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Starting with xml2rfc 1.0, it is not longer possible to submit updates to the xml2rfc specification from the XMLMind XML Editor.
This is because changes to the xml2rfc document must now be done using XSLT to transform a xml2rfc-format document to a (rfc2119) format document for submission.
The XMLMind XML Editor was a way to submit a document to, which is now gone.
xml2rfc is still capable of submitting a document to the web form, which will then be translated into a rfc2119 format document and sent to the mailing list.
The xml2rfc extension provides a method of submitting documents to via XSLT.
It is also capable of using the XSLT transform made by xxe (which eea19f52d2

Adds animation to Swing and AWT Components

Trident for Java 8
In the official site you can find Trident for Java 8 package.
Just like for previous versions, that code is open source and hosted at GitHub.
And in order to use it you should use Open JDK 8 to compile your source.
Then you have to follow this procedure:

Clone the repository
Go to GitHub
Open the project file
Create a new folder inside
Open terminal and type./gradlew clean build
Go to the generated dist/ folder
Go to the webapp folder and run Eclipse JDT (it’s easy)
Compile your project
Add the generated Eclipse JDT to the Eclipse project
Add the project in Eclipse

Example project

First we create a new project:

Clone the repository

git clone

Go to the project folder

cd trident

Open Eclipse

Go to File > New > Project
Select Eclipse Java Project
Enter the name of the project
Click Next

Go to the New Project folder and browse the project

Click Next

Open the new project file

Open trident/project.pom

Add the required plugins in this way: