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In an effort to take my home theater to another level, I decided to step away from the standard sound systems and test the new technology, namely HDTV. At first, I was sceptical. Simply put, how will this smaller, flat display do against a normal, 1.8m x 2.2m flat TV? Well, after hearing the hardware, I believed it was worth the $1200 (plus shipping) from Russian source. I love these things so much that I wasn’t about to turn it back.
I had to test the 550 at full resolution 1080i. I bought the stand and it was an instant success. At just 17″ (without legs) it was so comfortable and stable. It has a handle on the back with an optical drive, but that’s it. I plugged in a console and a HTPC and playing media was effortless.
For the most part, I’ve been an audio-only room. I have surround subwoofer and a surround monitor. I have a remote that plays my media and an HDMI cable that holds all of the on-screen graphics. I have a camera in front of my screen to see the screen during presentations, and I also have a camera to show me the presenters. The video quality is where it was a first try and a big fail. The most glaring problem was the lack of a stand to do proper leveling. I can tell you that a 1.5m tall stand would definitely have given me a bit more of a full view, and might have been able to alleviate the problem that came with having the HTPC sitting directly on top of my monitor.
The second issue I ran into was the AV remote. In a heartbeat it can correct channel ordering, input, etc. However, it has no real OSD. I couldn’t do anything but see what was showing from the remote, no menus, no graphical settings, nothing. They did a good job, but had it really not been a remote and an input device that just happens to have multiple IR blasters built into the unit itself, it would have been an absolute home run!
The AV remote doesn’t communicate with the HTPC at all, but it does control the room lighting via dimmers.
Just a few weeks ago I decided to take the AV solution to a higher level. The video problem persists but I’m thinking that the lack of a stand was, in fact, the reason for the lack of full resolution 1080i, so I ordered a 1.

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