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Disc Archiver is a utility that is designed to save and restore files from discs. The application allows you to quickly and easily backup your data on archive discs, then restore it at a later time.
The program can handle multiple files and folders at the same time, so you can backup, for instance, your projects, and let the program keep them safe and sound, even when you are out. At a later time, you can easily extract any file on the backup disc and quickly access it.
Disc Archiver allows you to automate a large part of the backup and recovery process. The automation technology allows you to quickly and safely backup your data. In addition, the program also allows you to burn it onto discs. The process of data archiving and disc burning is automated by the program. Moreover, the application can calculate the required disc space and separate the data in a smart manner, so you need to use the minimum number of discs.
The program handles multiple files and folders at a time, and, once you launch the program, it immediately begins to analyze your disc, determine the type of content, and calculate the required space on the disc.
Data recovery
You can use Disc Archiver to also restore the data you archived and backed up on discs. The application can read the disc you insert and copy the data according to your indications: you may copy all the data in the selected folder or use the index file.
If you enabled the file indexing option when creating the backup disc, you may use it at this point, to automatically restore the data in its original location. Moreover, the existing files can be overwritten or renamed.
Repeat backup or recovery
Disc Archiver can save each session and display it in a designated table. The searching engine can help you identify the proper entry, then you may easily run it again, with the same parameters. Moreover, the application supports working with disc auto-loading devices, so you can skip manually supplying blank discs.
NOTE: You need to request an activation code, using a valid email address.

Organize your media files, music, videos and pictures – and create playlists
Create them and organize your media
Music & Videos
You can organize your media files in the following ways: by media type (music, videos, photos) and by folder.
Automatically sort the contents of any folder by all the media it contains.
Album Art Screenshot
You can apply an album art image to your files and eea19f52d2

1. It’s a great game for those who like puzzles.
2. It is designed for children, and has simplified rule. The gameplay is very easy.
3. Also, Mahjongger is easy to learn and enjoy.
4. Also, Mahjongger is easy to understand.
5. Mahjongger runs on any environment, Windows or Linux.
6. Mahjongger is easy to learn, easy to enjoy and easy to play.
Sorry, but I cannot give you a free copy for legal reasons. If you want to play Mahjongger for free, you must obtain a license for the latest version of Mahjongger. You can do this only via my website:

This is a board game I’ve designed and coded. It’s a collection of different trivia and brainteasers. I tried to avoid as much as possible showing the card or paper design of each question and just give you the results as text.
This application was originally written for Windows, but is now also available for MacOS, Linux and Android.
• Windows
• Java 5.0 or higher
• Java 1.6 or higher
• You should be able to use Java with Swing
• Netbeans 6.9 or higher
• MacOS 10.3 or higher
• Ubuntu 8.10 or higher
• Android 1.6 or higher
• Android 2.0 or higher
• Android SDK 1.6 or higher
• Android SDK 5.0 or higher
You can obtain the latest version of this application from this website:

Tableflip is a game that you can play in two ways.
The first way is to “flip” all the tiles of the same color. In other words, if you have a set of tiles on the table, you need to click and drag your mouse from tile to tile to flip them all.
In the second way you are supposed to “flip” the tiles of each color in a stack, and you do this by clicking and dragging your mouse on the stack.
If you chose the first option, you’ll have the advantage that each flip is faster.
If you chose the second option, you’ll have the advantage that the stack that you’re trying to flip is more stable and less likely to collapse, but you’ll have the disadvantage that each flip is more difficult because you need to be careful