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Encryption: Store encrypted data, and use it in all your encrypted database applications. Data encryption is supported by use of separate private keys for encryption and decryption.
Compression: Store compressed data, and use it in all your database applications. The difference between using compression and “Store encrypted data” is that the compression result will NOT be deleted from the data files after the decompression. It’s like keeping the data without encryption but in compressed format.
Decryption: Use private keys to decrypt your data, by reading the private keys, you can decrypt your data.
Mapping: Use private keys to map your data.
Delphi/C++Builder developers: use your own rights
Commercial customers: use our special commercial license
Free Trial: use for free trial

// RACSignal+Operations.h
// ReactiveCocoa
// Created by Josh Abernathy on 11/30/12.
// Copyright (c) 2012 GitHub, Inc. All rights reserved.

#import “RACSignal.h”

/// The key used to distinguish between RACSignals that are executed right away
/// and those that are buffered.
@interface RACSignal (Operations)

/// Executes the given block immediately.
/// block – A block object containing zero or more arguments to pass to the
/// final value getter of the signal.
/// Returns a signal which will immediately execute the provided block. If the
/// signal can’t immediately execute the block because the signal’s scheduling
/// queue is full, this returns a signal that will be scheduled in the future.
– (RACSignal *)execute:(void (^)(void))block;

/// Skips the first `skipCount` number of blocks. If there are `limit` blocks,
/// this returns an infinitely repeating signal that will skip the first
/// `skipCount` numbers of blocks and continue emitting the last few remaining
/// values.
/// The signal will error if an error occurs which means that `skipCount` + the
/// number of values in the generated signal will be greater than the number of
/// blocks. Any error will result in a signal with an error signal completed.
– ( 70238732e0

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For best functionality with the Keymacro macros there is one pre-requisite you need to have installed on your computer. This application is a component of the CommuniGate Communicator and the most recent release of the CommuniGate Communicator’s Personal Edition. This version of Keymacro is compatible with the current versions of Microsoft Windows and OSEX. This latest version of Keymacro also supports the following:
Keymacro does not have any warranties or liabilities whatsoever for any malfunctions or breakdown of this application. If you have any problems, please contact the provider of the CommuniGate Communicator or CommuniGate Communicator Personal Edition for support.
Keymacro is a registered trademark of CommuniGate Inc.
Product Features:
Keymacro allows you to create your own macros to save typing repetitive task. This is very useful if you are required to perform the same task frequently on your computer or there are many parts of your PC that are automated or repetitive in nature. The possibilities are almost endless. For instance, in the Log On area of your computer, you may want to be able to type simply “L” to log on. Once logged in, a similar keystroke might take you to your favorite homepage or start your mail.
Keymacro allows you to create powerful macros that execute in a variety of areas. You can create macro’s on any form of your PC that will work in any area. Keymacro will work in Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista. Also, Keymacro works with M$ Office 2002 and above.
Keymacro Personal Edition allows you to create your own macro’s and test them out. By testing your macro’s out, you can ensure that they are working correctly before you use them on a regular basis.
Keymacro allows you to create macro’s in a variety of languages. There are two language choices that come with this version. English and Spanish.
Keymacro Personal Edition does not have a large variety of macro’s already installed. It is up to the user to install the desired macro’s. However, there are over one hundred registered macro’s available for download.
Keymacro works with the the following applications: CommuniGate Communicator, CommuniGate Communicator Personal Edition, CommuniGate Personal Edition for Windows, CommuniGate Network Client.
Keymacro is a registered trademark of CommuniGate Inc.
Keymacro Language Support: