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It’s been about a month since we’ve heard any news about Michael Bisping’s future plans and it appears he’s already in negotiations to return to action.

Speaking to MMAWeekly.com, a source close to the situation revealed talks are already in progress for the former UFC middleweight champion to face Dan Henderson at UFC 204.

“Everything is happening behind the scenes.” said the source. “Bisping will fight at UFC 204.”

The news comes after The Ultimate Fighter winner revealed his intentions to retire from the UFC earlier this year.

Reports surfaced in February that Bisping had signed a multi-fight deal with ONE Championship.

However, despite being a mixed martial arts superstar, Bisping had never competed for ONE Championship. It was revealed last month that the Brit had agreed terms for his first bout with ONE Championship.

The unbeaten prospect Yuya Shirai would be his first fight for the promotion.

Bisping, who turned 37 earlier this month, is coming off a professional mixed martial arts career which has been as successful as any. In the UFC he compiled a record of 9-3-1, and in the process won the middleweight title in May of 2011 with a win over Anderson Silva.

His career was tragically halted, however, when Bisping tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone following his title loss to Chael Sonnen in 2013. Bisping was stripped of the title and handed a one year suspension.Q:

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I heard that English people think that misfortunes are caused by your own deeds, and that the one who is guilty for the misfortunes should be punished. I wonder if this is the case?
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