexity of the task it aims to perform, ReFS Activator for Windows 8 is very easy to use. It all comes down to selecting the OS you’re running and to installing the file system, followed by a reboot.
Provided that the operation was successful, you should find a ‘REFS’ option under the Format dialog of local disks. The craved changes are to be expected after the formatting process has completed.
Overall, ReFS Activator for Windows 8 is not a very safe bet, since there’s no guarantee that the process will work or that it won’t harm your computer. This is also the reason why the developers released it under a ‘use it at your own risk’ policy.







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Parallel port+ allows you to control the output of your PC’s parallel port. You simply need to use a standard keyboard and mouse to control it via the mouse pointer and click on the output which you want to control.
The program comes in separate Windows versions: standard, free, and serial. The main features of all 3 versions are the same, but the latter two feature the serial port output. The Serial version is meant to be used to control devices via the serial port, and to receive data from them.
Easy to use GUI
The main interface is easy to use. In fact, using Parallel port+ just means using your mouse cursor with the mouse pointer and clicking on the output you want to control.
Parallel port+ allows you to control 5 ports from your computer:
• 1: Normal parallel port
• 2: Parallel port direction out
• 3: Parallel port direction in
• 4: LPT2
• 5: Mouse
• 6: Sound output
The interface is free of ads or anything like that. You are just allowed to download the software, use it, and the uninstall it whenever you like.
And a few high-level features you can take advantage of with this software:
• Send data
• Receive data
• Read all ports
• Control pins
• Read and write data
• Change port direction
• Register and unregister
• Icons on your desktops
• LPT1 and LPT2 (can be ignored)
• Real-time alarms
• Remote desktop
• Serial Port
A serial port is a two-way communication link with your computer, allowing for it to transmit and receive data on a regular basis.
If you are a PC user, you can use Parallel port+ to control devices connected to your PC’s parallel port. It’s a convenient tool that can save you a lot of trouble when it comes to the output of your devices.
Antivirus software is important if you want to have a secure operating system. It is very easy to make a mistake and get a virus. Even if you run the latest operating system and have updated your antivirus software, it is still possible to get viruses. Thankfully, there are several, well-known antivirus software available to choose from.
Our pick
Avira Free Antivirus has proven to be the best antivirus software for the past several years and with good reason. It is easily the best in terms of cost

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Not every software can catch your eyes right away. Some applications require just a couple of seconds to get your attention and hook you.
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One of these programs is Caffeinated, a new program that is doing a great job on keeping the whole internet world awake and stirred.
First of all, you will get to see a spinning mechanical disk, which is a great way to get you excited. However, the functionality of Caffeinated is pretty impressive too, as it’s a program that helps you keep track of exactly everything on the web. It helps by keeping a listing of all the websites you visit, the pictures you see, the videos, the sounds, and tons of other information which doesn’t appear on any other program. Caffeinated tracks all the actions you take on the web, and helps you remember where you’ve been and all the sites you’ve visited. It helps in organizing all your internet activities, along with giving you a full control on them.
This program helps you organize everything on the internet. The first thing that you need to do before trying to use this software is to log into your google account. The reason for this is simple, as the program is a google chrome extension, which means it uses your google account to store information about all your internet activities.
You can also choose to save the data you get in a different location, which means you can check it on another PC or on a different account. It gives you the ability to organize everything you find on the internet, as you can do all this with one single program. You can organize different activities into different categories, and take note of all the changes you make. You can also search the web for specific content and save it for later, which makes it a great tool.
The data that you get from Caffeinated is pretty private, which means it will not leak out to any third party. It is a pretty secure program, as it uses a hash based encryption. The data is stored on the server, so it can only be accessed by you.
The layout of this program is very intuitive, but there are a couple of features that need a better explanation. The first thing you will notice is that Caffeinated only shows a small portion of the whole internet. To be more precise, it shows the best part of it, i.e. the best of the web, which is the top and most visited websites. The layout of the program is a bit weird, but that is just a thing

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Take this Windows program and throw it into the bottom of a drink. No really, build a black eye or two, and you’ve got a program that will perk you up!
Download Caffeinated Description
Padeia is a recent baby-step in the baby-step-forwards direction of the “source code of the week.” It’s a simple utility that takes a given executable and generates a.PAD file from it.
A.PAD file is a “pad” file. Not a.BAT file. Not an.EXE file. It’s a.PAD file.
A.PAD file is a binary file that uses a custom language invented to edit binary files in less than an hour. It’s a.PAD file.
Padeia is a utility that allows users to quickly edit their own executables, and convert them into.PAD files.
Because PAD files are.PAD files, you can make bug fixes or modifications to things like SSH connections by simply editing them. They’re also handy when you want to quickly edit your own Makefiles or other sources.
Download Padeia
Aminc is a very simple, free screensaver for Windows XP and above.
This utility allows you to create a constantly changing background. It has an unlimited number of patterns that you can edit, and even change the size of each image.
Also, you can use over 45 watercolor overlays to add to your background.
What else does this utility have to offer? To see the entire list, please visit the Aminc website.
Oh, you’re still thinking about running Aminc? Well, here’s the deal. The program has both a trial and an unregistered trial.
If you’re too shy to register the software, or simply want a trial version, you can use the trial version, which is completely free.
Plus, it’s got a lot of really cool new features!
Why would you want to run this software? The answer is simple, really. Just press the “Start” button, and you’ll have a background that you can change to make your computer stand out.
What’s new?
You can use Glyph Overlays
You can automatically reset Aminc on a schedule
You can remove the watercolors while editing each pattern
You can set Aminc to automatically open every time you start your computer
You can set an Aminc background to the currently playing song

What’s New In?

iGanizer is a simple, easy to use tool designed to organize your iPod. You can manage notes, contacts and calendars directly on the iPod (nano or classic).
It is a…

SquelClip is a free mobile app that allows you to capture the Web pages you are currently viewing on your desktop. With SquelClip, it is possible to capture specific web pages by clicking on a button and save them as a screenshot on your phone’s photos album.
If you are a user that saves your web pages every day, you will love SquelClip. Because you have the possibility of capturing all the pages you visit. Also, the app is very easy to use, you only have to launch it, click the button and the app will do all the rest.
When you are not using your phone, you can choose to have the web page captured saved on your device or on your external storage, which is an interesting option to have a copy of the page in your phone even when you are not connected to the internet.
Capturing web pages
The same way you can choose to capture a page directly from your phone’s browser, by clicking on a button, the same thing can be done when the app is launched. Just locate a button that says “Capture page” and you will be ready to capture the web page that you are currently viewing.
You can also use this app to capture your Google Drive documents and other types of files. If you are using the app from your device it will use the mobile data (without roaming charges), and if you are using the app from the file explorer option, then the pages will be uploaded to your Google Drive.
Transporting the screenshots
You can also choose to have the screenshot saved directly in your device or on your cloud storage. If you choose the second option, just click on the button that says “Save in Google Drive”, and you will be ready to share the page with your friends or co-workers.
Use on a tablet or smartphone
The app is fully compatible with smartphones and tablets. You can even try it on your tablet or smartphone without wifi. Just use the instructions that are presented on the device and you will be able to enjoy SquelClip just like you’re used to.
You can actually have several web pages saved as screenshots that you can share anytime you want, and you will be able to use the app in any mobile device you want. What’s more, SquelClip

System Requirements:

Version 4.3
Minimum OS: Windows XP
Recommended OS: Windows Vista
Compatible with: DirectX 10
Replace the current graphics drivers on your PC (not to be confused with graphics cards).
Additional alternate development, graphics and sound files
Additional alternate