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Once you have downloaded the trainer, you just have to unzip the trainer in the trainer’s folder, then you can launch the game with the trainer.
Now, once in the game press “r” to open the trainer, then press “t” to hide the trainer (or return to the Main Menu if you want to reset the crosshairs). Then you can go to the trainer folder and start the trainer.
There are some console commands you can use to customize your own crosshairs with a custom color.
– zx=”
– zx=”
– zx=”
To know the parameters for all of the commands just use zx=’help’
In the console you can use CTRL+F to open the Google’s search bar.
If you type “wx” it will open the wx trainer.
You can type “fui” to open the fui trainer, or if you press CTRL+F it will open the fui trainer.
The tutorials you are more than welcome to join our discord server!

Football Manager 2012 enhanced!
This is not a demo. This is a full-fat version of the real Football Manager 2012 enhanced!
I decided to edit the game myself, and add new features, such as the half-time analysis.
HCA’s prediction was made with the Real-Time mode, with the help of Excel.
I decided to edit this, because it was an easy way to access the data and give a more accurate analysis.
If you want to edit anything, I offer my services.
Follow me on twitter at @iam_seventh4 or better yet, join our discord server!

Hey! It’s time to settle down and enjoy the second part of my Ju-Ju-Be game! This time we’ll see if we can get enough points to get in the top 3!
I managed to get an 85 over… nothing special.
I’ll upload more of my game on youtube in the future but I think this is enough for now.

A Superhero is a superhero for all of us. He/She has his/her own alter ego,


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#Flintstones world is over!
#New playroom lost in the ocean!
#Sparkle 2 is a new edition to this series and we are ready to change the rules of the game of disappearance!
#A frantic update to the gameplay!

The game
This game requires a lot of attention to detail. So if you want to be successful and win against everyone, don’t play too stupid.
You can also connect your dream device (with a controller it is from all supported game platforms) to the GamePad and control everything with the signal from it.
[Spoiler alert!]
What do you need to know about this game?
#Sparkle 2 Evo is an action game in which you as a player is lost in the new playroom located far underneath the Flintstones world. This is a one-hundred player world in which you need to find your way out of it and you can find solutions only by interacting and using all the objects around you.
#Sparkle 2 is a game with puzzles. What are the puzzles in this game?
There is no single, specific game mechanic. The puzzles are different in their nature, for example there is a puzzle type that uses the camera, another type that uses a very large block. There is also a puzzle that needs you to use your imagination. And everything is combined to create a game with a huge variety of different game mechanic types and in which you can find very diverse puzzles and be overjoyed.
#Sparkle 2 is a puzzle-hunt game, what is a puzzle-hunt game?
A puzzle-hunt game is a ‘game’ in which there are no story sections, but in which you have to find solutions, in which you have to solve something step by step. In general, you walk through different ‘game-levels’ that come one after another.
How do I start playing this game?
#Sparkle 2 is an open game, in which you can play with anyone and anywhere!
#GamePad with games
#Main game screen
#Floating island
#Flintstones world
#Sparkle 2 has a


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Change page base URL when hosting

Basically, I have the need to adjust my web application’s URLs when I’m doing staging and production. I know that MAMP will let you specify your document root at a config file level, but is there a way to do the same thing with my own server or do I just have to manually tweak all of my links for staging and production?


Add a.htaccess file to the root of the web server. This will allow you to specify the location of the document root. You can use this to redirect all of the urls to your staging/prod environment.
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^(www\.)?domain.com /www.domain.com/staging/ [R]


How to display a list of items in a listbox – winforms c#

I have a list of items that I want to display in a listbox.
My issue is that these items are in a datatable that I have made but I have no idea how to read these values into a listbox.


I’d recommend using a BindingSource.
BindingSource is a managed wrapper for a data table or other collection of data.
Here’s a link with an example on how to use it.

Idaho ranch allows hunting on public lands for the first time in decades

Idaho rancher Bill Smith decided to make hunting on public lands the focus of his upcoming season.

Smith, who lives and works on his 2,000-acre ranch in Bonneville County in east Idaho, just opened the 2016-2017 hunting season by allowing his hunting guests to go deer hunting.

“I’m finally able to harvest a buck this year on my ranch, and I’ve been waiting a long time for that,” Smith said.

For the past several decades, the Idaho Legislature has enacted legislation that restricts sportsmen from using public land to hunt and trap wildlife and fish. And while most ranchers have not had their


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