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★ Top Keywords is a simple, yet intuitive application which is designed to help marketing specialists in finding promoting strategies. The keywords associated to a particular item, be it a website, application or file, are essential, since they are the only method of making your product known to the world.

★ Find keywords

★ The purpose of Top Keywords is to return the most popular keywords associated with your interest. All you need to do is insert the words you are looking for and the software can return a comprehensive list of the most sought for phrases. For instance, if you search for business related domains, the software returns words such as top company names or news websites.

★ The results are displayed in a large table, the keyword in the first column, along with the number of monthly searches, CPC, Search Results or number of returned results. By default, the keywords are sorted by the number of monthly searches, but you can easily sort them by any of the criteria.

★ Search by country

★ The results for the keywords differ based on the type of words you enter (for example nouns, verbs, infinitive forms), the number of input words and the country. Thus, the more input keywords you enter, the less the results.

★ When analyzing the number of results by country, they differ based on the size of the country, the population, the access to Internet, interests and language. For instance, if you enter keyword in the English language, it is less likely to find related query objects for countries such as Denmark or Israel, due to the language difference.

★ Marketer’s tool

★ Top Keywords is a reliable tool for marketing specialists and can help them set the most efficient keywords for their products. Finding the right keywords is essential, since they are the product’s identification with searching engines. You can easily find the most popular keywords associated to your own field and use them for your product.Q:

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Windows Winset is a software utility for enhancing the performance of your computer by customizing Windows system settings, optimizing Windows system performance, and cleaning up data left behind by spyware and other unwanted applications.
Window Winset is a comprehensive utility for customizing your computer settings and optimizing system performance. You can also use the free version to improve your computer’s performance.
Do you have problems with spyware and other undesirable programs?
Has your computer slowed down over time?
Is your computer constantly making errors, displaying popups or other problems?
Do you experience random shutdowns and freezes?
Do you use IE 10?
Does your computer have a poor operating speed?
Do you experience frequent data loss?
Have you used the Registry to correct system problems?
If so, you have already met with system errors or crashes.
Do you frequently receive pop-up messages?
Do you frequently receive sudden shut downs?
Do you frequently receive long boot-up times?
Do you receive pop-ups, alarms or errors?
Do you need to clean up data on your computer?
Windows Winset is an effective tool for managing Windows and Internet Explorer, improving the system performance, and decreasing data loss on your computer. Windows Winset will allow you to:
Adjust the Windows registry.
Remove unnecessary files and programs.
Improve the performance of your PC by reducing slow startup times.
Update the IE Explorer.
Clean out junk files and unused temporary files.
Fix various startup problems.
Customize the appearance of IE to make it more attractive.
Windows Winset runs on Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and Windows Server.
Windows Winset key features:
Fast, easy and free: Windows Winset is a free system optimization utility that allows you to manage various system settings, optimize computer performance and clean out junk on your PC.
Regular and weekly maintenance: Windows Winset features a simple yet effective wizard to automate regular maintenance to improve the performance of your PC and prevent future problems.
Manage multiple tasks at once: Windows Winset lets you manage numerous system settings simultaneously, such as:
Hide the user interface and My Computer
Hide the Recycle Bin and other icons
Resize the My Computer, Recycle Bin, Desktop, Documents, Favorites and Tools menus
Enable/Disable autorun programs and services
Delete junk files, empty the Recycle Bin, optimize your memory and clean temporary files
Improve System performance: Windows Winset allows you to optimize